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The best cannabis-infused coffees

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The best cannabis-infused coffees

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Many a stoner knows the joy of wake and bakes, smoking a joint or a bowl alongside a warm mug of coffee. But in today’s age of innovation, you can get your weed and coffee in one step, with cannabis-infused coffees. 

How cannabis and coffee interact 

Cannabis interacts primarily with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), while caffeine from coffee exerts most of its power on the central nervous system, specifically on the neuromodulator adenosine. There is an established link between coffee intake and ECS function, as established by a 2018 study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine. 1

There hasn’t been much research into the interactions between these two substances, and the studies that do exist have produced contrary results. A 2017 rodent study found that memory disruption effects of the cannabinoid receptor CB1 are prevented by blocking adenosine receptors, as coffee is known to do (meaning caffeine could potentially counter the memory-impairing effects of THC). This is the opposite of the findings of a 2012 rodent study that concluded caffeine “did not counteract memory deficits induced by THC but actually exacerbated them.” 2 3

In short, researchers aren’t quite sure how these two botanicals interact. Whether it’s a positive or negative effect may depend heavily on personal factors, such as the dose consumed, your unique endocannabinoid system as well as your caffeine tolerance. A known side effect of both caffeine and THC is racing thoughts, jitteriness, and even the shakes, so if you’re sensitive to coffee or weed individually, you may not want to combine the two. If you do, keep the doses low to avoid overshooting the optimal effect. Less is often more with weed. 

CBD versus THC coffee

Despite the rising popularity of CBD in recent years, there’s even less research on CBD and caffeine than on THC. Still, CBD does have several properties that may make it a good companion to caffeine, such as anxiety– and nausea-reducing properties. Anecdotal evidence from people who consume CBD coffee report that CBD may help reduce the caffeine jitters, so CBD-infused coffee may appeal to people who don’t tolerate regular coffee well.

However, anecdotal experience does not always line up with science. A small study done on healthy humans showed that CBD may reduce the body’s ability to process caffeine. Researchers found higher blood levels of caffeine in those who were taking CBD, suggesting that CBD can interfere with normal metabolism of coffee. This may be helpful for some looking to get their caffeine buzz on, but it also means that CBD users could experience some caffeine side effects if they are not mindful of dose. 4

How weed-infused coffee works 

The best infused coffee brands infuse the cannabinoids directly into the beans, so your morning joe is easily brewed and ready to go. Some brands sell a package of coffee beans and CBD oils so you can infuse to your preference (but the taste won’t be the same.)

Finding THC-infused coffee is location-dependent but possible. Most legal states in the US (and Canada) have cannabis manufacturers that have partnered with coffee roasters to create small-batch artisan-infused coffees. If you want to make your own cannabis coffee, it’s easy to do and you can play with the cannabinoid balance.  

Best cannabis-infused coffees for 2022

Best deal
  • Cannabinoid content: 15 mg per cup
  • Bag size: 12 oz
  • Source of beans: Columbia, Mexico, Burundi, or Ethiopia
  • Cannabinoid content: 4 – 20 mg CBD per cup
  • Bag size: 12 oz
  • Source of beans: Columbia
Best for single serving
  • Cannabinoid content: 25 mg of CBD per cup
  • Bag size: 10 pods per box
  • Source of beans: Central and Latin America
best instant coffee
  • Cannabinoid content: 15 mg of CBD per cup
  • Bag size: 10 servings
  • Source of beans: African and Latin blend
best for people who don’t like caffeine
  • Cannabinoid content: 20 mg CBD per cup
  • Bag size: 6 packs per box
  • Source of beans: n/a

Buddha Beans Coffee

Cannabinoid content: 15 mg per cup 
Bag size: 12 oz 
Price: $36.00
Source of beans: Columbia, Mexico, Burundi, or Ethiopia 

Buying a bag of infused coffee from Buddha Beans is more than a jumpstart to your morning – it’s crafting a custom CBD routine that’s tailored to your needs. Pick your favorite coffee beans from Columbia, Mexico, Burundi, or Ethiopia, along with the CBD potency (50, 150, or 300 mg per bag), your favorite roast (dark or medium), and whether you’d prefer pre-ground or whole beans. Each bag of artisan coffee is roasted in small batches and sent out, so you know you’re getting something fresh and delicious. 


