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How can I make a balm with RSO?

How can I make a balm with RSO?

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I have been making RSO for the past 5 years. I use it for cancer prevention after being diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. I originally used it per Rick Simpson’s protocol but I did a gram a day for 120 days instead now for the past 4 plus years I take 0.10g in a gel cap every 3 days to keep my body saturated with the THC. 

I would now like to learn how to make a balm with the RSO. I would like to be able to put the medication directly on problem areas and get relief. I do NOT see any recipes for this in your offerings. Please advise.

Heidi M



Thanks for your question and  for reading The Canngima.

Glad you are making your own products and finding success.

RSO can be “thinned” by adding it to any oil and warming  gently. It will dissolve into solution.  Personally for topicals I like oils that are rich in omega-3s like olive or hemp oil, but recognize these are the least shelf stable and should be used right away. MCT oil would be a more shelf-stable option.

You technically could add alcohol or glycerin to thin the solution as well.

That diluted combo containing cannabinoid oil can then be added to a cream or ointment base (you can purchase cream base or ointment base online, or choose to make your own). To compound these products, you would be best serving it by using an “ointment slab” but some say that just mixing all the ingredients in a large Ziplock bag can be quite effective for the home topical maker.

The cannabis-containing oil should be thoroughly mixed in the topical base, and then can be applied to the skin. Of course, like most homemade products, it may be hard to know how potent your topical is, but that’s  okay as most topicals are not absorbed into the body, but instead act locally.

I hope that helps.

Codi Peterson, PharmD
Scientific advisor, The Cannigma

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