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CBD and THC products for sex and intimacy

CBD and THC products for sex and intimacy

The entry of cannabis in the mainstream society has produced an array of new and exciting products that fit almost every aspect of life. As you might expect, sex hasn’t been the left out of the equation.

Having an active and healthy sex life is regarded as a great contributor to overall health and well being. Cannabis can be a potential ally in improving the sexual experience and, in some cases, addressing sexual dysfunction itself.

Scientific research on cannabis and sexuality is still in its early stages. Anecdotal evidence and preliminary studies, however, point to potential benefits of both THC and CBD (the main active components in the plant) in increasing sex drive, relieving vaginal pain, and enhancing sexual experience.

CBD Products

CBD Lubes 

Many people use lubricants during sexual intercourse to improve vaginal dryness, assist penetration, increase stimulation, and provide lubrication in anal sex.

While regular lubes are meant to be applied immediately before or during intercourse, cannabis lubes need to be applied about 30 minutes prior because the cannabis compounds they are infused with need to be absorbed through the skin and inner membranes of the sexual organs.

CBD lubes are easily available in the US because hemp-derived CBD is legal in most states. Theoretically, when applied topically, CBD can increase blood flow and decrease pain and inflammation. For this reason, it is thought that CBD lubes can help vaginal pain, produce enhanced sensation, and increase orgasm potential.

CBD Massage Oil

Couple massage
Massages are a great way to increase intimacy and build a connection between partners. (Shutterstock)

While massage is not exactly sex, it can certainly be tantric. Many people choose to include massage in their foreplay — and for good reason. Body massage is associated with happiness and satisfaction in relationships and can enhance sexual arousal. Massages are a great way to increase intimacy and build a connection between partners. 

Complementing a massage with CBD massage oil can help the body enter a state of greater relaxation and enhance tactile sensation.

CBD Condoms

CBD condoms don’t appear to actually be available anywhere, but if they were, they could be expected to act in a similar way to CBD lubes, providing a topical dose of CBD in or on the sexual organs during sex. However, since CBD takes a while to act, its effects might only begin after 20 or 30 minutes of wearing.

CBD Drops and Edibles

Anxiety is a main factor behind some sexual conditions like erectile dysfunction. Anxiety can also decrease sex drive and make it harder to reach orgasm. Consuming CBD before a sexual encounter can potentially decrease anxiety and make users feel more comfortable, relaxed, and as a result, get more aroused and connected with their body sensations.

CBD Suppositories

Today’s market also offers CBD suppositories that can be inserted both vaginaly and rectaly. When applied before intercourse, they could potentially relieve muscle tension and reduce pain and inflammation that can sometimes come after or during sex.

THC Products

Couple cuddling on a picnic
Cannabis doesn’t need to be applied directly to erogenous areas in order to enhance the sexual experience. (Shutterstock)

THC Lubes 

When applied topically to the skin, THC is thought to produce similar effects to CBD, so it can also be beneficial for pain reduction and enhanced sensation. When inhaled or ingested, THC produces an intoxicating sensation known as marijuana’s “high.” Applied to the skin, THC is not an intoxicant.

High-THC products are only legal for recreational use in some US states, Canada, and Uruguay, so THC lubes might not be available in many states or in other countries.

Flower Buds and Vapes With THC

Cannabis doesn’t need to be applied directly to erogenous areas in order to enhance the sexual experience. Consuming cannabis flowers will produce an intoxicating effect and can be an aphrodisiac. THC can increase libido, lower one’s inhibitions, enhance physical sensation and help get “in the zone” during sex.

Studies have shown that with decreased inhibition, condom use is decreased so some precautions should be taken. One study even found a small increase in birth rates due to people having more sex in places where marijuana has been legalized.

Depending on the strain, cannabis flowers can have an energizing, euphoric effect, or produce a calm and relaxed state. Both can benefit sex, depending on what the user is after.

Some brands offer vaping products that contain chemical formulations which they claim produce specific sexual effects, like increasing libido or enhancing passionate intercourse.

THC Edibles

Similar to flowers, edibles can provide all of THC’s aphrodisiac properties to enhance the sexual experience. The advantage of edibles is that they can be combined with aphrodisiac foods like chocolate or be mixed with other libido-boosting herbs like Ashwagandha and Damiana.

There are many cannabis products out there that are marketed to enhance and improve sexual experience. However, it’s important to remember that research on the topic is still in its early stages, so users should not blindly believe everything promised by product labels. 

Research is bound to become more accurate as science advances and more products are developed. In the meantime, the best tool available is personal — and safe — experimentation.

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