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Home Picks The 10 best weed gifts for any occasion
Mar 9, 2021 6 min read

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The 10 best weed gifts for any occasion

by Ben Hartman

Long gone are the days when “weed gift” was pretty much limited to some incense, a toke stone, or, more literally, just some weed that someone was generous enough to share. Today’s cannabis-themed gifts better reflect the changing nature of cannabis itself, and how we as a society relate to it. No longer a subculture best kept behind beaded curtains, cannabis is a medicine, a wellness boost, and a lifestyle choice made by countless people from all walks of life – and this can be seen in the “stoner gifts” of today. 

These gifts for weed smokers can suit any occasion, from an anniversary to Mother’s Day, to a graduation present or just a nice gesture to help make this year a Christmas to remember. And they’re all a lot safer to send in the mail than weed. 

For the person in your life who loves weed – or is interested in trying it and learning more about the wide world of weed – these are the best marijuana gifts we found.


The Ultimate Body Care Trio

  • $15 cheaper than buying separately
  • 30 day no risk trial
  • Doctor-formulated

The CBD Wellness Collection

  • Great value
  • A wide range of products
  • Made with organically-grown hemp

the Brick

  • A truly unique, luxurious way to smoke
  • Four flavors of wraps
  • Gold lighter included

The Awaken and Lube Bundle

  • 30% off the full price of the items
  • Caters to a wide variety of purposes from relaxation to intimacy
  • Made with all natural ingredients

Bong Appetit

  • Beautiful photos and design
  • Everything from fine dining to cocktails to dessert
  • Goes beyond recipes - with info on dosage, paring strains and flavors, and more

The Magical Butter Machine

  • Can also be used for oils and tinctures
  • 1-year warranty
  • Comes with cookbook, micron filter, and gloves

The Medium Complete Grow Kit from Pot in a Pot

  • Grow guide and more than a dozen tools included
  • Includes $40 coupon for discounted seeds
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor grows

The Hemper Box

  • $100+ retail value
  • Can customize the frequency of the gift boxes
  • Contains everything you need (except weed)

The Marley Natural Lock Box

  • High level craftsmanship
  • Tubular cam lock
  • Slide top doubles as a rolling tray

The Banana Bros Otto Grinder

  • Single button operation
  • All in one auto cone roller
  • USB charging

The best weed gift for Him: The Ultimate Body Care Trio

Who said that a skin care routine and a warm bath are just for women? It’s 2021, the US government has confirmed the existence of UFOs and Mississippi has legalized medical cannabis. We are clearly living in interesting times, and it’s time to keep an open mind. Prima’s Ultimate Body Care Trio comes in an all-in-one goody bag of self-care that includes 750mg CBD recovery cream, 275mg CBD skin therapy body butter, and 2 25mg CBD bath gems. The bath gems have the added bonus of sounding like you purchased some jewelry, so there’s that too. 

The best weed gift for your boss or the in-laws: The CBD Wellness Collection

If you’re looking to buy a cannabis gift that says “I read cannabis for the articles,” then why not try the CBD Wellness Collection from Kush Queen. It comes with the 500mg CBD “Bare” tincture, “Melt” pain relief lotion, and the “immunity” bath bomb – which fills the bath with 100 fizzy milligrams of CBD. Think of it as a non-weed gift that can treat the people in your life who could use a little extra wellness boost – even if they haven’t been sold totally on the benefits of weed. 

The best weed gift for Her: the Brick

Anybody should be able to appreciate the finer (shinier) things in life, especially when it comes to 24k gold edible rolling papers. The “Brick” by Shine Brands is a fun gift for that special lady in your life who likes cannabis and would like to have the perfect paper to make any occasion a special one. 

The perfect weed gift for Valentines Day: The Awaken and Lube Bundle

Weed may scare off some romantic pursuits but it can truly, deeply, be something that brings couples closer together. So can great Valentine’s Day gifts, like the Awaken + Lube Bundle from Foria Wellness. This “dynamic duo of pleasure” includes the company’s “Awaken” arousal oil – which combines borad-spectrum CBD and organic botanicals to enahnac pleasure, and the Intiamcy Sex Oill, an all-natural lubraicant with 400mg of CBD per bottle. What you do with it is up to you.  

The perfect weed gift for foodies: Bong Appetit

Not everybody is an ace around the kitchen, but all of us can appreciate good food. Bong Appetit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed is a colorful, easy-to-follow guide to cooking with cannabis, billed as “Joy of Cooking for a new generation.” Created by the editors of Munchies, the book is an immersive, detailed, and delicious guide to everything you ever wanted to know about cooking with weed – with 65 great recipes from appetizers to entrees to cocktails. 

The best weed gift for people who don’t smoke or vape: The Magical Butter Machine

Smoking and vaping may still rule the world of cannabis, but more and more people are discovering the joys of edibles. This includes people who love the high but don’t like or can’t smoke, people who need a more discreet way to consume, and also medical patients who find that edibles are the perfect way to get their dose. The Magical Butter Machine has for years been the go-to machine for anyone looking to make infused butter and oils in no time, without any fuss or mess. A truly magical gift indeed. 

The best weed gift for would-be growers: The Medium Complete Grow Kit from Pot in a Pot

Smoking, vaping, or cooking with weed can be great fun, but nothing compares to kicking back with a perfectly dried and cured bud that you grew with your own hands. The problem is, growing cannabis can actually be pretty tricky. The medium complete grow kit from Pot in a Pot takes the guesswork out of it by providing everything in a single package, including a growing guide, 5-gallon fabric pot, seed germination kit, soil, bacteria, coco bricks, and all types of other nutrients, tools, and supplies. Just add water, a little patience, and in a few months they’ll be thanking you if they haven’t already. 

The best weed gift for 420: The Hemper Box

For a loved one in your life who really loves weed, you may have to try harder to find a stoner gift that impresses. Prepare to meet the Hemper Box. This mystery box is a fun-filled, curated assortment of stoner tools including bowls, bangers, cones, lighters, filters, hemp wicks, and a lot more. Each month the company sends out a box that includes a unique mix of accessories and tools, and you can either purchase a one-off gift for 420, or make it a monthly subscription to really show you care.

The best weed gift for Mother’s Day: The Marley Natural Lock Box

You may not be in a position to buy your mom jewelry, but you could at least buy her something that looks like a jewelry box – just for weed. The Marley Natural Lock Box is a beautifully-crafted, black walnut stash box that can safely keep mom’s stash away from the grandkids, while also giving her a great way to bring her cannabis to her next book club meeting. 

The best weed gift for Father’s Day: The Banana Bros Otto Grinder

Men and fathers of all ages love power tools, and gadgets that can throw a motor into even the most rudimentary operations. The Banana Bros Otto Grinder is a great motorized gadget that grinds weed and automatically twists it up into the perfect joint. It can also be a great gift for dads who have motor impairments and have trouble rolling joints. But whoever it’s for, it’s also a very sleek, sophisticated machine that would be great fun to pull out at the next smoke session with friends. 

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