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Cannabis laws in Kosovo

Cannabis laws in Kosovo

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Medical: illegal
Recreational: illegal 

Recreational and medical cannabis are both illegal in Kosovo. Those found in possession of drugs — including cannabis — can potentially face imprisonment of one to three years. First-time offenders may be punished with just a fine.

Possible penalties

Like many countries, Kosovo doesn’t define cannabis as a drug legally separate from other substances like cocaine and heroin. As recently as 2019, Kosovo’s criminal code included cannabis in regulations against “possession of narcotics, psychotropic or analogue substances”, charges which carry one to three years in jail. First-time offenders with less than three grams of substances can receive a fine of €250 – 300 or up to a year in jail. 

The country’s position in the middle of the Balkan states makes it a popular route for drug traffickers

Medical marijuana in Kosovo 

Kosovo has no medical cannabis program. Neighbor North Macedonia is the only country surrounding Kosovo that has any kind of legal cannabis program. 

CBD regulations

Industrial hemp is legal in Kosovo, though CBD exists in a legal gray area. Some CBD products can be found in hemp stores in the country, while more can be found online and shipped. 

Since Kosovo is not a member of the EU, they are not beholden to the 2020 EU Court ruling that determined CBD and its products were not narcotics.

Can you grow your own weed?

No, growing cannabis is illegal in Kosovo. Industrial hemp is legal to grow for entities registered with the government. 

Visiting Kosovo  – can you buy or bring marijuana products?

While 12% of Kosovo residents report being able to easily find the substance, visitors should take care. Kosovo’s cannabis is only available on the illegal market, where substances are untested and unregulated. Given the country’s strict anti-drug laws, just because you can find cannabis doesn’t mean you should buy it. 

Do not carry cannabis into or out of Kosovo; crossing international borders with cannabis is considered drug trafficking by many governments.

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