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BEED review: Is this the Nespresso of joints?

BEED review: Is this the Nespresso of joints?

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  • $359
  • 280MM x 180MM x 250MM
  • 4.4 LB
  • Main pro: it’s never been easier to fill a cone – or more fun 
  • Main con: pricy and single-use pods create more waste 

Everyone has an ideal morning, and for many cannabis lovers, that includes a wake and bake. Nothing beats a slow morning with a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee and a joint. It’s never been easier to make a cup of coffee – just insert a pod and press a button. And with the BEED machine, your morning joint just got as simple as your morning coffee. 

What is the BEED Machine? 

The BEED machine is a self-contained unit that fills cones using pods of pre-ground flower. Just plug it in, pop in your cone and your pod, and bam – your joint is ready to go. BEED describes itself as the “Nespresso of joints” and it’s an apt comparison: it couldn’t be simpler to use – although it could be quieter. 

The machine is sleek and well-designed; it would look at home on the counter in any kitchen. Nothing about it screams “stoner”; no psychedelic pattern or giant weed leaves. With smooth, rounded edges and a multi-compartment design, your guests won’t even know it fills cones unless you tell them. 

There is only one button and it is not the on/off button – the BEED comes to life when you plug it in with a short but loud grinding noise. This noise is the prelude to the sounds of the gears grinding to fill the cones. Sleek and well designed, but quiet it is not. 

What do you use in the BEED? 

The BEED machine uses pre-ground flower to fill cones – but like a Nespresso machine, you need a special container for the grounds. BEED sells capsules of THC-rich flower in California. For the rest of us, you can enjoy the BEED with capsules of high-quality CBD flower, and empty pods that you can fill with your own flower. 

CBD flower can be hit or miss – there aren’t many quality control checks from seed to sale. But BEED uses top-tier CBD in its capsules so you can enjoy a flavorful and aromatic joint, even if you don’t want to get high. With the empty capsules, you can create any custom blend you want. Enjoy a single-strain joint, a custom Type II blend, or mix and match the last of your stash together. 

How the BEED machine works

Plug it in and the BEED automatically turns on. Press the only button on the machine to open the top compartment, where you drop in the cone and the capsule in that order. Press the button again to close the top compartment and let the machine work its magic. 

When the BEED is done filling the cone, the top will slide open momentarily to dispose of the empty capsule. Then the front compartment will slide open, revealing your freshly packed cone. A drawer at the bottom of the machine holds the empty capsules for disposal. 

The BEED fills cones well, getting the flower in place without packing it too tightly for airflow. The joints light and smoke well – unlike some machine-packed prerolls from the dispensary that can be packed too tightly to draw air well. The machine has a light touch that allows you to get a hearty-sized joint that pulls smoothly. 

Be sure you’re dropping the cone and the capsule into place exactly. If either is off-center, the filling mechanism may not work properly and you could find yourself with a half-empty cone and spilled weed. 

Is the BEED worth the price?

Let’s be straight – $359 isn’t cheap, especially if you’re used to rolling your own joints. And for that reason alone, the BEED certainly isn’t for everyone. 

But if you love novelty cannabis items, adding tech to your weed stash, or want the top-tier convenience of joints at the push of a button, this machine is for you. It wouldn’t look out of place at a high-end party (a la Seth Rogan) or sitting next to the Keurig in a bud and breakfast. BEED could also make a thoughtful birthday gift for a novice cannabis user or weed-loving gadget fan. 

Pros and cons of the BEED machine 

Cones fill quickly – within 30 secondsPricey
Easy to use, even for people who can’t rollSingle-use capsules create more waste
High-quality CBD capsules
Customize your own blend in an empty capsule
Designed for display in any room of your house
Simple to clean and maintain

BEED competitor comparison

The BEED is less of a joint-rolling machine and more of a cone-filling machine. So how does it stack up to other cone fillers on the market? 

Most cone fillers are designed for commercial use, giving them a large production capacity but making them impractical for the daily consumer. The ones that are meant for home users are typically manual and made from cheap plastic materials. The BEED separates itself with its made-for-display design and ease of use. 

BEEDHorns Bee Portable Herb Grinder – Cone Rolling MachineFast Fill 55 – Cone Filling Machine
Design Sleek design Circular, clear plastic Black plastic and nonstick materials 
Fills Automatically Yes No – manual fillingYes
Joints Filled at Once1655

Where does the BEED ship? 

The BEED machine, empty capsules, and CBD capsules can be shipped to all 50 states, while the THC capsules are limited to California consumers (for now). 

How to care for the BEED machine 

The BEED machine should be kept in a cool dry place away from water. The machine should stay relatively clean thanks to the filling process, but some flower may spill in the bottom drawer every now and again. Wipe out your BEED with a clean dry cloth: do not use water or cleaning sprays to clean. 

Final verdict on the BEED

The BEED machine isn’t cheap but it is well-made, well-designed, and packs a darn good joint – all at the touch of a button. It’s fast, mess-free, and would look equally good on a kitchen counter as in a stash closet. It’s perfect for treating yourself, or for the stoner who has everything.

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