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Can I get high from eating cannabis leaves?

Can I get high from eating cannabis leaves?

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Question: I’m just learning recipes on using the cannabis leaves (fresh off the plant). I don’t want the “high” in this case. I put them in my smoothies like I do with my spinach and kale. I also juiced them and have frozen the juice into cubes for future drinking!

Can I add the pulp to my flaxseed meal to make simple flaxseed tortillas or will baking the pulp carboxylate it? I don’t want that to happen! Just want to use the pulp in recipes like tortillas or vegan burgers, etc.

Answer: It sounds like you are using fan leaves to make your cannabis pulp. If this is the case, there are so few cannabinoids in the fan leaves that I wouldn’t worry about decarbing anything.

If you are using sugar leaves and buds, then that is a different story. You didn’t share your recipe, but baking the flax/canna leaf mixture at 350 for even 10 minutes could start to decarboxylate some of the cannabinoid acids. It is unlikely however that they all would decarb because the tortilla itself won’t get anywhere near 350 degrees.

Hope that helps. Your canna-flax tortillas sound (surprisingly) delicious.

Codi Peterson, PharmD
Scientific advisor, The Cannigma

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