The taste is GREAT. I haven’t felt this NORMAL in years! I’m in tears. I’m not on a “cocaine” high when I drink it or a “heroin” low when it wears off. My pains are almost unnoticeable! Thank you!


Trying to decide between this and the Mexico for favorite BB Coffee favorite bean. It’s hard to know because whichever one I make, I’m lost in how good it tastes and nice I feel from it. There’s some magic in this coffee that goes beyond whatever ritual they perform to infuse the beans with CBD. It’s totally worth the premium price, and so are you.


Strava Craft Coffee 

Cannabinoid content: 4 – 20mg CBD per cup 
Bag size: 12oz
Price: $54.95
Source of beans: Colombia 

Strava Craft Coffee lets you pick your potency, with a line of CBD coffees ranging from 4mg per cup all the way up to 20mg per cup. Pick from light, medium, and dark roast coffees, all roasted from Colombian beans. If you prefer decaf, that’s also on the menu. You can get a bag of preground beans, or whole beans to grind fresh each morning. Have a Keurig? There are cups for that too. However you take your cup of joe, Strava has an infused version you’ll love. 


Strava is the real deal if you like great coffee and the health benefits of CBD


Luv this coffee. Taste is great, smooth, not harsh like some dark roasts can be. I’m a person with anxiety and this first cup helps me look forward to, and plan my day. I recommend giving it a try. I think you’ll like this product.


Flower Power Coffee

Cannabinoid content: 25mg of CBD per cup 
Bag size: 10 pods per box
Price: $34.95
Source of beans: Central and Latin America 

The power of the flower meets the power of the beans in every pod of Flower Power infused coffee. Choose your favorite roast (light, medium, or dark) and the rest is easy – insert the pod, push a button, and let the soothing effects of 25 mg of CBD coffee wash over you every morning. Each pod contains a curated blend of coffee beans from Peru, Nicaragua, and Mexico, for the smooth rich taste you’re used to. 


Smooth taste. Definitely not bitter!! Smoother than most I’ve tasted. A treat to taste and the packaging was also super cute!! Worth the buy!!


Delicious! I’ve never had so much flavor out of a K-Cup, these are really good


Mary Joe Hemp Infused Instant Coffee

Cannabinoid content: 15 mg of CBD 
Bag size: 10 servings 
Price: $36
Source of beans: African and Latin blend  

When you don’t have time for a full pot of coffee, Mary Joe’s instant infused coffee hits the spot. Each cup has 15mg of CBD along with a tasteful blend of African and Latin American coffee beans. Perfect for camping, hiking, or just a busy morning. 


Best instant I’ve ever had … tastes like some high end 3rd wave brew!! Good job y’all


House of Jane Gourmet CBD Hot Chocolate Mix

Cannabinoid content: 20 mg CBD per serving 
Bag size: 6 packs per box 
Price: $39.99 
Source of beans: n/a  

If you’re not a fan of coffee, but still want a sweet and infused pick-me-up for the morning, this bag of CBD hot cocoa mix from canna-brand House of Jane is exactly what you’re looking for. Each pouch has 1.2oz of velvety chocolate goodness combined with 20mg of CBD from a nano CBD powder, so you get all of the delicious cocoa taste with the benefits of CBD. Perfect for morning, afternoon, or night- whenever you need a sweet pick-me-up. (And yes, there’s CBD and THC– infused coffee, too.) 


Great stuff. Really enjoy this hot chocolate.


Bottom line on cannabis-infused coffee

If you love coffee and weed, but don’t like the caffeine jitters, switching to a CBD-infused brew may help you get your daily fix without the afternoon crash. And if you tolerate caffeine and THC well, weed coffee may be your new favorite edible. Make your own, order a bag online, or visit your local dispensary to see what they have in stock.


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