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This couple Macguivered the ultimate smoking tool

This couple Macguivered the ultimate smoking tool

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For years during cannabis prohibition, lovers of the plant were forced to get creative, to invent what they needed when they needed it. Notable mentions include the soda can bowl, the sploof, the apple bowl, and removing the cover of the sparkwheel in lighters. Most of these creations never make it past the living room, let alone into a business. But Toker Poker did. 

What is Toker Poker? 

Toker Poker is the brainchild of husband/wife team Matt and Les. It was born in the mid-aughts, a handmade combination of hot glue, acrylic paint, bobby pins, and a Bic lighter. The idea was simple – Matt and Les were tired of losing lighters and clearing out bowls with whatever was around, usually one of Les’ bobby pins. The design was revolutionary. 

“It was like using a bottle opener for the first time,” Matt said. “Oh my gosh – this makes it so much easier!” 

“It was the first time we used the entire lighter until it was empty,” Les added. “It was an absolute gamechanger!” 

The Toker Poker is a lighter sleeve, designed to fit over a Bic or a Clipper lighter. The sleeve includes a retractable stainless-steel poker to clear out bowls, a built-in tamper to pack down or extinguish the bowl, and, on some, a small bottle opener. A notch in the side of the case gives you a place to securely wrap up to five feet of hemp wick, held in place by the poker. The Toker Poker is small enough to fit in your pocket, and useful enough that you’ll never let the lighter out of your sight. This multi-tool accessory doesn’t stop there. There are hundreds of ways to use a poker or tamper. The team at Toker Poker enjoys hearing the creative ways the product has been used, from resetting your modem to straightening your candle wick, this product will continue to amaze. 

The perfect tool for the active smoker 

Small enough to fit in your pocket
Small enough to fit in your pocket, useful enough that you’ll never let it out of your sight.

The Toker Poker was designed for smokers who are looking for adventure, but works equally well for those who prefer the couch. Matt and Les are avid hikers and know all too well the struggles and frustration of dealing with a clogged pipe in the backcountry. Twigs just don’t work! 

After experimenting with different prototypes for a few years, the couple began to research patents and intellectual property. Taking one of the early Toker Pokers on a three-month van trip in New Zealand solidified the usefulness of the simple design. They gave the prototype a truly unique look to boot, and filed for a series of patents. 

The timing was perfect. Toker Poker launched in 2013, six months before cannabis was recreationally legalized in Colorado. But it’s more than luck that’s kept the company going for 10 years. The heart of the company is a well-made, high-quality product that fills a need. It doesn’t make your lighter heavier or more cumbersome but it does increase its usefulness. 

Matt and Les also take customer service seriously. The Toker Poker team is made up of friends and family who have been a part of the mission since day one. There are no robots or chatbot automations here. If you call or write in with a problem, you talk to a real person. It’s as simple as that. 

Customize your Toker Poker 

Customize your Toker Poker

The Toker Poker is a lighter cover, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. There are many design options to keep your lighter fresh. Options range from simple, bright colors and metallic sheens to limited edition artwork, like Alice in Wonderland, and glow-in-the-dark covers. You can also get a Toker Poker made from hemp plastic – a revolutionary way to utilize hemp stalk and reduce plastic waste. 

“We will continue to research and implement creative ways to reduce waste,” Matt told The Cannigma. “Reducing our carbon footprint while creating innovative, make-sense products is at the core of every decision made.” 

Throughout 2023, Toker Poker is collaborating with different artists to release limited edition designs. They also have a few new additions coming out, including one for Mini Bic lighters. Members of their email list get the first preview of these, as well as flash deals and other exclusive offers. 

“Community is the driving force behind Toker Poker,” Matt said, “and engaging fans in our operations has helped to bring people in. Fan Pic Fridays on Instagram have been a great way to connect.”

“We give away a gift card every Friday for the best photos of Toker Pokers submitted to us.” Les continued. “We love to see the adventures that Toker Pokers go on and the people that love them, from sea to summit. And for some reason, cats really seem to love them too!”

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