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Listen: The Cannabis Enigma Podcast

Join us as we speak with real doctors, patients, scientists, and families about medical cannabis. Hosts Elana Goldberg and Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man cut through the smoke to have intelligent conversations about medical marijuana, the conditions it can treat, human stories behind that treatment, and the questions we’re all thinking about but never had anyone to ask.

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Episode 16: Cannabis and…Human Rights?

With dozens of countries having legalized medical marijuana and full legalization gaining speed across the globe, it’s easy to forget how the war on drugs drove so much foreign policy for so long — and how ravaging it was for mostly impoverished communities in countless countries. Some countries are doing something about that. (Read more)

Episode 15: Making Cannabis Work for You

When Emily Earlenbaugh first used cannabis for anxiety and chronic pain, she found that some strains worked and others didn’t. So she began studying — herself. Only after a year of experimenting did she find what works for her. Today, she puts that experience to work, helping patients who are new to cannabis find their own personalized regimen and navigate their way through the rapidly expanding world of medical cannabis. (Read more)

Episode 14: Using Cannabis to Treat Autism

Just four years ago, pediatrician Dr. Orit Stolar was dead set against using cannabis to treat the autistic children under her care. “I would say, ‘you’re off the wall — this is a dangerous drug, it’s illegal.'” Today, she is running one of the only clinical trials in the world looking at how cannabis can help autistic children, and seeing results in her clinic. So what changed? (Read more)

Episode 13: No Time for Clinical Trials

When Catherine Jacobson’s three-year-old son had exhausted all of the treatments available for his rare, life-threatening form of epilepsy, she wasn’t about to just give up. She set up a lab in her garage, developed a CBD extract, got a pharmaceutical company to start producing it, and started a clinical trials program at a major cannabis company. (Read more)

Episode 12: Cannabis In the Age of COVID-19

Should you stop smoking and try different methods for taking cannabis because of the coronavirus pandemic? Does cannabis affect your immune system? Can marijuana help relieve the stress and anxiety of isolation caused by COVID-19 public health measures? An interview with Dr. Roni Sharon, MD. (Read more)

Episode 11: Heal Incurable Wounds With Cannabis

When Dr. Vincent Maida first starting recommending medical cannabis to cancer patients over two decades ago, he was viewed as an outcast by many of his colleagues in the medical community. “The way medical students are socialized — it’s to think in a certain way, and if you try to think outside of those parameters, you’re deemed a bit of a heretic.” (Read more)

Episode 10: When Your Kid Needs Cannabis

When Alfie Dingley’s mother first broached the idea of giving her epileptic son cannabis, their neurologist threatened to call social services. So she got a new doctor, moved her family to the Netherlands, and found a treatment that worked for Alfie’s seizures, caused by an extremely rare mutation of epilepsy shared by only nine other boys in the entire world. (Read more)

Episode 9: Cannabis Drug Interactions, with Dr. Roni Sharon

When you go to the pharmacy to fill a prescription, the pharmacist checks to see if there could be any adverse drug interactions. Your doctor usually does the same. Do we need to be treating medical marijuana similarly? And who should be responsible? (Read more)

Episode 8: What the Heck is Hemp? With Joao Gama

When Joao Gama started practicing law in the cannabis space, working on regulation in the Portuguese and European markets, “to be honest, no one around knew a lot about it other than criminal lawyers that would defend drug dealers.” Gama discusses how the future of global cannabis law might look. (Read more)

Episode 7: Cannabis Bedside Manner, with Janosch Kratz, MD

When Janosch Kratz sees a new patient about medical cannabis, beyond their medical history, he first wants to know how they react to other medications and even alcohol. If someone gets drunk off half a beer, he’s more likely to start them on a lower dose of cannabis. (Read more)

Episode 6: Cannabis Data for Doctors, With Mara Gordon

When Mara Gordon started using medical cannabis there wasn’t any lab testing — or any way to know how much of each cannabinoid or terpenes were in any given strain. There was definitely no way of ensuring that you got the same effect from it consistently. So she drew on her profession as a process engineer and decided to start doing it herself. Gordon has been featured in the Netflix documentary, “Weed the People.” (Read more)

Episode 5: Cannabis Got Me Off Opiates After 25 Years

After nearly 25 years of taking prescription opiates to treat chronic pain caused by a severe car accident, a friend suggested that Michael Miller try cannabis. At the age of 54, he tried marijuana for the first time — and it changed his life. (Read more)

Episode 4: How Science Is Learning From Patients About Cannabis

There’s no substitute for clinical trials, but that doesn’t mean we should dismiss patient experience as merely anecdotal, Tilray’s VP of patient research, Philippe Lucas, says. “We have 10 clinical studies either completed or underway, but we’re also equally committed to gathering real world evidence […] Ultimately patients can tell us a lot about what works best for specific conditions or what dosages are most effective.” (Read more)

Episode 3: Migraines & Cannabis: A Neurologist Weighs In

“I deal with very sick patients that have been to multiple doctors and have tried everything that’s been approved or everything that’s been tried — and I have to offer them hope,” says Dr. Roni Sharon. “Very often I’ll offer them medical marijuana.” (Read more)

Episode 2: A Rural Canadian Doctor Starts Prescribing Cannabis

Canadian ER doctor Tiffany Keenan’s discovery of medical cannabis started with a documentary on TV, something indicative of how many doctors are still uninformed about the science behind it. She did more research, and soon began prescribing cannabis to patients. “Especially in smaller towns, the word kind of gets out that people are getting relief from this and then they tell their friends,” Dr. Keenan says. (Read more)

Episode 1: Can Cannabis Help Children With Autism?

There are many case reports and lots of anecdotal evidence of medical cannabis helping children with autism. “We need the evidence,” however, says Dr. Adi Aran, a pediatric neurologist who just completed one of the first clinical studies looking at cannabis and autistic children. “We saw a substantial improvement in the behavioral problems and also in the social deficits.” (Read more)


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