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Can I bake with a cannabis tincture?

Can I bake with a cannabis tincture?

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Question: Besides putting tincture in a drink – alcoholic or otherwise – can I cook or bake with tincture?


I love that you’re experimenting with your cannabis and infused foods; it’s such a fun niche of cannabis consumption that not everyone explores.

Yes, you can indeed use your tincture in other ways. In most cases you should add the activated oil – meaning that it’s already infused and decarbed – directly to a dish towards the end, to avoid damaging the cannabinoids with heat, like THC converting to CBN.

Be sure to mix well whenever you add cannabis oil into food, in order to evenly distribute the cannabinoids throughout the food. Check out what Chef Jordan Wagman does in our infused ketchup recipe as an example. 

If you do indeed have a tincture (ie an alcohol-based extract), you may want to avoid adding it at the end of cooking as the taste of alcohol can be overwhelming to the palate.

Thanks for being a reader and happy infusing!

Codi Peterson, PharmD
Scientific advisor, The Cannigma
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