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About Us

Ultimately, we all want the same thing from life — to feel our best.

We want to be happy, relieve pain, and enjoy our lives. We usually turn to conventional medicine when things go wrong, but for some conditions western medicine has no good answers. So we’re left disappointed, without answers. And suffering.

But a new age is dawning. Scientific breakthroughs are happening at an unprecedented pace, and the stigma on a pretty remarkable plant is finally lifting, making cannabis available to people who need it most. That’s the story we want to dig into.

We’re here to help you find out about the healing properties of cannabis, how it can ease symptoms and speed up recovery. We’re committed to making sure this information is accessible to anyone who needs it — be it to relieve their own suffering, or that of their loved ones.

The Cannigma approach

We take the medical cannabis business very seriously. There are no joints being passed around our office!

First, we research.
Everything starts with the science. Our research
team digs into conditions, studies around the
world, and the nitty gritty of the cannabis plant
to identify points for focus. The inception of
each and every piece of Cannigma content
starts with hours of research, heated
discussions, and consultations with our
scientific advisory board.
Next, we write.
Once we’ve chosen a topic, we match
it with an expert writer. Some of our
editorial staff are cannabis or medical
experts turned writers, some writers
who specialize in cannabis. All are
authorities in their
respective fields.
Then, it’s time to edit.
Editing at Cannigma is more than dotting i’s
and crossing t’s. This is where research and
expertise joins with journalistic values to make
sure every word is scientifically-backed and
makes perfect sense. We check and double-
check our sources and resources, run
everything medical by a doctor, and
constantly update our content with
each new discovery
and breakthrough.
Final touches.
Every word you read, video you watch and
podcast you enjoy has been reviewed by a
cannabis fact checker, an experienced
editor, and for medical content — a doctor.
Once that’s done, our production team
gets everything online just so, from images
and videos to tiny technical nuances.
So all that’s left is for you to read,
learn, and feel better.