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  • Can Cannabis Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep?

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    For those about to smoke — we salute you, with a high CBD, low THC strain that won’t leave you...

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  • Why Cannabis Dosing is Such a Drag

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    Transdermal delivery of cannabis: Everything you need to know

    The transdermal delivery of cannabis works by allowing cannabinoids to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. Patches containing various...

  • Physiology

    How cannabis affects your blood pressure

    Research suggests that marijuana can impact blood pressure in humans. Some studies even indicate that cannabis use could be a...

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    What are cannabis suppositories?

    Even people who have never in their life consumed cannabis probably know what a joint is. Pot brownies and all...

  • Physiology

    How cannabis affects women and men differently

    The cannabis experience is significantly influenced by mindset (intention/expectation) and setting (environments of consumption and post drug onset). One’s male...

  • Delivery

    THC syrup: What is it and what can you use it for?

    For generations in every corner of the Earth, countless elixirs have come as syrups that go down easy and provide...

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    What is nanoemulsion and what does it mean for cannabis beverages?

    Cannabis drinkables offer the promise of a better THC experience — the perfect happy hour libation with friends or colleagues...

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    Can cannabis help with postpartum depression?

    Many people use cannabis to help with depression. But is it safe or effective when you’re a new mother? This...

  • Physiology

    Does cannabis affect birth control?

    Many women in the United States will use some form of birth control in their lifetime[efn_note]https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/products/databriefs/db327.html[/efn_note]. One of the most...

  • Physiology

    What are THC and CBD tampons?

    Cannabis tampons are tampons that have been infused with cannabinoids such as CBD or THC. The idea is that the...

  • How to

    What happens if you microwave cannabis?

    No matter what the internet (or Snoop Dogg) tells you, no matter what videos are trending on social media, putting...

  • Terpenes

    What is hashishene? Examining the unique chemistry of hashish

    For hundreds if not thousands of years, human beings have been separating glandular trichomes from cannabis plants, pressing them into...

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    The lowdown on CBD bath bombs and which ones you should try

    With our busy work schedules, family life, workout regimens, and Netflix shows to catch up on, there’s less and less...

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    Does holding cannabis smoke in longer make a difference?

    It’s conventional wisdom that’s been passed down for generations and is accepted as de facto gospel among marijuana smokers —...

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    What is lecithin and why is it in your edibles?

    Cannabis edibles have progressed beyond basic “pot brownies” and now come in all sorts of flavors and tastes and most...

  • Delivery

    How to make your own cannabis lube

    When sex educator and author Ashley Manta needed relief from pain during penetration, she called a friend, who had experience...

  • Strains

    Best strains and terpenes for PTSD

    PTSD, short for post-traumatic stress disorder, is a psychiatric disorder that will affect one in 11 people in the US...