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Cannabis products made for women, by women

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Cannabis products made for women, by women

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Cannabis and women have a special relationship. After all, it’s only the female plants that can produce cannabinoids and grow the fat nugs responsible for getting generations of plant-lovers high and relieving various medical conditions.

With the legal market expanding across the world, it’s easier than ever for people to benefit from cannabis. And the budding industry has a rush of innovative entrepreneurs who are filling gaps in the market existing businesses didn’t know were there, particularly around women’s health. 

These women are making it easier to access the healing power of the plant. From period pain and menopause to skincare and smoking, they’re on the front lines of the cannabis industry making products for women like them. 

Made for women, by women 

  • Product: smokable herbal blends, sexual wellness products
  • Available in: ships to all 50 states
  • Black woman owned
  • Products: vaginal suppositories
  • Available in: California
  • Women owned
  • Products: CBD flower, pre-roll, seeds
  • Available in: ships to all 50 states
  • Latina owned
  • Products: CBD elixirs
  • Available in: Germany and the United Kingdom
  • Women owned
  • Products: CBD-based beauty and skincare products
  • Available in: ships to all 50 US states
  • Woman and indigenous owned
  • Products: cannabinoid-infused sex products
  • Available in: ships to all 50 US states
  • Woman owned

High Priestess

Product: smokable herbal blends, sexual wellness products 
Available in: ships to all 50 states 
Black woman owned 

More than a CBD store, High Priestess is an herbalist-owned cannabis apothecary, where weed is just one plant in the medicine cabinet. Founder Ashley Jelks wants to make cannabis and plant healing accessible to everyone and she carefully crafts her smokable herbal blends and sexual wellness products for maximum benefit and minimal ingredients. 

“Not everyone wants to be high,” Jelks told The Cannigma. “But they want to feel better, less stressed.” 

Her herbal blends combine the power of CBD with traditional flowers and herbs that have been used in herbalism for centuries. Find the perfect blend to help you get focused, fall asleep, lift your spirit, or put you in the mood. She also makes CBD-based massage oil, arousal oil, and lubricant – and all products can be shipped across the US. 

Hello Again

Products: vaginal suppositories
Available in: California 
Women owned 

When Carrie Mapes and Patty Pappas couldn’t find the right cannabis product to relieve symptoms of menopause, they decided to make one – and Hello Again was born. Hello Again originally set out to make vaginal suppositories for women going through menopause, but found their products worked equally well for women with endometriosis or who experience period pain. (Your endocannabinoid system is present in nearly every organ in your body – vagina, ovaries, and uterus included.) 

“We really wanted to use cannabis to solve our own menopause. But we didn’t want to smoke or vape.” says co-founder Carrie Mapes. “We didn’t want to smell like cannabis or get high, we just wanted to feel better.”

Crafted with a combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, lubricants, and botanicals, Hello Again has a short ingredient list with names you’ll recognize. They have two types of suppositories; daytime and nighttime. The daytime blend has an 8:1 CBD to THC ratio to deliver relief while helping you stay focused. The nighttime has a 1:4 CBD to THC ratio to reduce inflammation and help you sleep. 

Ranchera Familia

Products: CBD flower, pre-roll, seeds
Available in: ships to all 50 states 
Latina owned 

You can’t truly appreciate CBD until you’ve had good CBD flower, but quality hemp can be hard to come by. Ranchera Familia is changing that. 

Based in Fresno County CA, Ranchera Familia is a Latina, BIPOC, and women-owned hemp farm that practices regenerative agricultural techniques. The CBD flower is sun-grown and loaded with trichomes containing all the cannabinoid and terpene goodness you could want. Packaging is hemp or recycled glass, and the brand ships products to all 50 states. Perfect for people who dislike the intoxicating feeling of THC or want to mix cannabis to create their own Type II blends, you can get their flower and pre-rolls in all 50 states in the US. 

Laia’s FemBalance 

Products: CBD elixirs 
Available in: Germany and the United Kingdom
Women owned 

Dealing with period pain is something modern medicine has largely ignored. But cannabis has long been used by women during their cycle, and Laia’s FemBalance wants to make it easier to use the plant to find relief. 

Based in Germany, Laia’s Fembalance crafts CBD elixirs specifically designed to relieve period pain and help women navigate hormonal cycle changes.  The oils combine CBD with traditional herbal healing remedies like St. John’s wort, chili, and black cumin to bring relief from mood swings, cramps, discomfort, issues sleeping, and breakouts. 

Element Apothec

Products: CBD-based beauty and skincare products
Available in: ships to all 50 US states 
Woman and indigenous owned 

What do you get when you combine the power of CBD and the desire for cleaner skincare ingredients? Element Apothec. The California-based company is leading the way in CBD beauty and skincare, with a line of doctor-formulated products that leave toxic chemicals, fillers, and additives behind. 

Element Apothec began with one woman’s quest to heal her auto-immune disorders and grew into a line of CBD-based tinctures, creams, and oils. Backed by a team of doctors, Element Apothec products are mindfully formulated to be good for your skin, easy on the belly, and made with a list of ingredients you’ll recognize. Uniquely, Element Apothec purposefully designs its products to be gender-neutral. 

“We put a lot of thought into how we create products that could be for everyone because a lot of beauty products are very gender-specific.” said co-founder Davina Koanohi. “Our products are for anyone who wants to feel better and look better.” 


Products: cannabinoid-infused sex products 
Available in: ships to all 50 US states 
Woman owned 

It’s no secret that cannabis can be used to help women have better sex. But did you know that you have endocannabinoid receptors on your genitals, including in your vagina? 

oOYes’s cannabinoid-infused products like sensual moisturizer or infused lubricants deliver the aphrodisiac properties of cannabis exactly where they’re needed to help you get out of your head and into your body. All of oOYes’s products are made with BeeFused Honey, which is honey harvested from bees that feed on hemp plants so it’s naturally infused with CBD and other minor cannabinoids – no manufacturing needed.

“oOYes is all about sharing an ecstatic sex exerience.” oOYes founfer Tanya Griffin told The Cannigma. “My hope for other women (and anyone who is having sex) using oOYes is that they find ways to enjoy it more.” 

Best of all, oOYes doesn’t just make products for penetration. Their line of infusions has products every stage of getting it on for every person, from foreplay (the lickable body glide) to going all the way (the tasty oral sex elixar). How can cannabis improve your sex life?

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