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The 6 best dab reclaim catchers in 2024

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The 6 best dab reclaim catchers in 2024

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Is a reclaim catcher worth it? No matter what you throw in the banger, dabbing ends up wasting cannabis concentrates. Traces of hot, liquid wax typically get sucked down through the rig during every dab. But with a reclaim catcher for a dab rig, this lost wax is captured, harvested, and re-dabbed. 

Considering waxes, shatters, and live resins don’t come cheap, the value of a reclaim catcher immediately pays off. The more you dab, the more valuable a reclaim catcher becomes.

What is a dab reclaim catcher? 

A dab reclaimer is a rig accessory that sits between the rig and the banger, usually at an angle, like you would expect a sidecar banger to work. Reclaim catchers harvest concentrate that would otherwise get wasted within inaccessible crevasses of the dag rig or in the bubbler chamber. 

Reclaimed wax and resin allow you to dab concentrate that would otherwise go to waste. Add a reclaimer to your setup and you’ll save at the dispensary til.

  • Color: Clear, translucent silicone catcher
  • Material: Glass and Silicone.
  • Price: $19.98
  • Color: Multicolor swirls
  • Material: BPA-free Silicone
  • Price: $24.95
  • Color: Clear
  • Material: Glass
  • Price: $24.99
  • Color: Clear
  • Material: Glass
  • Price: $24.99
  • Color: Clear
  • Material: Quartz
  • Price: $39.99
  • Color: Clear with multicolor silicone cap.
  • Material: Glass, silicone, and titanium
  • Price: $29.99

Inhale Co Reclaim Catcher (10mm)

Clear, translucent silicone catcher
Package includes: Reclaim catcher and detachable silicone container
Design: Sidecar style
Material: Glass and Silicone
Price: $19.98

Special features: 

  • Clear components create a sleek, professional aesthetic
  • Handy silicone container to store reclaimed dabs
  • Built with a 10 mm male joint

The Inhale Co Reclaim catcher is a straightforward and affordable reclaim system. It has two separate components: a glass reclaim catcher and a silicone container. The Inhale Co design is clear and translucent, unlike other dab catchers with flashy colours.

The reclaimer sits at a 45-degree angle to the dab rig. It is a 10 mm reclaim catcher with a male joint. The other end, designed to hold a banger, has a 10 mm female joint. When ready to harvest, the nonstick silicone container easily detaches and doubles as a heat-proof dab container.

NoGoo Goo Catcher (14.5 and 18.8 mm)

Color: Multicolor swirls
Package includes: Reclaim catcher and detachable silicone container
Design: Sidecar style
Material: BPA-free Silicone
Price: $24.95

Special features: 

  • Made from virtually indestructible silicone
  • Vibrant psychedelic design
  • Compatible with 14.5 mm and 18.8 mm female joints

For the clumsy dabbers out there, the NoGoo Goo Catcher ensures you never break a dab accessory again. Made from 100 percent BPA-free, food-grade silicone, this sidecar-style reclaimer is virtually indestructible, no matter how many times you drop it.

The NoGoo design comes in a multitude of bright, eye-catching psychedelic colors. It fits with multiple size joints, whether you need a 14 mm reclaim catcher or 18 mm. In that same vibrant color pattern, the silicone container securely attaches to the reclaimer with a threaded component. Throw it in your bag. This is a perfectly portable dab rig accessory.

Pulsar Oil Reclaimer with a 45° Joint (18.8mm)

Color: Clear and translucent 
Package includes: Reclaim catcher and detachable silicone container, and storage cap
Design: 45-degree joint angle
Material: Glass and silicone
Price: $29.99

Special features: 

  • Recover every last drop thanks to a 45-degree joint angle
  • Sleek and elevated modern design.
  • Pulsar is a name to trust in all things dabbing

Pulsar’s Oil Reclaimer 45° Joint is the solution to your frustrations with wasted wax. This 18 mm reclaim catcher comes in crystal clear glass with a matching translucent silicone container. Both are modern and sleek and will look right at home no matter the rest of your dab rig setup.

The reclaimer sits at a 45-degree angle from your rig and slides in with an 18.8 male joint. It comes with an easy-to-remove silicone dab jar that easily works as a heat-proof container to pull dabs from when it’s time. To store, attach the included silicone cap.

