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How much does cannabis cost in the UK?

How much does cannabis cost in the UK?

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Cannabis may not be fully legalized in the United Kingdom, but that doesn’t stop people from lighting up. 

A 2018 report found that the illegal cannabis market in the UK was valued at £2.6 billion and London was ranked #8 on a list of the top 10 cities for cannabis consumption in a 2018 study by WeedIndex.

Recreational cannabis remains illegal and weed is a class B substance, meaning possession and sale can result in jail time. Medical marijuana was legalized in 2018, although it can be challenging for residents to get a prescription. Ironically, the United Kingdom is one of the biggest exporters of medicinal cannabis in the world.

CBD, however, is fully legal and available at licensed retailers.

So what would it cost you to buy weed in the UK? It depends on where you are. 

Price of medical cannabis 

The price of a medical cannabis prescription in the UK depends on which cannabinoids you’re getting. 

The cost for a CBD-only prescription averages between £100-£150 per month while a prescription for THC and CBD can cost £150-£250 per month. 

Street prices in major UK cities 

How much cannabis costs in the UK varies greatly depending on where you are. Purchasing a gram in the city of London will cost you more than in the countryside. 

But cannabis in the UK is also cheaper than in some places where weed is legal, like California. Operating on the black market means no one in the supply chain has to pay taxes or fees, saving the end customer money. 

Average cost of cannabis in the UK

  • 1 gram (tens): £10 – £12
  • 3.5 grams (eighth): £18 – £40 
  • 7 grams (q/ quarter): £50-70
  • 28 grams (ounce): £160-280

The same WeedIndex study mentioned above also priced out the average cost of an eighth in 7 major UK cities. Keep in mind this study was done in 2018, and prices may have adjusted.  (Numbers have been rounded to the nearest whole number.) 

  • London: £22
  • Glasgow: £21
  • Birmingham: £21
  • Edinburgh: £20
  • Liverpool: £19
  • Manchester: £19
  • Leeds: £18

Is legalization on the horizon? 

There is a push for cannabis legalization in the United Kingdom. 

A 2018 poll found that 59% of respondents supported legalization, 65% supported reforming cannabis laws, and 76% would be willing to take cannabis as prescribed medicine. These opinions, coupled with the changing tide of cannabis laws across the Western world, set the stage for potential cannabis reform. 
While there is no timeline for residents to expect legalization, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan ran his 2021 campaign on a platform of cannabis decriminalization. In early 2022, his office began a trial program to decriminalize cannabis that is still underway.

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