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Jessica Reilly is a writer and cannabis aficionado. Her background in marketing combined with a passion for research makes her uniquely skilled at breaking down complex, scientific topics into easily understandable articles that makes cannabis accessible for everyone.

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  • Products

    Top LGBTQ-owned cannabis brands in 2022

    LGBT history and the movement for legal cannabis are intrinsically linked. Since the 1980s, leading advocates for cannabis have also...

  • How to

    How to tell if your cannabis is laced

    Laced weed is another way to describe cannabis that has been altered with another substance.  Despite what sensationalist headlines would...

  • Delivery

    Do THC transdermal patches really work?

    There are a lot of ways to consume cannabis on the market. One option that’s lesser-known but  worthy of more...

  • Regulation

    Is weed legal in Colombia?

    Recreational: No, but decriminalizedMedical: Yes  Recreational cannabis is not legal in Colombia, but personal consumption and possession of the plant...

  • Strains

    Best strains and terpenes for seniors

    Seniors enjoying cannabis? Don’t look so surprised.  Despite being in the early classes of the war on drugs, legalization has...

  • Products

    5 of the best portable pocket ashtrays for cannabis

    After every smoking sesh, you have a choice. You can properly dispose of your roach or you can be that...

  • Recipes

    Gluten-free and keto-friendly edibles

    What’s not to love about edibles? They’re versatile, delicious, and inconspicuous- a practically perfect combination.  But many edibles on the...

  • News

    Bud for Blood: The cannabis industry gives back

    Did you know there’s a blood shortage in the United States right now?  In January 2022, the Red Cross announced...

  • Delivery

    How to put out a joint and save it for later

    The joint is an iconic cannabis delivery method, and one of the first things most people think of when they...

  • Products

    The best bong cleaning products in 2022

    Are you smoking from a dirty bong?  Not only do clean bongs look better, they also hit better. Resin build-up...