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Comprised of cannabis experts, professional journalists, and medical professionals, The Cannigma editorial team is dedicated to communicating the newest, most relevant, factual, research-based information about medical cannabis in a way that is accessible to all.

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  • Regulation

    Cannabis laws in Nicaragua

    Medical: illegal Recreational: illegal Cannabis laws in Nicaragua reflect a strict stance on its possession, use, and cultivation. The country has...

  • Regulation

    Cannabis laws in Uruguay

    Medical: legal Recreational: legal  Uruguay has gained international recognition for its pioneering approach to cannabis laws. It became the first country...

  • Regulation

    Cannabis laws in Saudi Arabia

    Medical: illegal Recreational: Illegal  Saudi Arabia has strict and uncompromising laws regarding cannabis. The possession, use, and cultivation of cannabis are...

  • Regulation

    Cannabis laws in Pakistan

    Medical: illegal Recreational: illegal Pakistan has strict laws governing the possession, use, and cultivation of cannabis. Despite this strict regulatory environment,...

  • Ask the Expert

    Does cannabis-infused chocolate hit harder than gummies?

    Getting the right answers in your cannabis journey can be tricky. But with The Cannigma’s Ask the Expert, you can...

  • Regulation

    Cannabis laws in the Maldives

    Medical: illegal Recreational: illegal The Maldives, a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean, has strict laws regarding cannabis. The...

  • Regulation

    Cannabis laws in Nepal

    Medical: limited Recreational: illegal Cannabis has been deeply intertwined with Nepal's history and culture for centuries. In fact, the plant has...

  • Regulation

    Cannabis laws in Morocco

    Medical: legal Recreational: illegal Cannabis has been grown in Morocco for centuries, and the plant is deeply ingrained in the country's...

  • How to

    How to decarboxylate cannabis without an oven

    Decarboxylation is a critical step in preparing cannabis for consumption, whether it is for smoking, edibles, or tinctures. The process...

  • Regulation

    Cannabis laws in Guatemala

    Medical: limited Recreational: illegal Guatemala is a country in Central America that has been the subject of intense debate over its...