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The 6 best silicone bongs for 2024

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The 6 best silicone bongs for 2024

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Virtually unbreakable, dishwasher safe, and nontoxic, silicone bongs are a clumsy smoker’s dream. Silicone is a rubber-like and slightly grippy material that is highly durable and heat resistant. It’s now a popular material adopted by the cannabis world for bongs, pipes, and other accessories.

But, silicone water bongs aren’t just for those tokers prone to accidents. Silicone is naturally antimicrobial and cleaning is easier than ever before because the entire kit can get thrown into a dishwasher. Plus, there are nearly unlimited color and design options, as this material is super flexible.

Do silicone bongs taste bad?

You shouldn’t ever smell or taste a silicone-related foul flavor or aroma emitting from your bong. If you do, something is wrong. 

Before you hit ‘Check Out’ on that bong in your shopping cart, double-check that it’s made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone.

As is the case with any new bong, ensure you wash it out using mild soapy water before your first session. It’s also recommended to regularly clean between uses to avoid a nasty build-up of scum.

Here’s a look at the the best silicone bongs available:

  • Joint size: 14 mm
  • Dishwasher safe: yes
  • Price range: $42.99
  • Joint size: 14.5 mm
  • Dishwasher safe: yes
  • Price range: from $27.99
  • Joint size: 14.5mm
  • Dishwasher safe: yes
  • Price range: from $36.95
  • Joint size: n/a
  • Dishwasher safe: yes
  • Price range: from $59.00
  • Joint size: 18 mm
  • Dishwasher safe: yes
  • Price range: from $59.95
  • Joint size: 14.5 mm
  • Dishwasher safe: yes
  • Price range: from $59.95

Here’s a closer look at how the best silicone bongs work:

Expandable Silicone Bong

Size: 15″ tall (fully extended)
Joint size: 14 mm
Durability: 5/5
Dishwasher safe: yes
Color: four color options
Price range: $42.99


  • Collapsible neck ranges from 7” – 15” tall 
  • Easy to transport 
  • Comes with 14mm bowl 

This expandable silicone bong from stoner-favorite retailer World of Bongs isn’t just a great way to smoke – it’s also a party trick! Collapsed, the bong measures in at 7” tall, small enough to easily transport to a party or camping and still smoke out of. But fully extended, this rig comes in at 15” tall, giving you strong, flavorful hits. 

The neck can be floppy when fully extended so keep a hand on it as you hit. This bong comes with a 14 mm bowl but will also work with a bowl of the small size. You can pick from four trippy color options: red/black, blue/green, blue/white, and green/tan. 

Big Oil Barrel Silicone Bong

Size: 8.5″ tall
Joint size: 14.5 mm
Durability: 5/5
Dishwasher safe: yes
Color: multicolor
Price range: from $27.99


  • big, bright colors that stand out in your stash kit
  • comfortable design to hold in your hand during long smoke sessions
  • large water chamber for smooth smoking

Cheap silicone bongs are not hard to find, but the Big Oil Barrel Silicone Bong is not just a cheap knockoff. Instead, it’s a big format bong, with the water chamber shaped like a barrel of oil. The long downstem and mouthpiece make every inhale an easy one. 

The Big Oil Barrel has a 14.5 mm base joint and a matching 14.5 removable downstem. Like all silicone bongs, it is dishwasher safe thanks to the food-grade and incredibly durable materials. It comes in a multitude of swirling psychedelic colors.

Lil’ Doink Silicone Beaker Travel Bong

Size: 5″ tall
Joint size: 14.5mm 
Durability: 5/5
Dishwasher safe: yes
Color: multicolor
Price range: from $36.95


  • supremely portable, coming in at only 5″ tall
  • made from nearly indestructible BPA-free, Grade V1 Platinum cured Silicone
  • includes a 14.5 mm male bowl and cap

The Lil’ Doink is a mini silicone bong perfect for bubbling on the road. It’s only 5″ tall but doesn’t skimp on the bong necessities, including a water chamber, 45-degree downstem, and a 14.5 mm male bowl made from borosilicate glass.

Because of its small size, it easily tucks into a bag or even a purse. Once your smoke session is over, dump the water and throw it into a dishwasher for a quick clean. This bong will last forever because it’s made from premium grade V1 platinum cured silicone.

