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The 5 best fast-acting cannabis gummies and edibles in 2024

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The 5 best fast-acting cannabis gummies and edibles in 2024

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In recent years, cannabis edibles have gained popularity among users seeking an alternative consumption method to smoking or vaping. Edibles provide a discreet and long-lasting experience, and fast-acting edibles have emerged as a game-changer in the market. The products listed here utilize nanotechnology to offer quicker onset times, allowing users to experience the effects of cannabis faster. 

Benefits of fast-acting edibles

Fast-acting edibles offer several advantages over traditional edibles. With their quicker onset times, they provide a more controlled and predictable experience. Users can experience relief from anxiety, stress, and pain without having to wait for hours for the cookie to kick in. This rapid acting technology can also help cannabinoids avoid an effect known as first-pass metabolism in the liver, where our body produces 11-hydroxy-THC. By avoiding this reaction between the liver and the THC, we can deliver a more predictable, effect that varies less from person to person. 1

How fast-acting edibles work

Fast-acting edibles are designed to act faster than traditional edibles; mimicking the fast and relatively short-lived smoking experience in edible form. The technology underpinning fast-acting edibles can vary significantly from brand to brand, as there are many emerging technologies that show promise. One of the most intriguing and popular methods of creating fast-acting products is to leverage nanoemulsion technology, which breaks down cannabinoids into tiny particles and disperses them through water or other aqueous liquids, eliminating the need for a fat like butter or oil. Other commonly-used technologies include micelle technology, liposome technology, and cyclodextrin encapsulation, which all aim to enhance edible drug delivery in similar ways, but may result in slightly different effects and side effects. 2

What these technologies all hold in common is that they work to improve cannabinoid bioavailability, allowing the molecules to bypass the typical digestive system and enter the bloodstream more rapidly. This in turn results in faster onset times and shorter duration of action. While traditional edibles can take up to two hours to take effect, fast-acting edibles often kick in within 15-30 minutes. The duration of action varies, typically lasting around 2-4 hours, providing a convenient and efficient experience.

How to choose the best rapid action edible

When selecting fast-acting edibles, look for products made with high-quality ingredients, preferably organic and sourced from reputable suppliers. Perhaps even more importantly, ensure that the products are tested by third-party laboratories for cannabinoid and terpene concentration and contaminants. Ideally you’ll be able to access the Certificate of Analysis (COA) from the brand’s website or packaging, usually via QR code. Opting for brands that follow stringent testing standards and comply with regulations increases your chances of a reliable and enjoyable experience. Keep in mind that since many of these rapid-acting technologies are quite new, you may need to do a little trial and error to find what works best (and fastest) for you.

  • Product type: Tincture
  • Ingredients: MCT oil, cannabis oil
  • Price: $40-$50 per bottle
  • Type: Concentrate tablet
  • Price: $20-$25 per pack
  • Availability: California only
  • Product type: Beverage
  • Flavors: Various available including Lemon Lavender and Blood Orange Cardamom
  • Price: $20 for a 6-pack
  • Product type: Swallowable pills
  • Flavors: N/A
  • Price: $20 for a 20-pack
  • Product type: Gummies
  • Flavors: Raspberry, pomegranate, strawberry, tropical, mango & lime and more
  • Price: $25 for a 10-pack

Papa & Barkley CBD Rich Releaf Tincture 30:1

  • Product type: Tincture
  • Ingredients: MCT oil, cannabis oil
  • Availability: California
  • Price: $40-$50 per bottle

Papa & Barkley CBD Rich Releaf Tincture 30:1 CBD Wellness is a premium cannabis tincture designed to provide the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD. Formulated with MCT oil and cannabis oil, this tincture offers a high CBD to THC ratio of 30:1, allowing users to experience the potential calming and soothing effects of CBD without significant psychotropic effects.

The Papa & Barkley brand is known for its commitment to quality and use of whole-plant infusion techniques to retain the full spectrum of cannabis compounds. The CBD Rich Releaf Tincture is available in California, at a price range of $40-$50 per bottle.

Level Sativa ProTab Sativa Edibles

  • Type: Concentrate tablet
  • Availability: California
  • Price: $20-$25 per pack

Level Sativa ProTab Sativa Edibles are a popular choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking for precise dosing and convenient consumption. These tablets are designed to provide a consistent and uplifting sativa experience. With Level’s dedication to accuracy and reliability, each ProTab contains precisely measured THC to ensure a predictable and enjoyable effect. The discreet and portable nature of these tablets makes them ideal for on-the-go use. Level Sativa ProTabs are available in California, providing residents with access to this quality cannabis product. With a price range of $20-$25 per pack, these sativa edibles offer a convenient and cost-effective option for those seeking an energizing and uplifting cannabis experience.

Cann Social Tonic

Product type: Beverage
Flavors: Various available including Lemon Lavender and Blood Orange Cardamom
Ingredients: THC, CBD, natural flavors, agave syrup, lemon juice concentrate
Availability: California and Nevada
Price: $20 for a 6-pack

Cann Social Tonic is a popular choice for those seeking a fast-acting cannabis experience in a beverage form. With a harmonious blend of THC, CBD, and natural flavors, Cann’s low-calorie and microdosed tonics provide a refreshing alternative that doesn’t take two hours to hit. Perfect for social occasions or a quick pick-me-up, each can contains a balanced and controlled dose of cannabinoids, offering a consistent and enjoyable experience.

1906 Go Drops

Product type: Swallowable pills
Flavors: N/A
Ingredients: THC distillate, CBD isolate, natural flavors, cocoa powder, sugar
Availability: Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma
Price: $20 for a 20-pack

1906 offers a range of fast-acting swallowable pills that cater to various experiences and needs. Each product is carefully formulated to deliver a specific effect and is designed to provide a discrete, consistent and enjoyable cannabis experience. Go drops are formulated for energy, while other products in this line include Genius, Bliss, Love, Chill and Midnight – to encourage brain power, happiness, arousal, relaxation and sleep respectively. 

Coda Signature Fast Acting Fruit Notes

Product type: Gummies
Flavors: Raspberry, pomegranate, strawberry, tropical, mango & lime and more
Ingredients: THC distillate, natural fruit flavors, sugar, citric acid
Availability: Colorado and California
Price: $25 for a 10-pack

Coda Signature Fast Acting Fruit Notes combine the benefits of fast-acting cannabis with a delightful fruit flavor experience. These gummies are crafted with THC distillate, natural fruit flavors, sugar, and a touch of citric acid for a balanced and enjoyable taste. Coda Signature is renowned for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Fast Acting Fruit Notes are available in various dosage formations, ranging from 5-50mg THC/CBD per gummy, in Colorado and California.


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