90 Degree Angled Male Reclaimer Glass Adapter

Color: Clear
Package includes: Reclaim catcher, glass dome, glass nail, plastic keck clip
Design: 90-degree joint angle
Material: Glass
Price: $24.99

Special features: 

  • Interesting design, mirroring a piece of scientific equipment
  • Design improves each dab by diffusing the heat from the nail
  • Kit includes everything you need to start reclaiming wax

This impressive 90-degree angled reclaimer comes with every component you could ever need to complete your dab rig system. The dab catcher, glass dome, glass nail, and keck clip are included in the package. Perfect for customizing your setup to suit your own dab preferences.

This 90-degree angled reclaimer has an 18.8 mm joint, but a 14.5 mm option is also available. The angle and the additional accessories help create a bit of distance between the torch and the inhale, ensuring that every dab is smoother, tastier, and much more enjoyable.

Dropdown Quartz Reclaimer

Color: Clear
Package includes: Reclaim catcher
Design: 90-degree joint angle
Material: Quartz
Price: $39.99

Special features: 

  • Available in various joint sizes, with both male and female options
  • Smart design provides an added layer of heat protection
  • Banger is incorporated into the reclaimer design

This is the reclaim accessory you’ve been looking for. It’s a drop-down reclaim catcher with joint options for any rig. This reclaimer comes in either male or female joints, and you can order it in any standard joint size. It’s made from quartz rather than glass, which means it’s also much more durable.

The 90-degree joint angle fits securely in your rig, with the reclaimer and incorporated banger dropped down for ease of use. The design helps collect the otherwise wasted product and helps protect your rig from exposure heat damage. Your next session will ultimately be a much smoother-tasting, clearing dab thanks to this advanced drop-down design.

Nectar Collector with Reclaim Catcher

Color: Clear with multicolor silicone cap.
Package includes: Reclaim catcher, titanium nail, silicone container, keck clip
Design: Nectar collector
Material: Glass, silicone, and titanium
Price: $29.99

Special features: 

  • All-in-one nectar collector kit
  • Reclaim chamber is easily accessible via a threaded silicone cap
  • The included keck clip securely holds the nail to the collector

This all-inclusive nectar collector kit includes the titanium name, the keck clip, and the silicone cap for ease of access to the reclaim chamber. The design is lightweight and comfortable to hold, even during long sessions. It also ensures that you never have to worry about wasting a massive hit, as any excess will fall into the reclaim chamber.

Importantly, the kit disassembles into separate components so that you can keep it fresh and clean, no matter how frequently you hit it. In addition, the threaded silicone cap easily unscrews from the chamber, so you can harvest the reclaimed wax whenever your stash runs low.

How do you use a banger with a reclaim catcher?

As hot vapor travels through the rig, the dab reclaim catches any condensing oils (usually in a removable silicone cup). After several days or several weeks, this concentrate will gradually accumulate depending on how much you hit your rig. 

When you want to dab into this recaptured stash, simply remove the basin and start dabbing a fresh.

Do reclaim collectors work?

Short answer: yes. No matter what concentrate you prefer, a dab reclaimer will slowly—but surely—capture the unsmoked resin from your sessions. Wax collectors gather the resin into accessible chambers before they get lost deeper within the rig.

Can you smoke reclaimed wax?

Reclaimed dabs are undeniably smokable. However, unlike what you may have experienced with leftover resin in a pipe or bong, reclaimed dabs remain clear and clean. The concentrate is almost just as pure as the moment you pressed it into the banger, largely because dabs get vaporized rather than incinerated. 

How do you collect all the dab reclaim?

Assuming you have a reclaim chamber, harvesting the reclaim is a relatively simple process:

  1. Unscrew the silicone cap or container.
  2. Using a dab tool, scrape the sticky resin that has collected. This should be simple, as silicone is non-stick.
  3. Store the dab reclaim in a honey bucket or use a silicone cap, which may have been included in the reclaim collector kit, to store for use later. 

Stop wasting concentrates, get a dab reclaim collector

Cannabis concentrates are among the most expensive products on dispensary shelves, so why are you wasting them with every single dab? With a relatively small investment, you can reclaim this otherwise wasted wax for use when your current stash runs dry.

Available in a number of different joint sizes and styles, dab reclaimers ensure you are getting your money’s worth and that every last drop gets put to good use—all without any additional work. So why wouldn’t you want to stretch your concentrates out just a little bit further with the help of a dab reclaimer?

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