PieceMaker Unikorn Silicone Rainbow Bong

Size: 5.8″ x 5.5″
Joint size: n/a
Durability: 5/5
Dishwasher safe: yes
Color: white body, multicolor
Price range: from $59.00


  • Comes apart for quick cleaning and maintenance
  • Uses Hex-Tex down stem technology for even more bubbles
  • Magical unicorn mouthpiece and choke

In the world of cute silicone bongs, it might be hard to beat the PieceMaker Unikorn. It’s a bong, but in the shape of a magical, if somewhat dumpy, little unicorn complete with rainbow hair and horn. 

The design integrates all the critical parts of the smoking experience into the unicorn’s body. The horn becomes the mouthpiece, the tail becomes the durable silicone lid for the bowl, and the back end (yes, the back end) becomes the choke.

But it isn’t just cute. It’s functional. The downstem has incorporated Hex-Tex bubbler technology, and all the parts disassemble for quick cleaning.

Strong Silicone Bongs: The Adventurer

Size: 14″
Joint size: 18 mm
Durability: 5/5
Dishwasher safe: yes
Color: glow in the dark
Price range: from $59.95


  • Fun glow-in-the-dark silicone for day or nighttime adventures
  • Strong Silicone Bongs are one of the leading brands in the market
  • Foldable, bendable, and virtually indestructible

Strong Silicone Bongs is the name to trust in the silicone bong world. The Adventurer is their most popular bong, designed to make smoking a breeze inside, outside, day, or night. It’s made from indestructible food-grade silicone in a bright glow-in-the-dark green.

It is ultra-tall, with a long, easy-to-hold mouthpiece in a traditional long stem bong design. It comes with an 18mm joint and a 14 mm slide and downstem.

4-in-1 Silicone Multifunction Bong

Size: 10″
Joint size: 14.5 mm
Durability: 4/5
Dishwasher safe: yes
Color: Glass and multicolor
Price range: from $59.95


  • Extremely versatile, from single to a two layer percolator
  • Includes a dab straw (nectar collector)
  • Available in show-stopping psychedelic colors

However you love to smoke, this 4-in-1 Silicone Bong has you covered. It is a multi-piece device with several iterations. First, there’s the simplicity of a one-layer percolating bong. Want a smoother smoke? Add on the two-layer percolator feature. 

You can also convert it into a sidecar pipe and dabble with the nectar collector (dab straw) piece. It’s multipurpose, a big bubbler, or something travel-friendly when you want a mini silicone bong.

The kit includes a 14.5 female joint and a compatible 14.5 mm male bowl. Each part neatly fits into whatever format you have in mind but is quickly disassembled for cleaning and reimagining. It’s dishwasher safe and durable, although it does have several glass components. Don’t forget the bonus dab straw with an ultra-strong titanium tip.

Silicone bongs FAQ 

Q: Are silicone bongs safe?

A: While there isn’t any research on the safety of bongs made from silicone, most experts agree that this material is safe in similar applications, including cookware. 

According to the Government of Canada, “There are no known health hazards associated with use of silicone cookware. Silicone rubber does not react with food or beverages, or produce any hazardous fumes.”

Q: Is it better to smoke out of a glass bong?

A: The smoke from a glass bong compared to a silicone bong will be identical. Because both materials are resistant to high heat, with a nonpermeable surface, the flavor pulled from one versus the other will be identical.

Q: Do silicone bongs get dirty?

A: Silicone bongs don’t get any dirtier than traditional glass bongware. However, they are much easier to clean. Throw them into a dishwasher, and hit start.

How to clean a silicone bong

The simplest and most effective method for routine bong cleaning is to put your bong into the dishwasher on a hot cycle. 

However, if you notice lingering residues, you can also use standard isopropyl alcohol. If your silicone bong comes apart, disassemble and soak each piece in alcohol for an hour or more. Then, use a toothbrush or pipe cleaner to scrub hard-to-reach areas. Rinse thoroughly with mild soapy water before use.

Are silicone bongs worth the investment?

Silicone bongs are colorful, imaginative, and, most importantly, safe. With endless options for style, function, and features, they push the boundaries of what’s possible in bong design. 

But, by far, the most attractive feature of a silicone bong is its near-indestructible nature. You can fold and bend them or drop them down a flight of stairs, and they pop right back into shape. For this reason alone, bongs made from silicone are well worth owning.

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