About Us

About us

We take an evidence-based approach to every issue surrounding cannabis – from safety to cooking to medical research – and make all of that information digestible and useful.


We’re committed to making sure this scientific information is accessible to anyone who needs it – be it to relieve their own suffering or that of a loved one, to learn a bit more, or even *gasp* just for fun

Our Values

The criminalization of cannabis has robbed countless people of their freedoms, livelihoods, and opportunities. Widespread stigmatization and prohibition has also meant that millions have been denied access to the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant — often with tragic results.

We believe that one modest yet fundamental step in beginning to right those wrongs involves educating patients, healthcare providers, decisionmakers, and the general public about the benefits of cannabis, as well as the often-unseen harms caused by decades of prohibition.

The Cannigma approach


First, we research.

Everything starts with science. The inception of each and every piece of Cannigma content starts with hours of research, heated discussions, and consultations with our advisory board.

Next, we write.

Once we've chosen a topic, we match it with an expert writer. Some of our editorial staff are cannabis or medical experts turned writers, some writers who specialize in cannabis. All are authorities in their fields.

Then, it’s time to edit.

Editing is more than dotting i's and crossing t's. This is where expertise joins journalistic values to ensure every word is scientifically-backed and makes perfect sense. We check and double-check our sources, run everything medical by a doctor, nurse or pharmacologist, and update with each new discovery and breakthrough.

Final touches.

Once we’re done with editing and review, our production team gets everything online just so, from images and videos to tiny technical nuances. So all that’s left is for you to read, learn, and feel better.

By The numbers

550k+ Monthly unique users
1,400k+ articles, info pages, videos and podcast episodes
4 active foreign language sites

Who we are

Most of Team Cannigma is based in Herzliya, Israel, with contributors and advisors scattered around the world.
Chief Science Officer
Director of Partnerships
Senior Writer
Marketing Manager
Ida Nasko
SEO & Growth
Anna Heinrich
Product Designer
Spanish Editor
Benjamin Rosendahl
German Editor
Priyanka Munjal
Frontend Lead
Mayur Nagpure
Operations Manager


The Cannigma's scientific and professional advisory board is our special sauce - making sure all of our content is trustworthy and up to date.



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