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Cannabis laws in Syria

Cannabis laws in Syria

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Medical: illegal 
Recreational: illegal

While not indigenous to the Middle East, cannabis found its way into Syrian culture through trade and conquests. Historically, its use was limited and mostly medicinal or for small-scale recreational purposes within certain social groups. However, the global shift towards stricter drug regulations in the 20th century significantly impacted Syria’s stance on cannabis, leading to its prohibition.

Syria’s approach to cannabis is strict, reflecting the country’s adherence to international drug control treaties. The Syrian legal system categorizes cannabis as an illegal substance, and its possession, use, sale, and cultivation are prohibited under the law.

Penalties for cannabis-related offenses in Syria are severe. The law does not differentiate much between possession for personal use and more serious offenses such as trafficking. Penalties can range from short-term imprisonment to life sentences, depending on the amounts involved and whether the individual has prior offenses.

Medical cannabis in Syria

As of now, Syria has not legalized the medical use of cannabis. The country’s healthcare and legal systems currently do not recognize cannabis as a medicine, and as such there are no legal provisions for its prescription or use in medical treatments. The ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in the country and the region have further complicated the potential for developing a medical cannabis program.

Is CBD available in Syria?

Unlike in many places in the west, CBD falls under the same legal restrictions as cannabis in Syria, making the possession, sale, or use of CBD products illegal under Syrian law.

Cultivation of cannabis in Syria

Growing cannabis for any purpose is strictly prohibited in Syria. The authorities enforces this prohibition vigorously, with severe penalties for anyone caught growing cannabis. Despite these restrictions, illicit cultivation does occur, often hidden away in the country’s more remote regions, but it is subject to eradication efforts by law enforcement agencies.

Potential future of cannabis legalization in Syria

The future of cannabis legalization in Syria is uncertain. The ongoing civil conflict and the resultant socio-political instability make drug policy reform a low priority for the government. Additionally, the conservative stance on drug use in broader society suggests that significant changes to cannabis laws, especially for recreational use, are unlikely in the near future.

Medical cannabis might have a slightly more promising outlook, given the global trend towards recognizing its therapeutic benefits. However, any movement in this direction would require stability and a concerted effort to reform current laws.

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