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This California weed delivery company wants you to break up with your dealer

This California weed delivery company wants you to break up with your dealer

In rain, sleet, or snow, on probation and/or with a suspended license, dealers were there for you when you were just starting out, when you didn’t know where to score weed, and when cannabis was far from being legalized. Your dealer might not quite be your friend, but it’s still an important relationship and one that can truly come through in times of need. 

The thing is……times have changed. We’ve all gotten a little older, cannabis is legal in states across the country, and it’s time for you to set out on your own and play the field. 

One California-based delivery company is here for your new legal consumer experience, and looking to launch a healthy relationship with you — once you break up with your dealer. 

Cannabis customers deserve better  

What’s the sense of coming such a long way, if things aren’t truly better than they were before? In legal cannabis states like California, many consumers stopped using regular dealers only to realize that the retailers in their neighborhood are more expensive and have less variety than their dealer — and don’t do efficient delivery. 

Legal weed in California can be ridiculously expensive,especially if you’re used to your dealer’s generous hookups. There’s a 15% excise tax on cannabis products plus 8.5% sales tax. Not to mention the fact that the state mandates an 80% mark up rate for distributors to determine the average market price of cannabis products. Add in all the licensing fees and compliance costs that cannabis retailers pay, and you can see why the cost gets passed on to the consumer.

This is one of the many reasons that the illegal weed market continues to thrive in California. The illicit market doesn’t need to adhere to regulation, testing, or taxation, and can usually keep the prices cheaper than the legal market — and still make a big profit.

But cannabis consumers shouldn’t have to choose between high prices and untested or unregulated weed. One California company has devised a way to allow cannabis consumers to buy safe, tested, and legal cannabis at street prices — without ever leaving the house. 

Flower Company: a club you’d actually want to join 

Flower Company is a weed delivery club, which offers next day delivery of thousands of products from hundreds of local California cannabis producers at street prices. That may sound too good to be true, but Flower Company does it by way of the close “farm to bong” relationships that it has developed with cannabis producers across the Golden State. 

In addition to lower prices, these close relationships with cannabis producers means consumers can also enjoy fresher, local cannabis products straight from trusted cultivators and producers. 

Flower Company was co-founded in 2018 by Ted Lichtenberger, who also founded the lifestyle cannabis brand Old Pal, which made its name by providing quality, affordable flower with the approach that “it’s just weed, man.” Lichtenberger, along with co-founder and cannabis industry veteran Scott Davies, hit on the idea for the Flower Company in 2018, when they were looking to set up a cannabis delivery service but were stumped on how to get the cash flow needed to get off the ground. 

They figured that by charging an annual membership fee, they could — like Costco — bring in a large amount of cash flow up front while also building customer loyalty.  

How ‘the Costco of Cannabis’ saves you money 

In addition to the membership fees, Flower Company is a vertically-integrated brand and platform that’s involved in every stage of production from seed to delivery. According to Flower Company, being closely-involved in the entire process allows it to provide an optimal customer experience and superior products while also managing the margins it needs to build a long-lasting business. 

The membership model 

One of the great things about dealers is the little freebies — an extra nug in the baggie, a gram of a new strain they’re trying out, maybe a few edibles before you head off for a three-day weekend. With Flower Company, the freebies remain by way of a free sign up that comes with a 30-50% discount on retail prices.

But that’s just the beginning. A gold membership costs $119/year — or $40 per quarter — and provides access to early product drops and free delivery on orders over $75 (delivery is $10 per order for non-members).

It’s easy to crunch the numbers on the savings. If you place a monthly cannabis order then the gold membership will save you at least $120 per year on delivery fees — paying for itself. And if you’re the type who places an order every week, then you could easily save around $80 per quarter. 

How it works 

Using Flower Company is easy. Just sign up on Flowercompany.com and start browsing the impressive selection of products from the world capital of cannabis. 

Users in Los Angeles (from Santa Clarita to Long Beach), the San Francisco Bay Area (from SF to Santa Clara, Alameda to Livermore), Sacramento, or Humboldt County simply enter in their delivery address and select their products for next day delivery. 

All orders are fulfilled out of the company’s facility in Humboldt County and delivered to customers by local teams of drivers.

It’s really that simple.

Great cannabis deals on Flower Company

We went window shopping on Flowercompany.com and in moments it became clear how easy it is to save big. 

For instance, take the “just weed” section. After all, sometimes you just want weed. 

This section includes “popcorn buds” of premium outdoor grown California cannabis at truly affordable prices, no frills or hype attached. For instance, an ounce of Do-Si-Do for just $59.

If you’re looking to level up a notch, the “fire flower” section provides “fire at a mid-shelf price,” and is “the smoke of choice for insiders and the sustainable cannabis movement alike.”

But what about the weed? How about an ounce of Cookies’ uber popular Gary Payton strain for a true steal — just $122.   

But life is also about spoiling yourself — and posting #weedporn on instragram. For just those occasions, check out the “top shelf nugs” selection. 

As Flower Company puts it, “these top shelf buds will have your friends knocking at your door minutes after your delivery arrives.”

When your friends arrive you can twist up some Tropicana Cookies or Sunset Sherbert from AF, (just $28 per 1/8th of either) or “splurge” and get an 1/8th of Cake Batter from Seed Junky Genetics for just $36 or a wide variety of Cookies strains for just $41 per eighth. The most expensive eighths in the Top Shelf Nugs section hover around $60, but users can also find deals on larger amounts. For instance, a half ounce of the sativa-hybrid Cherry Punch (“a gassy flower with sweet notes of light pine, spice, earth, and wood”) for just $89. 

The company also offers interesting deals on edibles and concentrates — and a truly impressive variety of options on both. 

With the average price of an ounce of legal weed sitting at well over $200 in California, and eights ranging from around $35 to $45, it’s easy to see how Flower Company pays for itself, and could have you breaking up with your dealer — but still remaining friends, hopefully.  

What’s next?

Flower Company has big plans for the future, and will be available for members in Orange County and San Diego by the end of 2021. The company also plans to continue its policy of investing in small cannabis businesses across California, in order to provide better, more affordable and trustworthy options for their members, and a more sustainable California cannabis industry for everyone.

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