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The 7 best non-tobacco blunt wraps in 2024

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The 7 best non-tobacco blunt wraps in 2024

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Simply put, a blunt is a cigar that has been emptied of its tobacco and filled with cannabis. You can smoke it in the same way as a joint and can be a good alternative if you’re looking for a slower burn. While they are usually made from tobacco leaves, there are plenty of non-tobacco blunt wraps to choose from if you’re looking for a slightly healthier option.

Our picks for the best blunt wraps on the market

  • Size: 1/ 14
  • Material: organic hemp
  • Flavor: varies
  • Size: 1/ 14
  • Material: natural leaf
  • Flavor: hemp
  • Size: 1/14 or King Size
  • Material: organic hemp
  • Flavor: honey
  • Size: 1/14
  • Material: organic hemp
  • Flavor: Dutch cream
  • Size: King size
  • Material: Arabic gum paper
  • Flavor: terpene infused
  • Size: king
  • Material: Cordia tree leaves
  • Flavor: natural
  • Size: 1/14
  • Material: hemp
  • Flavor: cherry pie, lemon cake, grape soda, mango smoothie

Juicy Jays Hemp Wraps

  • Size: 1/ 14
  • Flavor: Black N’ Blueberry, Mango Papaya Twist, Natural, Tropical Passion, Strawberry Fields, Grapes Gone Wild


  • come in a variety of flavors
  • made from organic hemp
  • extra moist 

Juicy Wraps are just a little shorter than a normal king size rolling paper, but they still pack a punch. 

These wraps are extra moist and made with Juicy Jays’ famous triple-dip® flavor system, which means they are sealed very tight for lasting freshness.

One of the best things about these wraps are that they are available in a variety of flavors -Black N’ Blueberry, Mango Papaya Twist, Natural, Tropical Passion, Strawberry Fields, and Grapes Gone Wild.

Dutch by Dutch Masters

  • Size: 1 /14
  • Flavor: natural hemp


  • vegan
  • chlorine-free
  • super-thin

Dutch Masters cost a bit more than some other brands these quality wraps blend a rich, authentic cigar flavor with whatever terpene profile your chosen weed is delivering. 

To offset the slightly higher price, Dutch Masters are typically a bit longer than your average blunt wrap or cigarillo, making them perfect for passing around with good friends.

Hempire Wraps Honey Fu-Fu

Size: 1/14-in King Size 
Flavor: honey 


  • nicotine free
  • no synthetic dyes
  • ick and stick

If you’re a fan of Swisher wraps but are wanting a tobacco-free option, then Hempire wraps in the Honey Fu-Fu flavor are the ones for you! 

Swisher has come out with its new line of tobacco-free wraps under the brand name Hempire to cater to those who are looking for a tobacco-free smoke. They are made from 100% US-grown hemp fiber and infused with natural flavors and don’t contain tobacco or nicotine, synthetic dyes, or colors, making them a natural brown color.

Honey Fu-Fu adds a deliciously inviting rich honey flavor to your smoke, and you will be relieved to know that all flavoring used in Hempire wraps is plant-based. They come in a variety of flavors, but Honey Fu-Fu is definitely a fan favorite!

High Hemp Dutch Cream Wraps

Size: 1/14
Flavor: Dutch cream


  • certified organic
  • GMO-free
  • unbleached

If lockdown has got you itching to travel, and you are missing the feeling of waking up in Amsterdam, then perhaps you should consider the High Hemp Dutch Cream Wraps to make you feel like you’re in the city itself. 

The wraps are made with 100% organic hemp, and they are naturally flavored to taste like smooth dutch cream that will compliment the flavor of your smoke. Don’t worry, these wraps are tobacco-free. In fact, they are also certified organic and GMO-free! They are unbleached, so they have maintained their natural brown color and do not contain any nasty additives. 

Each pack contains two 1/14 wraps, two tips, and a packing straw, with a full box containing 25 packs.

Futurola X Tyson Ranch Terpene-Infused Blunt Wraps (The Toad)

Size: King sized
Flavor: terpene infused 


  • inspired by Mike Tyson
  • organic Arabic gum
  • criss-cross fibers

Mike Tyson has teamed up with Futurola to bring you the Futurola X Tyson Ranch Terpene-Infused Blunt Wraps. 

These king-sized blunt wraps are completely tobacco-free and are made with organic Arabic gum that has been sourced from acacia trees. They are infused with 100% legal plant terpenes inspired by Mike Tyson’s favorite strains and are also unbleached. The Mike Tyson blunt wraps help you to avoid canoeing by featuring a criss-cross fiber design. 

Their compact packaging means they are perfect for smoking on the go, and they are available in packs of 25. 

King Palms Preroll Wraps

Size: king
Flavor: natural


  • vegan
  • Natural leaf pre-rolls 
  • Tobacco free 

If you’re searching for an all-natural blunt wrap that’s free of tobacco or any additives, these king-sized pre-rolls from King Palms are exactly what you want. 

King Palms wraps are made from leaves from the Cordia tree, a native plant to Southeast Asia. Leaves are harvested (without harming the tree), dried, and rolled into a superior blunt wrap. Each wrap has a corn filter to cool the smoke and every package comes with a 62% Boveda humidity monitor pack to keep your wraps fresh. 

SKUNK Brand Terp Enhanced Hemp Wraps

Size: 1/14
Flavor: cherry pie, lemon cake, grape soda, mango smoothie


  • Variety of flavors 
  • Tobacco-free 
  • Sticky lip makes rolling easy 

With four tasty flavors and a sticky lip on one side, SKUNK Brand Hemp Wraps bring novelty and ease to every blunt you roll. 

These hemp wraps are lightly toasted to deliver an added depth of flavor while retaining the perfect moisture level to roll with. A sticky lip on one side of the paper makes it easy to secure your wrap and a slow burn lets you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Each pack has two wraps, and this package comes with 25 packs so you can keep your weed cabinet stocked. 

Why roll a blunt?

One of the main benefits of rolling a blunt is that it takes a lot longer to burn, which means you won’t waste as much cannabis. A slower burn is also ideal for smoking cannabis in groups, as taking time to pass the blunt from person to person will not cause the cannabis to be wasted. 

Blunt wraps also come in a host of fun flavors, which can make your smoking experience a lot more enjoyable. With the added possibility of tobacco-free wraps, you can be certain that you know what exactly is being inhaled into your lungs.

How to roll a blunt

Rolling a blunt can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very straightforward. 

  • Start by grinding your cannabis until the bud pieces are small. 
  • Using either water or salvia, wet the blunt wrap to make it more pliable, and then create a trough with your fingers. 
  • Slowly start to place the cannabis along the length of the wrap. 
  • Once you’ve filled it to your satisfaction (make sure you don’t overstuff it), evenly distribute the cannabis by moving the blunt wrapper back and forth between your fingers. 
  • Then, use your thumbs to tuck the wrapper from one end to the other and form your blunt. 
  • Seal it with either saliva or water by licking the piece of blunt wrapper that is still sticking up, roll it over, and you are ready to go! 

How to use a non-tobacco blunt wrap

Tobacco-free wraps are used in exactly the same way as tobacco-containing wraps — roll, light, and smoke. The only difference is that you do not need to worry about inhaling any tobacco or tobacco-related chemicals. A tobacco-free blunt wrap is the way to go if you are looking for a clean and easy smoke.

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