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Cannabis laws in Iran

Cannabis laws in Iran

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Medical: limited 
Recreational: illegal

Cannabis has been used in Iran for a variety of purposes throughout history. Traditional uses of cannabis in Iran include smoking and the production of hashish, a concentrated form of cannabis resin. Cannabis has also been used for medicinal purposes, particularly to treat pain and nausea.

Despite the long history of cannabis use in Iran, the drug is currently illegal and subject to strict penalties under the country’s drug laws.

Under Iranian law, cannabis is classified as a prohibited substance, and possession, sale, and cultivation of cannabis are all illegal. The penalties for violating these laws can range from fines to imprisonment and even the death penalty, depending on the offense.

Despite its illegal status, cannabis use is widespread in Iran, particularly among young people. Some estimates suggest that up to 4 million Iranians use cannabis regularly, making it one of the most widely used drugs in the country.

Medical cannabis in Iran

Iran does have a legal medical cannabis program, but it is highly restricted. The program is only available to patients with certain medical conditions, and access to medical cannabis products is tightly controlled by the government. Patients must obtain a prescription from a licensed physician and purchase their medical cannabis from a licensed pharmacy.

In 2020, Iran announced plans to expand its medical cannabis program to include more patients and increase access to medical cannabis products. However, it remains to be seen how these plans will be implemented and whether they will result in meaningful improvements in access to medical cannabis.

Penalties for cannabis offenses in Iran

Iran has some of the harshest penalties for cannabis-related offenses in the world. Possession, sale, and trafficking of any amount of cannabis are illegal, and those found guilty can face harsh criminal penalties, including imprisonment and fines. There has been some debate around the severity of these penalties, with critics arguing that they are disproportionately harsh and that they can have severe social and economic consequences, particularly for marginalized communities. Despite these criticisms, the government has maintained a strict stance on cannabis use and possession, and the penalties for violating these laws remain severe.

The future of cannabis laws in Iran

The future of cannabis laws in Iran is uncertain. While the government has shown some willingness to expand access to medical cannabis, there has been little movement toward legalizing recreational use of cannabis or reducing penalties for cannabis offenses.

Iran has a long history of cannabis use, and some experts believe that legalizing and regulating cannabis could be a way to address the country’s drug-related issues. However, there are also concerns about the potential for increased drug abuse and addiction if cannabis were to become more widely available.

Bottom line on weed in Iran

Iranian cannabis regulations are strict, and the penalties for violating them can be severe, including the death penalty. While the country does have a legal medical cannabis program, access to medical cannabis products is highly restricted. 

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