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About Us

What most people know about cannabis is the result of decades of prohibition, propaganda, and stigma. In addition to countless harms, the result has been that misinformation and stereotypes are in far greater supply than reliable facts and explanations.

The good news is that is starting to change. As varying levels of legalization sweep much of the world, science is devoting more resources to cannabis research. Breakthroughs are coming at an unprecedented pace, and more people than ever have access to the plant.

Yet for most, a science-based discourse is still out of reach. That’s where The Cannigma comes in.

We take a science-based approach to every issue surrounding cannabis: from safety to cooking to medical research, and make all of that information digestible and usable.

We’re committed to making sure this information is accessible to anyone who needs it — be it to relieve their own suffering, that of their loved ones, or anyone just looking to learn a bit more.

The Cannigma approach

First, we research.
Everything starts with science. Our research
team digs into medical conditions and treatments,
pressing questions in the cannabis space, and
promising areas of development to identify points
for focus. The inception of most articles on
The Cannigma start with hours of research,
heated discussions, and consultations
with experts.
Next, we write.
Once we’ve chosen a topic, we match
it with an expert writer. Some of our
editorial staff are cannabis or medical
experts turned writers, some writers
who specialize in cannabis. All are
authorities in their
respective fields.
Then, it’s time to edit.
Editing at Cannigma is more than dotting i’s
and crossing t’s. This is where research and
expertise joins with journalistic values to make
sure every word is scientifically-backed and makes
perfect sense. We check and double-check our
sources and resources, run everything medical by
a doctor, nurse, or pharmacologist, and constantly
update our content with each new discovery
and breakthrough.
Final touches.
Every word you read, video you watch
and podcast you enjoy has been reviewed
by a cannabis fact checker, an experienced
editor, and for medical content — a medical
professional. Once that’s done, our production
team gets everything online just so, from
images and videos to tiny technical nuances.
All that’s left is for you to read, learn,
and feel better.


Elana Goldberg
Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man
Senior Editor
Matan Weil
Head of Content Strategy
Ben Hartman
Senior Writer
Miriam Sanger
Portuguese Editor
Liran Ben Nun
Industry Expert
Marc Hermann
German Editor
Farrel Brest
Head of Social