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This summer's leading cannabis conference goes online

This summer’s leading cannabis conference goes online

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the closure of countless public events across the world in the past few months, including in the worlds of cannabis and psychedelics. In June, cannabis marketing intelligence firm Prohibition Partners plans to hold its conference online, bringing industry thought leaders, experts, and corporate leaders together — virtually.

Prohibition Partners LIVE will be held this June 22-23, and organizers expect several thousand participants to take part in this opportunity to view live-streamed panels and network with more than 150 CEOs, policymakers, and cultural leaders. 

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The virtual conference will be split into five separate stages which will hold panels and workshops over two days. The stages include: 

  • Cannabis Europa, which will cover the future of cannabis in Europe 
  • Cannabis Americana, a deep dive into the future of cannabis in the US, Canada, and Latin America 
  • Cannabis Oceania, which will examine cannabis developments in Australia, New Zealand, and across the Asia Pacific market 
  • Psych: The Psychedelics Symposium, which will look at new developments regarding the science and business of psychedelics and it’s potential as a healthcare solution 
  • ProCapital, in partnership with MAZAKALI, will present an overview of innovative opportunities and insights within the plant based medicine world and a look at the economics of cannabis and psychedelics, along with access to licensed investment advisors

The speakers list include a who’s who of major cannabis industry players, including Bruce Linton, founder and CEO of Canopy Growth, Paul Rosen, Co-Founder and former CEO of the Cronos Group, and Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve Cannabis.

Cultural and thought leaders who will take part include big names such as Steve DeAngelo “the Father of the Cannabis Industry” and the chairman and co-founder of of the cannabis company Harborside Inc, as well as online cannabis publishers including Alex Halperin, the founder of WeedWeek, and Alan Brochstein, founder of the online community 420 Investor. The world of psychedelics will be examined by a number of experts, including Dr. Ben Sessa, a leading MDMA & psilocybin therapist from Imperial College of London, and Dr. Rosalind Watts the clinical lead of the Imperial College of London Psilocybin for Depression Study. 

Until Tuesday May 26, attendees can take advantage of an early bird sign-up rate that will give them access to both days of the virtual conference. 

In addition to the panels, attendees will also gain lifetime access to recordings of all of the talks.

What will the sessions entail?

In Cannabis Europa, the discussions will cover a wide range of topics including new regulatory frameworks for cannabis on the continent, opportunities for cannabis products to integrate in the pet care, cosmetics, and food and beverage industries, new agri-tech innovations, and the unique challenges inherent in raising capital for cannabis companies in Europe. In addition, local experts from Germany, Italy, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands will discuss the pros and cons of the medical marijuana programs in their home countries. 

Cannabis Americana will look at hot topics including US federal legalization and how it could affect the cannabis industry on a global level, how cannabis entrepreneurs can build successful brands, emerging markets in Latin America, “the future of hemp,” and how cannabis legalization is affecting the alcohol industry, to name a few. 

Cannabis Oceania will feature panels focusing on legalization and key cannabis markets in Australia and New Zealand, emerging markets and changing perceptions in Asia, cannabis and the Australian Stock Exchange, and “the uncharted territories” of cannabinoid research. 

Psych will include discussions on the scientific evidence in support of psychedelics as a treatment option (for opioid addiction and depression, among other conditions), decriminalization and criminal justice reform, and investment opportunities in psychedelics and the challenges these entail. 

Investors should find particular interest in the Procapital panels, which will provide a comprehensive deep dive into the economics of cannabis and psychedelics. Leaders in both industries will discuss how technological advancements are changing the reality for investors, and how the industry can find and capitalize on emerging markets around the globe. It will also evaluate how Wall Street views the cannabis industry and how investors can make their mark on the plant-based medicine space. 

Perhaps most importantly, in this era of social distancing and cancelled plans, the conference will provide attendees with targeted networking opportunities to connect with key influencers, regulators, and business leaders in the worlds of cannabis and psychedelics — from the comfort of their own homes. 

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