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Cannabis storage: 5 options better than a sandwich bag

Cannabis storage: 5 options better than a sandwich bag

Most medical cannabis users have a trusted spot in the house where they keep their supply. Back when marijuana was less accepted legally and culturally, this often meant a “stash spot” somewhere in the closet or the back of a kitchen cabinet. Today, storing cannabis is more about keeping it as fresh as possible and less about being incognito. 

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a discreet hideaway or a beautiful case to feature atop your coffee table, there are more than enough options for keeping your medicine secure. And when you do, here are some cannabis storage basics to keep in mind:

Make it child proof 

If a child sees a THC gummy, you can bet they’ll think it’s candy. And if your high schooler finds your medicine, then it’s as good as gone too. Find a container that you can stash safely away from the minors in your household, for their safety — and yours.  

No plastic baggies — the year is 2020 

There is no need to treat cannabis like you bought it on the street, so ditch the plastic baggies. Not only are they not airtight, they are exposed to light and can also produce static cling which can pull the cannabinoids and terpenes right off those flowers. Ditch the bag and get a real storage container. 

Find a cool, dry place 

Heat and moisture are two of the main factors that can shorten the shelf life of cannabis.  Moisture can also lead to mold on your marijuana, which is no fun for anybody. 

If you’re keeping your cannabis in a box on the coffee table, you’re better off keeping it in the drawer of the table, or somewhere in the living room where it stays in the shade during the day. This is also one of the reasons that the classic “back of a shelf in the closet” method is a smart one — it keeps your medicine cool and dry.

Keep it airtight and turn out the lights

Whichever material you’re using for your cannabis storage, make sure you can seal it tightly. Air oxidation can lead to a significant loss of cannabinoids and degrade the quality of your cannabis. An airtight container can also keep out the moisture. 

According to one study, exposure to light causes a greater loss of cannabinoids in storage than any other factor. This is especially true for direct sunlight. Make sure to use a dark container if it’s out in the open, or just keep your medicine somewhere covered. 

Let’s take a look at some great options:

1. STR8 Case Roll Kit V3

This portable storage case seems equal parts tackle box and combat-ready attache case. It comes with a slot for rolling papers, a rolling tray, storage tubes, and vials. It helps you put all your essentials in one spot, so you can take it down from your bookshelf, fix something to unwind with, and seal it all up with the magnetized lid when you’re done. 

Buy the STR8 Case Roll Kit V3

2. CVault FreshStor Storage Container 

This container comes with patented “2-way humidity control technology” that should help keep your herb fresh. It’s also available in sizes running from extra small to 21 liters. The container is made of airtight stainless steel, and is built to last. 

Buy the CVault FreshStor

3. RYOT Flat Pack Smell Proof Storage Bag

This storage pack is slim, discreet, and perfectly-designed for slipping in the back of your closet with ease. The company says the shell is 100% smell-proof and waterproof, and the case can be locked as well (lock included). The storage pack is also the right size and shape for when you want to take your medicine on the road (safely). 

Buy the RYOT Flat Pack

4. 00 Box Personal Humidifier

Why should cigar smokers have all the fun? This wood storage box includes its own humidifying system and hygrometer, as well as finger joints and sturdy metal hinges and clasps to keep your cannabis safe, secure, and fresh. It also has a removable 130 micron pollen screen that lets through kief, which is caught in the drawer at the bottom. 

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5. RYOT 4×7 Walnut Glass Top Box

This wood storage case contains multiple layers of storage which are each attached firmly and magnetically to keep your herb dry and protective. The glass top is one of the best features though, in that it allows you to sneak a quick peek at your cannabis without pulling it out and exposing it to the elements. Also, it just looks good. 

Buy the RYOT Walnut Box

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