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Wearables data: CBD+CBN+THC can support deeper sleep

Wearables data: CBD+CBN+THC can support deeper sleep

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We know sleep is important. And while research suggests that we’re meant to get at least 7-8 hours a day to function at our best, many around the globe still aren’t getting enough sleep. This deficit of shut eye could be contributing to global health burdens, along with “mistakes in the workplace, lower psychomotor performance, decreased work productivity, and increased risk of car accidents,” according to the authors of one research review. 1

When we invited Cannigma readers to try Slumber’s Deep Zzzs gummies for sleep, we were particularly interested in digging into real-world data (RWD) on sleep quality – not just total sleep time. Sleep tracker data obtained during the trial, based on 704 events from a subset of 54 participants, showed an increase in deep sleep of 25%, equating to nearly an hour more of deep sleep per night by the end of the trial. The findings were statistically significant, which means that they indicate a causal connection and not mere correlation.  

Longer, better quality sleep with Slumber’s Deep Zzzs

The sleep tracker figures were but one data point in a very impressive consumer results report, compiled by our data partner MoreBetter, creators of the Releaf App. Out of a total 198 enrolled participants, 126 participants finished the 4-week data collection process, which included one week of questions before trying the product, to establish a baseline. Impressive but perhaps not surprising to the average cannabis consumer, participants reported getting more sleep during the three weeks that they were using the product, with average sleep time increasing from 5.59 hours to 6.79 hours. That’s a 72-minute increase – a significant change compared to the baseline average.

Participants also found it easier and easier to fall asleep while using the Deep Zzzs sleep gummy. When asked to rate their experience on the scale below, participants answers dropped from an average of 2.78 to an average of 2.48: 

  1. I feel asleep much easier than usual 
  2. I fell asleep easier than usual 
  3. My ability to fall asleep was about the same as other nights 
  4. I had a harder time falling asleep

Given that getting better sleep tends to have broad positive effects on the mind and body alike, we took a broader look to properly examine the effectiveness of the CBD+CBN+THC gummies using two internationally-recognized scales – the PROMIS framework and the WHO-5 well-being index. 2

While the data collection effort did not include a control group, the prime findings were found to be statistically significant. The average level of sleep disturbance was 58.73 on the PROMIS (Patient-Reported Outcomes Information System) Sleep Disturbance (SD) Short Form assessment, a validated method designed to evaluate physical, mental, and social health.

After three weeks of taking the Deep Zzzs, the average PROMIS score had decreased to 53.33, bringing the average participant’s PROMIS-SD score down from the “mild” sleep disturbance bracket to “none to slight.”

The data also showed an increase on the WHO-5 Well-being index, a validated measure to assess quality of life that ranges from 0 to 100, with 0 being wholly unwell and 100 representing the highest possible quality of life. Participants taking the Slumber Deep Zzzs gummies showed a 22.5-point increase by the last day of product use, from 36 up to 62. In other words, after a good night’s sleep, they had a more positive outlook on their own quality of life.

And the participant feedback supports this: “My overall health improved. Anxiety lessened knowing I had a healthy sleep supplement. It’s medicine that is good for you and I felt better and better everyday. It’s a great combination for overall health,” one consumer at the end of the campaign.

This wasn’t the only respondent who noted a decrease in anxiety while using the Deep Zzzs gummies. Among participants who reported anxiety at the beginning of the four weeks, the average anxiety level dropped from 5.38 on a 10-point scale to 4.5 by the end of the test period. The same went for those reporting pain or arthritis; the average severity of symptoms saw a decrease during the product trial period. “I was surprised that these were effective for me because of my tolerance but I was pleasantly surprised! I have several medical conditions and am constantly in pain. These gummies helped ease my pain enough to fall asleep more easily and stay asleep more effectively,” one Cannigma reader reported at the end of the 4-week period. 

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Slumber is committed to consumer research

Cannabis product standards are notoriously varied – from country to country, state to state, legal and illicit markets, and the hemp/marijuana divide. And the sad truth is that the vast majority of cannabis products in circulation aren’t bound by any standards, because they’re not legal in the first place
So it’s frankly refreshing to see brands that are investing in data collection and consumer research – and Slumber is no newcomer in this field. This is the second data collection campaign the brand has run with MoreBetter, along with a study on CBN oil for sleep in 2020. The efficacy of the Slumber Deep Zzzs gummies, as demonstrated by the results of our survey of Cannigma readers, proves that looking to help makes better products.


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