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The best online colleges for CBD

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The best online colleges for CBD

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Unless you were lost at sea the past five or 10 years, then you’ve surely noticed that lately, CBD seems to be everywhere. CBD for skincare, CBD for anxiety relief, CBD for dogs and cats, even CBD lubricants and CBD infused mattresses. 

But in such a tsunami of cannabidiol, how are we supposed to make sense of it all? Online cannabis schools offer a very wide range of study programs covering everything and all things cannabis, including everything you ever wanted to know about CBD. 

Here are some of the best online study programs on CBD, and what they offer. 

  • Completely self-paced
  • Unlimited access to all courses and certification programs
  • Access to cannabis jobs board, resume consultation
  • School has a respected reputation in the industry
  • Real-world projects/exercises and grow demos
  • Access college’s job board and “resources for success”
  • Access to monthly webinars
  • Group training packages available for companies
  • Interactive discussion boards
  • Curriculum formed by a team of experts
  • Hands on support during course
  • Deep dive into the history, science, and industry of CBD
  • Includes lifetime access to course material
  • Generous payment plans available
  • Graduates gain membership to the CMA
  • 11 subjects covered in only two hours
  • Specifically designed for people looking to work in the CBD industry
  • Group rates available for businesses

THC University – Introduction to CBD

Who it’s best for: People who want an eye level intro to all things CBD 
Degrees/certificates offered: Introduction to CBD 
Tuition Cost: $187 to unlock unlimited access to all courses 
Accreditation: Unknown


  • Completely self-paced 
  • Unlimited access to all courses and certification programs 
  • Access to cannabis jobs board, resume consultation and mock job interviews 

Customer reviews:

Would recommend to anyone looking to further educate yourself

User on Leafly.com 

I was pleased by the content and the ease of use and navigation.

Steve E, Grow Basics student 

The Introduction to CBD course from THC University is a great option for students who would like a comprehensive intro to CBD. It’s meant to provide students with a strong grasp of the fundamentals of CBD, according to the college, and none of the course material is overly technical or inaccessible to a non-expert. 

The subjects covered in the course include What CBD is, How CBD works in humans and animals, The most common effects and uses of CBD, The latest in CBD research and studies,  CBD Products and methods of consumption, and What the future holds for CBD.

The curriculum is split out over three different modules – Using CBD, CBD for Pets, and CBD 101, each of which has a quiz that must be completed in order to gain a certificate. 

And like any THC University student, those who enroll in the class can access the college’s cannabis jobs board, resume consultation and mock job interview services. 

Who it’s best for: Cannabis professionals and business owners looking to boost their knowledge of CBD  
Degrees/certificates offered: This specific course does not offer certification, but students do receive proof of completion. 
Tuition cost: $295 
Accreditation: None


  • School has a respected reputation in the industry
  • Real-world projects/exercises and grow demos 
  • Student can access the college’s job board and “resources for success” 
  • Course goes deep into the regulatory landscape of CBD and hemp

Customer Reviews:

As I started learning more about this plant I took a crash course at Oaksterdam University … and I’m a licensed patient consultant right now.


The people who make up the fabric of Oaksterdam have an energy and positivity that has been vital to my development here. The conversations I’ve had have enabled me to visualize progressive goals that I had no idea I would be so interested in pursuing.

Nicole Vallante 

Oaksterdam University’s CBD and Hemp course examines the science, trends, and regulatory landscape of hemp and CBD, with a look at how business owners can optimize themselves for this rapidly evolving market. 

Oaksterdam University states that the docurse will also look at the industrial hemp market and how it will be changed by the overall cannabis market and what role legalization will play. 

The curriculum also focuses on CBD extraction and delivery methods, quality and compliance in the CBD industry, and the parallel evolution of CBD and high-THC cannabis markets. 

Oaksterdam states that students will also gain an understanding of the differences between CBD isolates, distillates, and full spectrum extracts.

Also, students at Oaksterdam University are able to take advantage of the school’s jobs board and student support staff. 

Healer – Cannabis Education Training Course

Who it’s best for: Learning about the benefits of Who it’s best for: Learning about the benefits of CBD and how to use it
Degrees/certificates offered: Medical cannabis core curriculum, dosage protocols and methodologies, CBD essentials and applications. 
Tuition: $249 yearly subscription includes all three courses ($179.40 each for groups of 20 or more) 
Accreditation: Unknown


  • Access to monthly webinars 
  • Group training packages available for companies 
  • Interactive discussion boards 
  • Entirely developed by doctors 

Customer Reviews:

Flexible class hours, Good teachers, Affordable, Good career preparation

Liz H.

This is an excellent online program that helped me as a patient finally discover how to best use cannabis for healing.

Shawn G. 

For a single price of $249, students can access all three of Healer’s online cannabis courses, including CBD Essentials and Applications. 

All three of the courses are meant for industry professionals, healthcare providers, and cannabis users who want to better understand the inner workings of cannabis, and how to use it.  

The subjects covered in CBD Essentials and Applications include what is CBD and how does it work?, receptor and ion channels, transporters and enzymes, and mechanisms, the proven therapeutic effects of CBD, other applications for CBD: addiction and cravings, brain injury, bone injury, depression, sleep, topical applications, cancer, and glaucoma, adverse effects and interactions of CBD, CBD dosing and delivery methods, and purchasing CBD products.

