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What’s the best way to dilute THC syrup?

What’s the best way to dilute THC syrup?

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I have THC syrup – 1oz, 100 mgs THC – (I thought I’d try it), and it’s far too thick for how I want to use it. 
What’s the best way to dilute the syrup?

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Regarding the dilution, don’t overthink this one. A syrup, by definition, is a water and sugar combination. In this case, you can just dilute the known amount of syrup with an equal part of water to cut the concentration in half.

For example: you currently have 100mg/ 1 oz which is the same as 100mg/30mL 

Therefore your current syrup is 3.33mg/ml.

If you wanted to dilute the syrup, you could add 30mL of water (or any other liquid) to make 100mg in 60ml of fluid =1.67mg/ml

If you wanted a cleaner number— you could add 20ml of fluid to your existing syrup to make a total of 100mg in 50mL = 2mg/mL

Remember that dilution will change the taste of the solution as well.

Codi Peterson, PharmD
Scientific advisor, The Cannigma

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