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The 5 best electric and automatic weed grinders

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The 5 best electric and automatic weed grinders

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The number one way to take your weed kit to the next level is to upgrade from a manual grinder to an electric one. A rechargeable, battery-powered grinder pumps out freshly ground bud at the push of a button, all without the tedious twisting and turning of an always-too-sticky manual grinder.

Electric grinders for weed are well worth the investment for the time and hassle they save you. Plus, many come with bonus features—like automatic rolling. So if you’ve upgraded your daily routine with a blender and a coffee maker, why wouldn’t you also upgrade to an electric grinder?

What is an electric weed grinder, and what do you use it for?

An electric marijuana grinder is a small device that breaks down large cannabis buds into a fine, fluffy grind—a consistency ideal for rolling into a joint or packing into a bowl. 

Instead of working away, twisting with a manual hand grinder, the electric version performs the same task automatically thanks to rechargeable batteries. 

What makes a good weed grinder?

A weed grinder, electric or not, has a single purpose—to produce perfectly ground up cannabis with minimal effort. So if you are shopping for an electric grinder, that’s the number one goal.

But, you’ll likely also want one that’s easy to clean and has a long-lasting battery. Depending on your budget and personal preferences, you might also want to take advantage of other features, including easy pollen collection, cone filling combo, or in-device storage.

Where is the best place to buy an electric weed grinder?

If you aren’t shopping directly with online headshops, like Grasscity or Smoke Cartel, Amazon is one of the best places to find a large selection of grinders. 

What’s more surprising is that electric weed grinders on Amazon are often listed at better prices than will be listed on the brand’s own website and come with a free shipping option too.

Just keep in mind that due to Amazon’s corporate policies, you’ll often find cannabis accessories listed as “herb and spice” grinders rather than as “cannabis” or “weed” accessories.

  • Price: $89.99
  • Size: 160 mm | 6.25"
  • Weight: 198g | 7 oz
  • Price: $39.99
  • Size: 200 mm x 112mm x 57 mm | 7.95” x 4.41” x 2.24”
  • Weight: 340g| 12 oz
  • Price: $149.99
  • Size: 280 mm | 11”
  • Weight: 453g | 1 lb
  • Price: $61.99
  • Size: 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 12 cm | 3” x 3” x 4.75”
  • Weight: n/a
  • Price: $59.99
  • Size: 152mm | 6"
  • Weight: 178g | 6.3 oz

Quant Premium Electric Grinder

Price: $89.99
Size: 160 mm | 6.25″
Weight: 198g | 7 oz
Design: Pen style, portable


  • magnetic snap-on nozzle for easy dispensing
  • high-powered grinding blades hitting up to 24,000 RPM
  • grind the flower in 10 seconds flat

Quant may have made the finest electric grinder on the market. With its high-powered blades spinning at an incredible 24,000 RPM and its promise to grind your flower in 10 seconds flat, it’s no wonder they call this “The Wing Man” for the Quant vaporizer. 

Its lightweight design is comfortable to hold, making it travel-ready portable. The magnetic snap-on lid with dispensing nozzle means it’s faster than ever to fill that next cone. In addition, it comes with a micro-USB rechargeable battery, which, when needed, recharges in only 2.5 hours. 

Mamba’s Electric Portable Herb Grinder

Price: $39.99
Size: 200 mm x 112mm x 57 mm | 7.95” x 4.41” x 2.24”
Weight: 340g| 12 oz
Design: Point and Shoot


  • easy one-handed operation
  • no more sticky gears, with a rocker switch that pivots grind direction
  • rapidly breaks down flower 8 to 15x faster than manual hand grinders

The Mamba Portable Electric Grinder is revolutionizing grinder design. First, its innovative configuration ensures a one-hand operation. This means it’s a point-and-shoot style device that doesn’t require a tabletop to stand on. With a one gram capacity and a convenient dispensing nozzle, you can fill massive cones 8 to 15 times faster than a manual grinder.

The Mamba also has improved electric grinding technology to reduce the clogged gears. With the rocker switch located on the handle, you can pivot the blades back and forth to get through even the stickiest bud. In addition, the powerful 1500mAh Li-ion USB rechargeable battery can grind for three hours straight before it needs a recharge. 

