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7 ways to come down if you’re too high

7 ways to come down if you’re too high

Medical marijuana patients who are using cannabis for the first time — or are trying an especially high-THC type of cannabis — can find the experience overwhelming and in some cases, anxiety-inducing. 

While using marijuana can be a blissful experience, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Here’s some advice for what to do if you’re feeling too high. 

1. Remember — this is temporary

panic attack in public

Being high isn’t permanent. Try to keep that in mind and relax with the knowledge that this will pass, at most in a few hours.  

2. Take some deep breaths 

woman meditating breathing

Deep, relaxed breathing is a great tool to calm anxiety. Focus on your breathing and you may be able to leave your worries aside. 

3. Laughter is the best medicine

Watching a funny movie with popcorn

Cannabis can heighten your senses and make movies and music more immersive. Find a movie or some funny YouTube clips and soon you may be laughing too hard to notice the anxiety.

4. Try some CBD

CBD tincture with dog

CBD oil or tinctures can work to counteract the effects of THC. If you have one with quick absorption, put a couple drops under your tongue and that could take the edge off. 

5. Grab something sweet

Woman in a grocery store

Marijuana can make your mouth dry and have you feeling a bit flushed. Grab a sweet soft drink to help you stay hydrated and get some sugar in your bloodstream.

6. The buddy system 

Women walking holding hands

If you’re with a friend or a loved one whose company you like, then they can help talk you through the high. If not, pick up the phone and text or call somebody who you know can put a smile on your face. 

7. Take a Nap 

A woman sleeping on a couch

Your mind might be running when you’re too high, but once you’ve managed to relax some, try to lay down and sleep it off, knowing that when you wake up you’ll feel a lot better.

This Too, Shall Pass 

When using medical marijuana it can take some trial and error to get your dosage just right. Along the way, you may encounter effects and sensations that might not be as pleasant as you’d like. Take a deep breath and follow these helpful tips and you should be feeling better in no time.

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