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Could a hemp tincture solve the 3pm slump? These nurses want to find out

Could a hemp tincture solve the 3pm slump? These nurses want to find out

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Up until recently, veteran cannabis nurses Elisabeth and Sherri Mack had a serious barrier to helping their patients find relief. No matter how much time they spent with the patient, how carefully they tracked effects, if they couldn’t find high quality, reliable products that fit the patient profile and were readily available, even the most thoughtful treatment plan was incomplete.

And it’s not like they’ve been sitting on their hands. Elisabeth and Sherri have been helping patients find relief with cannabis products for a long time, decades between them through Holistic Caring and The Green Nurse, working tirelessly to bridge the gaps between conventional and cannabis therapeutics through professional education and patient care services. They’ve also built something of a global progressive health marketplace, bringing together professionals who provide products and services that are vetted by industry experts. 

But sourcing clean, reliable products was always an issue. 

So these badass women took matters into their own hands and bought Bloom Hemp. Now, they can completely stand behind the healing regimens they build for patients, and they’re developing a deeper understanding of which formulations and consumption methods work best for various symptoms and conditions.

Since acquiring the brand in June 2023, Elisabeth and Sherri have been gathering clinical data to get a better understanding of how Bloom Hemp’s gummies, tinctures and topicals work for different patients and conditions – and this year they’re also embarking on a data collection effort centered on one of their favorite products. 

Introducing the Advanced Focus Tincture

As they started walking their patients through finding the best Bloom Hemp product for their needs, one product stood out, especially for women – the Advanced Focus Tincture, a crafted 6:1:1 blend of CBD, CBG and THCV. 

The tincture was formulated to elevate energy levels, enhance mental sharpness, and boost metabolism, with a full spectrum hemp extract blended with added terpenes and botanicals including Reishi mushrooms, Lion’s Mane and Yerba Mate. Anecdotal patient reports indicate that the tincture can produce a clear-minded focus and natural appetite suppression throughout the day.

Beyond the THCV in the Advanced Focus Tincture, the botanic supplements in this product are more than fillers and hype –  they are important contributors to the mood and energy boosting effects.

Lions Mane 

This functional mushroom extract is included to enhance memory and focus while combatting anxiety and inflammation, along with extra immune system support. 1


Another functional fungi extract, reishi also adds immune support to keep the body healthy even through the enhanced energy and focus. It also serves as a potent antioxidant and is often touted to have anti-aging properties. 2

Yerba Mate:  

Made from the leaves of the south america shrub Ilex paraguariensis, Yerba Mate contributes to the mood-enhancing and energy boosting effects of the advanced focus tincture. It also delivers a powerful boost of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions to the formulation. 3

On the taste profile, the hempy flavor that tends to accompany quality cannabis tinctures is mild, and is beautifully balanced with the sweet orange flavor, so even taking the drops is a pleasant experience. 

The tincture is designed for easy integration into your daily routine, with a simple to use graduated dropper. For optimal effects Bloom recommends trying ½ to 1 full dropper in the morning alongside ½ dropper with meals throughout the day, and an additional ½ dropper as needed for focused energy. This regular administration will help to keep you balanced and focused all day long, avoiding those energy crashes that sneak up on you after mealtimes. 

What are the benefits of THCV + CBG?

While clinical research on THCV and CBG is still in its infancy – like most cannabis derivatives – we do have some initial indications that both are helpful for focus, along with real world data (RWD) that shows impressive effects on appetite suppression and energy levels. 

Unlike THC, which is known for its classic “high,” most people find the mild euphoric effects of THCV more relaxing and less intense, earning it the nickname “the sports car of cannabis.” Found only in certain varieties of the cannabis plant, there’s also exciting evidence that this cannabinoid has appetite suppressant, metabolism supporting, and energy-boosting properties. CBG is also included in the tincture for an extra energy boost, and to support relaxation and an overall feeling of wellness. 4 5 6

The patterns that the nurses behind Bloom Hemp are seeing in their work with patients appear to be in line with what we’re seeing in the data – women who use this product are feeling more energetic and focused, losing weight, and suffering less from the aches and pains of old age and various conditions. 

Need to talk it through? Bloom Hemp offers a free nurse hotline

It’s not just a figurative rubber stamp that Elisabeth and Sherri put on their products – Bloom Hemp offers a free nurse hotline during US business hours, providing expert advice, product recommendations, dosages and personalized plans, based on their extensive cannabis knowledge. Just call 970-404-HOPE (4673) to schedule a 1:1 private consultation with these experienced cannabis nurses.

If you’re less into talking, or working weird hours and not able to call, you can get a free personalized treatment plan emailed to you by filling out a short intake form. Plans include product recommendations and lifestyle tips based on your health, goals, and objectives. 

Collecting real world data on the Bloom Hemp tincture

Clearly, this brand is passionate about supporting patients – and data is an important factor. That’s why we’re teaming up to recruit 100 women who feel like they need a boost to try the Advanced Focus Tincture and share their experience with us. This initiative is part of our real-world data (RWD) collaboration with data and software company MoreBetter, creators of the Releaf App. 

As well as gaining a data-based understanding of consumer experience with the picture, Elisabeth and Sherri are particularly interested in confirming anecdotal reports that it provides relief from a wide range of patient profiles. 

We’re also keen to find out whether the product is keeping people up at night, what it does to the infamous 3pm energy slump, any dysphoric reactions, or distractibility (i.e. is it making some people less focused at certain doses?) and whether it helps to calm the mind.  

Another benefit of RWD analysis is that we’ll be able to dig into what dosage works best for participants, as dosing varies per individual quite widely. Given that cannabinoids in general and these ones specifically are under researched, this data collection effort can hopefully shine a light on ideal starting dose and treatment regimen. 7

So how does it work? 

If you’re aged between 30 and 70, identify as a woman and work full-time either inside or outside of the home, you’re eligible for this Pathfinder study. 

  1. Sign up and qualify to participate
  2. Receive a (free) 3-week supply of Advanced Focus Tincture
  3. Spend 1 minute/day answering questions on your experience with the product
  4. Get insights into consumption patterns and empower the cannabis community with solid data


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