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The best kief boxes (pollen sifter box) to buy in 2022

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The best kief boxes (pollen sifter box) to buy in 2022

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Arguably, one of the great joys of cannabis happens before you smoke. Holding a bud between your fingers, gazing at the frosty coating of tiny trichome crystals as you try to take a pic with your camera with the other hand. But as you surely know, those trichomes that fall off and become kief aren’t just nice to look at, they’re full of THC and can easily be harvested to make all types of cannabis concentrates. 

But before you launch a kief salvage expedition, you need to get your hands on a kief box. 

Top Choice

Pine Pollen Sifter Box w/100 micron screen

  • Includes rolling “V” and storage for papers
  • Easily separates into three pieces for better sifting options
  • Sturdy pine wood construction
Best Value

Grindhouse Bamboo Sifter Box

  • 125 micron sifting screen
  • All parts detachable for easy cleaning
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

RYOT Walnut Lockable Wooden Storage Box with Pollen Sifter Box

  • Comes with lock and key
  • Large size and sturdy build
  • Lots of room inside for separate compartments

RYOT Glass Top Screen Boxes

  • Beautifully-stained finish
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Available in two sizes and two colors

Aluminum Pollen Shaker Extractor

  • Shake buds to get the kief off
  • Very simple to use
  • Built-in, easy to clean metal screen

Black Leaf Wooden Pollen Sifter Kief Box

  • Magnetized closures
  • Unique design
  • Small, easily stored size

Pine Pollen Sifter Box w/100 micron screen

“Shake, sift, and store”

The Pine Pollen Sifter Box by Green Goddess is an intuitively-built piece of wood craftsmanship that makes sifting kief and rolling joints quite simple. 

The box is three separate pieces in one — lid, filter section, and catch tray. Made out of sturdy pine wood, it includes a 100 micron mesh screen in the middle to sift kief to the glass collection tray below. And when you’re done, it all closes and seals up nicely thanks to the extra-strength magnets. 

When it’s time to break up the bud and roll a joint, the lid has a magnetic rolling “V” and a place to store your papers.  

Price: $41.99
Material: Pine wood 
Dimensions: 5.5″ x 4″ x 2.75″
Screen type/materials: 100 micron mesh screen
Other relevant information: Extra strength magnets to secure box, removable glass tray for pollen collection. Lid includes a rolling “V” and paper storage compartment for easy rolling.

Grindhouse Bamboo Sifter Box

This kief box from Grindhouse is smooth, sleek, easy-to-use and made entirely of bamboo. 

The box comes in two sizes and couldn’t be easier to use — with a three-piece design, magnetic lid, and a 125 micron sifting screen that floats your kief down onto a black tempered glass plate for collecting. 

The box also just looks nice and should fit on or under any coffee table. 

To sweeten the deal, Grindhouse also includes free shipping inside the USA and provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Price: $47.39
Material: Bamboo
Dimensions: Medium (4″ x 6.5″) and small (3″ x 5″)
Screen type/materials: 125 micron sifting screen 
Other relevant information: 100% satisfaction guarantee, free shipping inside USA, and expert product support

RYOT Walnut Lockable Wooden Storage Box with Pollen Sifter Box

RYOT’s walnut combination wood stash box and pollen sifter is the sort of keepsake kief box that you’ll want to keep on display on top of the coffee table – and not stashed underneath it. 

It’s rather large and solidly built, with an attractive walnut finish, opening like a tackle box with a top level that can be used to stash all sorts of herb and accessories. 

The box also comes with a metal lock and key to keep things safe and secure. 

Inside, you’ll find a 4 x 7 box with a screen for sifting kief, which collects on a glass tray below. The box comes with multiple dividers to help with organizing your supplies, and if you want to toss a couple of humidity control packs in there then the whole box can double as a humidor of sorts.   

Price: $79.95
Material: Walnut
Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 3.5 inches  
Screen type/materials: Fine mesh monofilament  
Other relevant information: Large for a kief box, it provides more storage room and multiple compartments than most competitors and includes a lock and key.

RYOT Glass Top Screen Boxes

The RYOT Glass Top Screen Box is a perfectly straightforward and highly effective way of storing your weed and getting the most (kief) out of your cannabis. 

The box is attractively constructed in wood with a 100 micron monofilament screen to help sift out high-quality kief from your buds. There’s also a drawer and a lucite tray to collect your kief. And the glass top? Perfect for observing your buds without opening the lid.

The box comes in two sizes — small and medium — and can be ordered with either a natural or walnut finish. Inside, it has a removable storage divider, perfect for storing some rolling and trimming tools with your buds. 

