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Maze-X Pipe Review: Can a dry herb pipe deliver smoother, cleaner hits? 

Maze-X Pipe Review: Can a dry herb pipe deliver smoother, cleaner hits? 

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Table of contents

  • Specs card
    • Price: $99.00
    • Size: 5.5” long
    • Material: silicone body, aluminum cover, glass bowl 
    • Who it’s good for: flower smokers looking for a durable, portable bowl that hits smoothly 
    • Main pro: incredibly smooth dry bowl 
    • Main con: larger than your average dry bowl 

Flower lovers have been making and using dry bowls – smoking pieces that don’t use water – for decades. Whether you’ve hollowed out an apple core or picked up a glass piece at a gas station, a dry herb pipe is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to smoke weed. 

What it’s not, however, is gentle. Dry bowls are known for harsh, throat-scorching hits that leave you coughing. While it’s a fair tradeoff for many in exchange for getting high, the smoking experience could be seriously improved.

Enter the Maze-X from Weedgets. This gentle-hitting pipe is specially designed with patented filtration and cooling technology that gives you an incredibly smooth smoking experience, no water needed. 

Main features of the Maze-X Dry Herb Pipe 

  • 5.5” long
  • Silicone body and wrap 
  • Borosilicate glass bowl 
  • Aluminum body 
  • Silicone mouthpiece with filter 
  • Has a bowl lid 
  • Body is specially designed to filter and cool smoke 

The Maze-X pipe measures in at 5.5” inches long and is made of three parts: the bowl, the body, and the mouthpiece. 

The removable bowl is made of borosilicate glass, with several small holes in the bottom instead of one large one. Its large size, cylindrical shape, and multiple airflow holes allow the flower to burn more efficiently. It’s the only breakable piece of this pipe and sits in a medical-grade silicone wrap. Ingeniously, the Maze-X has a cap for the bowl, a small piece of silicone that fits snugly over the bowl and is connected to the rest of the body, so you won’t lose it when you take it off to smoke. The bowl lid allows you to close the bowl and preserve the flower making this perfect on-the-go pipe.

The body of the pipe is a piece of silicone designed with a patented maze path that filters and cools your smoke. The filtering technology is simple yet extremely efficient. The smoke travels through an elaborately designed maze path forcing heavier unwanted resin and tar particles to lose their velocity and stay in the pipe – rather than your mouth and lungs. The slower and shorter your pull, the smoother the hit.

The body is covered by a thick, aircraft-grade aluminum wrap that adds another cooling layer, keeps the pipe cool to the touch, and will not break on falls. The removable mouthpiece is made of silicone and acts as a filter tip for an additional layer of filtering and cooling protection. These tips can also be used as a roach clip for joints or prerolls, filtering and cooling its smoke as well. 

All three pieces of this pipe quickly come apart and back together.

Don’t throw away the box the Maze-X comes in – you can disassemble your pipe, put it in, and fill the box with isopropyl alcohol for an easy clean.

Is the price of the Maze-X worth it? 

At $99, the Maze-X isn’t the cheapest dry herb bowl on the market, but it’s also not your average pipe. There’s just no comparison to any other pipe on the market; with a silicone-wrapped body, bowl lid, and patented cooling and filtration system, the Maze-X is a cut above the rest that does away with burned tongues and scorched throats. 

Since the pipe is mostly made of silicone and aluminum, it’s also great for traveling. It won’t break if you drop it and can easily be disassembled to store in a small container. The bowl cap keeps your weed contained and lets you return to one bowl pack as often as you want. 

Weedgets was founded by a world-renowned medical device engineer and designer, Michael Barenboym. Barenboym has developed hundreds of life-saving technologies including artificial heart systems, COPD and cancer treatment machines. 

His ingenuity now serves the cannabis community, putting his innovative mind to tackling common weed problems, like the harsh hits of dry herb pipes. The Maze-X is considered to be the smoothest-hitting pipe on the market, leaving its competitors in ashes. 

Pros and cons of the Maze-X

Smooth hitting experience Slightly larger than many dry herb bowls at 5.5” long 
Filters and cools smoke better than any other dry bowl More expensive than your average dry bowl 
Has a bowl lid 
Silicone wrap means it’s not easily breakable 
Prevents throat burns or scorching 
Minimizes resin and tar buildup 
Perfect for traveling 
Removable mouthpiece makes it easy to share 
Won’t pull burned piece of cannabis (scoobie snacks) through
Can use the storage box to clean the pipe

How to use/care for the Maze-X

The Maze-X’s cooling technology works best with short, gentle pulls. Don’t try to get the biggest hit you’ve ever taken – short puffs will produce a smooth, flavorful smoke and the bowl pack is big enough for several hits. 

Special consideration was given during the design process to make the Maze-X exceptionally easy to clean. You don’t have to fish around with a pipe cleaner – simply pull all components apart to make the dirty surfaces easy to reach. You can throw it all in the Maze-X box or a ziplock bag with isopropyl alcohol for 2-30 min and rinse with dish soap under warm water. Let the pipe dry completely before using it again. 

What are people saying about the Maze-X

The Champ! I have never experienced a smoke so smooth and tasteful. I have no idea of the science behind this pipe but it is amazing. It is also very easy to clean. It’s a true winner and a wonderful achievement. I hope to hear more from Weedgets. 


Best pipe I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. So far, the products I’ve bought have delivered. I’m a fairly heavy smoker, so filtering for my lungs sake is a must! I have to be honest, at first I didnt really care for these pipes. I even put them down for a while and started using my glass again. But then I started hacking up stuff. So it was clear from the start why I needed to use these pipes. And there are more benefits than just filtering your smoke. It hits smoother, for sure. And I dont recall when I’ve ever had an easier time cleaning a pipe. I just spray it down with 99% Iso alcohol and you can easily wipe the resin off with a paper towel and some Q-tips. Lastly, no more crying over broken pipes, I feel like this thing is going to last forever! I actually have a couple different sizes for different areas of my house and some filter add-ons for my glass pipes that I still use form time to time. Well worth every penny!


The best cannabis delivery device! I have spent thousands of dollars on various cannabis delivery devices for the many different forms available today. This incredible device provides the smoothest smoke with the most efficient burn leading to most pleasant buzz. No other device or type is needed. They are all a waste of time and money. The maze X is the only device a cannabis user will ever need.  


Bottom Line 

Does the Maze-X’s claims for a smooth, cough-free experience justify its price tag? If you’re a fan of smoking flower, absolutely. Any cannabis lover who’s been smoking for a few years knows the painful sensation of burning your tongue or scorching the back of your throat on a particularly harsh hit – which are a thing of the past with the Maze-X. If you’re looking to treat yourself or get an incredible gift for a plant lover in your life, you can’t go wrong with the Maze-X – you’ll never go back to regular dry bowls.

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