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Will I get high from eating cannabis leaves?

Will I get high from eating cannabis leaves?

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Question: I’m growing cannabis and I’ve been clipping the leaves. Is there THC in those leaves?


Thank you for your question and congrats on your home grow!

The answer to your question is most likely no – assuming you’re clipping the green fan leaves, which don’t contain THC. 

Anatomy of the Cannabis Plant

If you’re trimming sugar leaves, which are very close to the cannabis flower and often look frosty like the buds, there may be some THCA present. This means that just like cannabis flowers, you would need to decarboxylate to get THC.  

Keep in mind – even though you won’t be getting THC, if you consume the raw leaves you’ll get some of the nutritious aspects of dark leafy greens (think kale or spinach) – and cannabinoid acids have therapeutic actions in the body as well.

Be well,

Codi Peterson, PharmD
Scientific advisor, The Cannigma
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