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Cannabis laws in Montenegro

Cannabis laws in Montenegro

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Medical: illegal
Recreational: illegal 

Medical and recreational cannabis are illegal in Montenegro, which is a major transit country for marijuana produced in Albania on its way to Western Europe. In 2014, the country’s Liberal Party put forward a bill to allow the use of medical marijuana, but it was rejected.

Cannabis in Montenegro 

Montenegro has a conservative approach to cannabis and has not legalized any form of the plant. The country serves as a major trafficking conduit for cannabis moving from Eastern to Western Europe, which may explain why it’s so unpopular. An organization called Legalizuj.Me is advocating for legalization, though no changes are expected soon. 

Possible penalties

Cannabis is illegal in all forms in Montenegro, though specific penalties are hard to find. Some anecdotal reports state that people caught with small amounts of cannabis may have to pay a bribe to police officers or spend a night in prison. However, buying, selling, and possessing cannabis are felony charges which can carry large fines and steep jail time. 

Medical marijuana in Montenegro 

Montenegro has no medical cannabis program. A program was proposed in 2014, but failed to gain traction and has not been reintroduced since. 

CBD regulations

The legality of CBD in Montenegro is unclear. Some sources report that it is not legal, while others disagree, as long as products have less than 0.2% THC. Hemp has been legal since 2014 for “food and industrial purposes” and internet search results show CBD shops in major cities. 

Can you grow your own weed?

No, growing cannabis is not allowed for medical or personal reasons. Industrial hemp cultivation is allowed, under the rigid supervision of the government. 

Visiting Montenegro – can you buy or bring marijuana products?

Since cannabis is not legal in Montenegro, products are only available on the illicit market. While this is how residents who consume cannabis get it, proceed with caution. Cannabis from the illegal market is untested and unregulated. Getting caught with cannabis can get you thrown in jail for a night or much longer. 

Do not attempt to cross international borders with cannabis or cannabis products, as this can be considered trafficking.

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