OTTO Electric Grinder with Cone Filler by Banana Bros

Price: $149.99
Size: 280 mm | 11” Weight: 453g | 1 lb
Design: One-touch button, micro-USB rechargeable battery, cone-filler and storage space


  • incorporates AI to intelligently grind your flower, changing pressure and direction
  • automatically fills cones
  • simple one-button control

Banana Bros have created the world’s most intelligent automatic weed roller and grinder that incorporates AI to sense the consistency of the flower inside. As it breaks down the bud, the AI automatically adjusts direction and pressure to produce a fluffy, flavorful output every single time.

The OTTO delivers perfectly ground flower at the touch of a button, which automatically fills the attached storage container. Better yet, it’s an  electric weed grinder and roller machine all rolled into one. It’s recharged via micro USB and has helpful accessories like a measuring cup, 4-in-1 tool, snap cap, and several adaptor bases.

Wakit Ball and Chain Small Electric Weed Grinder

Price: $61.99
Size: 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 12 cm | 3” x 3” x 4.75”
Weight: n/a
Design: Ball-and-chain technology


  • unique, patented ball-and chain technology that breaks apart instead of shreds
  • impressive small design to fit nicely in a pocket or purse

Wakit’s tiny electric grinder uses its patented ball-and-chain technology to revolutionize how you grind weed. Instead of shredding premium flower into unrecognizable bits, this technology carefully breaks it down into a flawlessly fluffy consistency.

This is a highly portable grinder, coming in at under 5 inches tall. It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and comes with a micro-USB charging cable. To operate, press down on the lid and pulse until you’ve reached your preferred grind. 

LONZEN Electric Pen Grinder

Price: $59.99
Size: 152mm | 6″ 
Weight: 178g | 6.3 oz
Design: Portable pen style, with dispenser


  • incredible 5-hr battery life
  • powerful stainless steel blades that spin at 24,000 RPM
  • helpful glass viewer to display the progress of the grind

The LONZEN electric grinder packs an impressive punch into a small device. This handheld portable electric grinder shreds through flower with stainless steel blades hitting 24,000 RPM. It can break down even the stickiest bud in 10 seconds flat. Plus, thanks to the clear glass window peeking into the chamber, you can ensure you hit that ideal grind texture.

The best part about this electric weed grinder pen is the long-lasting battery life. You can expect it to last for at least 300 uses or up to 30 days on a single charge. The LONZEN kit includes the micro-USB charging cable, clean-out brush, storage cap, and dispenser tip for easy loading. LONZEN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty. 

Why invest in an automatic weed grinder?

Why would you want to invest in a battery-powered grinder over a cheap $5 manual one? Above all else, electric grinders shave down on the time and labor required to roll that next joint or pack that next bowl. No more tiresome twisting back and forth—it transforms the process with a single button.

Plus, packing cones and blunt becomes astronomically easier with the dispenser caps included on some grinders, like the LONZEN and the Quant.

There are also mobility considerations. A resinous manual grinder can be challenging, even for those who don’t struggle with mobility issues. But if you have lost strength or dexterity in your fingers, this process is near impossible. Electric grinders ensure you can still access medicine, even if you experience limited mobility.

Can you use an electric coffee grinder or a blender  to grind weed? You absolutely can, but consider how difficult it will be to clean out the sticky crystal from your blender or coffee grinder. More importantly, grinders designed specifically for cannabis produce a fluffy flower consistency rather than a fine, dry powder. In other words, they

A final note: make sure to clean your grinder 

Just because you’ve gone electric doesn’t mean you can skip the cleaning routine. Your electric cannabis grinder needs as much care as manual ones, as sticky crystals can build up and slow down the mechanisms.
Learn how to clean your grinder properly. Typically, you can use isopropyl alcohol and a Q-tip to carefully clear out the resin from within the chamber and blades. Most electric grinders have a safety stop to ensure exposed blades won’t accidentally turn on when the machine is open. However, it’s best to revert to the user manual, as every electric grinder will have slightly different protocols.

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