The box also includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free, fast shipping if ordering inside the US. 

Price: $39.00
Material: Wood with glass top 
Dimensions: Available in small (3×5 inches) and medium (4×7 inches). Interior box depth is 1.625 inches 
Screen type/materials: 100 micron monofilament screen 
Available colors: Natural and walnut finish 
Other relevant information: Comes with a black lucite tray for kief collection. Magnetically-secured closures keep it safely closed. Etched glass provides an attractive, classy look along with the walnut finish. 

Aluminum Pollen Shaker Extractor

And now for something completely different. 

If you’re looking to shake things up a bit, or you’ve found that you aren’t getting enough kief with a wooden pollen box, then take a look at the Aluminum Pollen Shaker. 

It really couldn’t be easier both in form and function. Standing just 4.5 inches tall, the shaker has a simple mechanism — just put the flower in the chamber, close the shaker… and shake. The kief will sift through the metal screen into a removable bottom chamber. 

Now, it doesn’t allow you to watch the kief fall off your buds in real time, but it’s an effective way to manually, and a bit more rigorously, work that kief off your weed. 

Price: $14.95 
Material: Aluminum 
Dimensions: 4.5″  
Screen type/materials: Metal screen 

Black Leaf Wooden Pollen Sifter Kief Box

The wooden pollen sifter kief box from Black Leaf has a uniquely-designed shape and is perfectly crafted to collect and store kief. 

It almost resembles a bedside table, with two pull out drawers – one up top for the herb and the screen, and the bottom for the brown, sliding glass plate where all the good stuff falls to be scooped up later on. 

The box also includes magnetized closures to keep it well sealed, and allows you to move the trays around a bit. This means you can move the nylon mesh screen up to the top and use it like a rolling tray of its own. 

Price: $34.99 
Material: Beech hardwood and pine 
Dimensions: 5.9 x 4.1 x 2.75 inches 
Screen type/materials: Fine nylon mesh
Other relevant information: The box looks like a bedside table, with pull out drawers and trays.  

What is a kief box?

Akin to a small home cigar humidor, kief boxes — also known as pollen sifter boxes — are usually made of wood and include a place to stash your weed as well as everything that’s needed to filter out kief and collect it for later. 

Typically kief boxes include at least two compartments. There is the top lid which opens and can be used to stash buds as well as papers and other paraphernalia. The bottom of the top compartment is typically a kief filter or sifting screen, and below there is usually a second compartment where the kief falls and remains until it is collected. 

Sifting screens will usually include a micron count, and the lower the number, the smaller the materials that can sift through. Smaller micron counts produce a more high quality kief, though the yield will be smaller than that of higher micron count filters. 

How do you use a pollen sifter box?

Kief boxes are quite easy to use. Simply take a bud of dry cannabis flower and place it in the top compartment above the sifter screen. You can then decide either to gently rub it across the screen or close the top and shake the kief box. 

If your herb is too moist, you’ll have trouble getting much kief and you may also clog up the screen. 

In most pollen boxes, the kief will stay contained in the bottom compartment until you want to harvest it, but if you’d like, you can remove it right away and store it, smoke it, or….really whatever your heart desires. 

What kind of screen is used for kief?

Most kief boxes use one of two types of screens – stainless steel or monofilament/fine mesh. 

Stainless steel screens are more durable and should last longer, but they don’t always have the same precision as monofilament screens. These can easily be purchased in a wide variety of sizes defined by how many microns. The lower the number the finer the particles of kief that can be sifted out, creating potentially a finer kief. If the screen is marketed according to mesh lines per inch (LPI), then the higher the number, the finer the kief. 

DIY kief boxes

There are a number of different methods you can use to sift kief without purchasing a pollen box, and they can be quite effective. 

You can go to a hobby store or art store and buy a silk screen for making t-shirts. Find one that’s 110 microns or less, and then stretch it over a shadow box where the kief will collect on the glass to be scooped up later. 

You can also use the silk screen to create a Moroccan kief drum, one of the oldest ways of collecting kief for hash production. Simply stretch the silk screen over a bucket, place your cannabis on top of the silk screen, and place a layer of fabric over the weed and beat it like a drum. This isn’t a method for collecting kief off of a small amount of premium cannabis flower, but if you have a large stash of herb and you’re looking to make hash, it’s a great way to get that kief. 

If you have a small piece of low micron sifting screen, or a fine mesh screen, you can take it and wrap it over the top of a mason jar, and screw it on with a two part lid. Then simply rub cannabis flower across the top until it falls into the jar for safe keeping.

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