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Platforms where you can talk about cannabis

Platforms where you can talk about cannabis

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It’s no secret that most social media platforms aren’t cannabis-friendly. 

Despite receiving full legalization in 18 states and multiple countries around the world, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will routinely limit the reach of or remove cannabis content. Posting about the plant too many times can even get you kicked off the platform entirely. 

So what’s a cannabis enthusiast to do to connect with other plant lovers? 

Find new platforms where cannabis content is not only allowed, it’s celebrated. 

High There

Platform: digital
Location: global 

High There is an inclusive community of cannabis lovers ready to talk about the plant and all things weed. It’s a platform in two parts: a website and an app. The website is full of cannabis content – including content from The Cannigma! – from breaking news and trends to interviews and recipes. The app is a community forum where you can discuss cannabis openly, sharing your favorite product, a photo of a well-rolled joint, or polling the community’s expertise with a question. And of course, you can share as many photos of dank nugs as you want. 

The app continues to evolve as more people join.  “We are always working to create a fun, exciting environment for users to come together and create a friendly environment without the fear of censorship or having an account removed or suspended simply because of talking about cannabis,” Hannah Izer, Community Manager at High There, told The Cannigma.

Let’s Talk Weed

Platform: In-person
Location: Boston, MA 

Let’s Talk Weed is a Boston-based cannabis company that holds in-person meets up to… talk weed. The group is run by entrepreneur Derrell Black, who wanted to create educational events in inner-city Boston to bring cannabis lovers together. Let’s Talk Weed events are free, open to the public,  and feature cannabis industry experts from across the country. Discussions cover cannabis-related news from around the world, as well as scientific and business perspectives. 

Black started this community to share cannabis knowledge with people in areas that are typically left out of the conversation. He hosts events on weeknights to give attendees an opportunity to connect and network, outside of typical business hours. 

Can’t make it in person? You can still access all of the expert content on Let’s Talk Weed’s Patreon


Platform: digital
Location: global 

Hi-Curious is the antidote to modern social media, a place where the “comparison-itis” disappears and all you have to worry about is making friends. 

Hi-Curious welcomes people in all stages of their cannabis journey, from the experts to the curious to join and share their questions, concerns, and joys. But it’s more than a forum or a discussion board – it’s also a social media platform where cannabis creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs can monetize their expertise without fear of being banned or removed. 

“At Hi-Curious, we envision a future where cannabis is a widely accepted wellness supplement,” Lauren Mundell, founder of Hi-Curious, told The Cannigma. “When you download the app, you can experience a place where that future already exists.” 

The Cannigma Ask Dr. Codi & Patreon

Platform: digital
Location: global 

Of course, you know the Cannigma is a resource for all this cannabis, proofed by industry experts. But did you know you can get your questions answered directly by a pharmacist? 

The Cannigma’s “Ask Dr. Codi” series is where our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Codi Peterson, answers real questions sent in by readers like you. There’s no topic too big or too small, and no such thing as a silly question. Just drop your question here, and you’ll hear back from our scientific experts in no time. 

Want more access? The Cannigma’s Patreon hosts exclusive content and access to industry experts, like Dr. Codi Peterson and Chef Jordan Wagman. 


Platform: digital
Location: global

Believe it or not, the world’s favorite professional networking platform is actually cannabis-friendly (usually). As the cannabis industry continues to grow, thousands of professionals are turning to LinkedIn to build a network with colleagues and like-minded professionals from around the country, and the world. LinkedIn is more tolerant of cannabis posts, photos included, than most other platforms. 

LinkedIn works best if you’re looking to build a professional cannabis network, but if you’re canna-curious, you may still enjoy seeing a daily dose of weed on your feed.

That being said, it is still a mainstream social media network, and posts are occasionally subject to censorship. But compared to a platform like Facebook, LinkedIn is 420-friendly.

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