The courses are all based on the curriculum Healer founder Dr. Dustin Sulak, a member of the Board of Directors of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. 

Students can take all of the courses online, by way of videos, short assignments and quizzes, monthly webinars, and Heler’s online education library or soage guides, vidoes, and social media content. 

CBD Training Academy – Certified CBD Adviser Course

Who it’s best for: Learning the fundamentals of the science of CBD 
Degrees/certificates offered: Certified CBD Adviser 
Tuition cost: $997 
Accreditation: None


  • Curriculum formed by a team of experts 
  • Hands on support during course 
  • A four part course that goes deep into the history, science, and industry of CBD

Customer Reviews:

The CBD Advisor course is everything we needed and the knowledge we gained has really helped our business growth.

Sarah W

Getting CBD Certified is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – our employees all have t-shirts that say “I’m CBD Certified.

Jin M

Held over just 6 hours, the Certified CBD Adviser Course is an easy and quick way to receive a comprehensive education on CBD as well as a certificate that could help open some doors in the cannabis industry. 

The 4 part course includes the beginning and history of the CBD revolution, exactly what is cannabis, hemp and CBD?, balancing homeostasis with CBD, and CBD – therapeutic uses and conditions. 

Over the course of the six hours, students will start with an introduction to cannabis, and then learn about cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system, intake methods, the legal history of CBD and the terpenes and flavors in CBD products – and what it all means. 

Certification requires the completion of a final quiz, but the college also states that they provide hands-on support to students throughout the course. 

Centre of Excellence – Medicinal Cannabis and CBD Oil Diploma Course

Who it’s best for: People who want to understand the medical applications of CBD and learn how to read and analyze CBD research 
Degrees/certificates offered: Medicinal Cannabis and CBD Oil Diploma Course
Tuition Cost: £147.00 (around $200) 
Accreditation: CMA (Complementary Medical Association) registered, CPD Certification Services corporate member


  • Includes lifetime access to course material 
  • Generous payment plans available 
  • Students gain membership to the CMA upon completion of the course 
  • Curriculum includes a truly in-depth look at specific medical conditions and bodily systems and how they relate to cannabinoids. 

The UK-based Centre of Excellence’s Medicinal Cannabis and CBD Oil Diploma Course is designed to “explain what exactly Medicinal Cannabis and CBD oil is, and what are its healing benefits,” according to the school. 

The school also states that upon completion of the course, students “will gain an excellent understanding of the chemistry and pharmacology of the cannabis plant and the therapeutic actions of the cannabinoids, as well as learning about your body and its functions.”

The curriculum appears to be tailor made to afford students a deep look at the science and medicinal applications of CBD, and it is probably best suited for people who work in health care or who would like to examine CBD and its health effects. 

The 10 module course provides a certificate upon completion, as well as membership in the Complementary Medical Association. Registration also includes lifetime access to the course materials.

The subjects covered in the study program are very extensive, and include how cannabinoids help pain, cannabinoids in cancer, cannabinoids in the immune system, and cannabinoids and mental health, among others. Each subject includes multiple parts, ranging from 4 to 7. 

Alternate Medical Media – The CBD Certification Program: CBD, Physiology and Health


Who it’s best for: People training to work in the CBD industry  
Degrees/certificates offered: CBD, Physiology and Health
Tuition Cost: $49.95 
Accreditation: Unknown

Three highlights: 

  • 11 subjects covered in only two hours  
  • Specifically designed for people looking to work in the CBD industry 
  • Group rates available for businesses that would like to boost their staff knowledge of CBD 

The CBD certification program offered by Alternate Medical Media is the perfect length and price for people who want to gain a deep understanding of CBD and don’t have much time, or cannabis professionals who would like a quick and effective refresher course. 

The company states that the course is specifically designed for people who are looking to work in the CBD industry, and who want not only more knowledge of CBD, but also a certificate to boost their credibility with customers, employers, and anyone else they meet in their work. 

Over the 11 modules, the course covers the endocannabinoid system, the uses, side effects and benefits of CBD, and how it can be used to promote optimal health. 

The course also offers group rates, which could be a great option for companies looking to boost their staff’s knowledge of CBD. 

Why take an online CBD course 

  • To get a job in the CBD industry 
    CBD is booming – in case you hadn’t noticed. An online education in CBD – and a certificate – can provide applicants with a leg up over the competition, as well as a credential that indicates not only their knowledge of CBD, but also how invested they are in the subject. 
  • To become a better CBD consumer 
    People who use CBD for wellness purposes may wonder what exactly is in their CBD products and how and why they work. An online course can shed light on all of it, and make CBD a whole lot easier to understand and appreciate.
  • To gain a deeper understanding of cannabis
    The days when cannabis was seen as nothing more than pot are behind us. Cannabis education courses can highlight the intricacies of the plant on a very deep level, providing students with a real appreciation of the complexity and the benefits of cannabis.  

How online cannabis courses work 

Most online cannabis courses have a similar structure – a series of video classes about a variety of subjects, followed by quizzes and exams that must be passed in order to receive a certificate of completion. 

The vast majority allow the student to complete the course at their own pace, which makes them perfectly suited to busy professionals, students, parents, and anyone else who needs the flexibility. 

The courses also typically provide students with access to student forums and a wide variety of supplementary materials. In addition, they are typically designed with an eye towards helping people break into the cannabis industry, and offer resume consulting, access to job boards, and often even mock job interviews

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