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Flower Mill Review: Going Beyond Grinding

Flower Mill Review: Going Beyond Grinding

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Specs card 

  • price: $99.99
  • Size: 2.5’
  • Material: Aluminum and stainless steel 
  • Who it’s good for: serious smokers 
  • Main pro: texture of the milled weed 
  • Main con: kief catch doesn’t come standard 

To call the Flower Mill a grinder is to do the product a disservice. 

There is no compressing, no teeth, and no grinding when you use a Flower Mill- instead, the company takes a novel approach to a familiar design. The end result is a mill that gently crumbles your weed into fluffy bunches while effortlessly separating out any sticks or trim. 

Main features

On the outside, the Flower Mill looks much like your typical 3-piece grinder, with a lid, a filter, and a bottom storage compartment. But it quickly becomes apart when you open it that this is no ordinary grinder. In fact, it’s not a grinder at all-  it’s a miller. There are no teeth to compress the weed, so the end result is flower fluffier than you thought possible that easily draws air through. 

The perks 

  • A stainless steel rotor crumbles the bud without squeezing it 
  • The mill screen allows smaller pieces to fall through while easily keeping out any sides, sticks, or large trim pieces that are in the bud. 
  • Easier to use than a traditional grinder, even large nugs only take a few gentle spins to crumble 
  • A magnetic lid keeps the mill shut while a large bottom section stores your weed 
  • Every piece of the mill unscrews for easy cleaning. 


At $99.99, the Flower Mill is on the pricier side. But it comes with the heft of a well-made product, solid and sturdy. The design is clean and functional, and quick to get the hang of. The bottom storage section is larger than your average grinders and the magnetic lid on top ensures that if you do take this miller in transit, it won’t just pop open. 

It’s more expensive than your average Sharpstone, but it also creates crumbled weed of an entirely different texture. However, the mill doesn’t come standard with a kief catch, surprising for a product of this price point. 

Pros and cons

Sturdy, well made and easy to useDoesn’t come standard with a kief catch
Creates fluffy weed texture perfect for rolling joints or blunts Standard mill screen is large 
Quickly turns nugs into fluffy bud with minimal effort
Large storage section for holding weed
Entire mill disassembles for easy cleaning

Unboxing video

Is it legitimate? 

You may wonder- milling cannabis? What’s that about? After all, grinders are a classic and time-tested stoner accessory.

But there’s something to be said for leaving behind the rough teeth of grinders and milling the bud down at its natural breaking points. It creates a truly different texture in the ground weed that’s more conducive to good airflow packed in a wrap or a bowl. 

How to use/care for the Flower Mill

Using the Flower Mill is easy. Simply load your nugs into the top and let the magnets snap shut. Then give it a few gentle turns. You’ll feel the cannabis crumbling and you’ll know it’s done when you heat the motor touch the screen. 

Because this miller doesn’t compress the cannabis, it doesn’t create resinous buildups. Wipe out the bottom storage section in between uses and pull out the mill screen to clean with isopropyl alcohol as necessary. You can also remove the rotor itself for cleaning. Store the mill intact in a safe place. 

The Flower Mill goes well with…

Blunt wraps, king-size joint papers, and large bowl packs. 

The fluffy texture of the weed means air can easily move even when packed together, creating strong, satisfying hits. If rolling a joint isn’t your forte, you can also use this with a joint rolling machine

What are people saying about the Flower Mill

“The Future Is Milling! Just wanted to send a note of appreciation for my new Flower Mill. It looks great; feels nice and weighty; and works like a dream. Even cleaning it is a joy — I love how easy it is to dismantle so that, even after heavy use, every nook and cranny can be restored to sparkling form in an alcohol bath. This is an outstanding creation!” Z. Michael on Jan 18, 2022

“BEST Purchase! The Flower Mill is easily the nicest piece of kit I’ve ever owned. It’s SO nice in the hand, everyone who touches it is immediately impressed, even before realizing everything going on inside is worlds better. It’s so nice to just stick a whole nug in, quickly grind it up and have a bowl deep enough to store more than a day’s worth. SO happy with my purchase, if you’re on the fence, you won’t regret it. Get one!” Alex on Feb 06, 2022

“Worth every penny. This is not some gas station grinder. This gives a more desirable texture and “fluffiness” to the bud that isn’t normally achievable with a “grinder.” High quality in weight, feel and performance. this really is a step above what I’m used to. would highly recommend.” Lunch Box on Feb 09, 2022

Final verdict

The Flower Mill is changing the grinding game. If you love smoking bowls or king-sized joints, this miller will make a difference- even seasoned smokers will be impressed by the texture of the weed. Overall a great product, but at this price point, a kief catch is expected. 

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