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The best bubble hash bags of 2024

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The best bubble hash bags of 2024

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Hash is the oldest cannabis concentrate, originating a millennia or more ago in the foothills of the Himalayas and North Africa. In a world flush with isolates and distillates, hash holds its own. It’s relatively unprocessed compared with other concentrates but still adds a punch to joints, bubblers, and vaporizers.

Hash is a minimally processed collection of cannabis trichomes gathered from fresh or dried cannabis flower. In its powdered form, it’s technically called kief but may be transformed into hash by packing into a brick, ball, or cake. In its final form, hash is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, and its consistency ranges from sticky to crumbly.

What are bubble hash bags?

Bubble hash, also called water hash, is a name that references the production method. It’s a simple process of continuously agitating cannabis flower or trim in an ice-cold bath (or with dry ice). 

This process separates the cannabinoid- and terpene-rich trichomes from the plant material. Progressively finer mesh bags, known as bubble hash bags, collect different grades of hash.

Top Choice
  • Size and weight of bag: 32-gallon bags
  • Material: German mesh
  • Price: $180.99
Best Value
  • Size and weight of bag: 1-gallon bags
  • Material: coated nylon mesh
  • Price: $19.99
  • Size and weight of bag: 5-gallon bags
  • Material: German mono-filament material
  • Price: $360
  • Size and weight of bag: Micron sizes available: 190, 120, & 73
  • Material: plastic bucket, neoprene bag
  • Price: $147.99
  • Size and weight of bag: 1- and 5-gallon bags
  • Material: mesh
  • Price: $35.00 per bag

Bubble Bag Dude 4 Bag Set with Pressing Screen

Size and weight of bag: 32-gallon bags. Micron sizes: 220, 120, 73 & 25
Material: German mesh
Design and color: white with yellow trim
Price: $180.99


  • made from ultra-durable double-stitched German mesh
  • each set comes with a 25-micron pressing screen
  • large storage bag included

Bubble Bag Dude has created an all-in-one, ultra-durable Bubble Hash production kit with a massive capacity. Every kit contains four separate 32-gallon bags in increasingly fine German mesh micron bags. 

Bags come in sizes of 220, 120, 73, and 25 microns. Helpfully, the bags come color-coded and numbered for ease of use.

This brand has been in business for over 12 years and boasts almost a million bubble hash bags sold. With their double-stitched bags and highly durable materials, they design their products to last through rounds of bubble hash production.

Additionally, the kit includes a 25-micron pressing screen for ease of drying and a simple bag to carry all the components.

Hon & Guan 4 Bubble Bag Set

Size and weight of bag: 1-gallon bags. Micron sizes: 220, 120, 73 & 25
Material: coated nylon mesh
Design and color: purple, yellow, orange, blue
Price: $19.99


  • small size for DIY bubble hash production
  • each bag color-coded by micron size
  • kit includes a 10″ x10″ pressing screen

The Hon and Guan Bubble Bag set is a perfect starter collection for anyone trying to make bubble hash at home for the first time. It is designed to fit a small one-gallon bucket with the standard 220, 120, 73 and 25-micron sizes. A 5-gallon option is also available. 

Every bag is color-coded and labeled based on micron size, so it’s easy to keep the layers straight during processing. This easy-at-home bubble hash system includes the ever-handy 10″ x10″ pressing screen and an extra carry bag.

Hon & Guan made each bag from highly durable coated nylon mesh, and they also offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all their products.

Bubble Bags Original 8 Bag Kit

Size and weight of bag: 5-gallon bags. Micron sizes: 220, 190, 160, 120, 90, 73, 45 & 25
Material: German mono-filament material
Design and color: blue, green, red, orange, yellow, black, white, purple
Price: $360


  • perfect for professional-grade bubble hash production
  • uses 800-thread-count material for ultimate durability
  • bags are coated in a 100 percent PVC-free, waterproof coating

As the name suggests, Bubble Bags Original is a well-established brand in the cannabis extraction sector. Bubble hash bags (5 gallon) can process up to half a pound of flower at a time. These Bubble Bag OG products are designed for long-term production (up to 200 uses), thanks to the high-quality German mono-filament, 800-thread-count material. 

As a professional-grade bubble bag kit, there are a total of eight bags in increasing sizes ranging from 25 to 220 microns. In addition, each bag has been heat-pressed for more consistent pore size, which helps reduce inter-screen contamination.

The kit also includes three pressing screens and a super protective polar fleece carrying case.

Bubble Magic Shaker Bag Kit

Size and weight of bag: Micron sizes available: 190, 120, & 73
Material: plastic bucket, neoprene bag
Design and color: black with a blue plastic bucket
Price: $147.99


  • simple take on bubble hash production
  • plastic and neoprene keep hands warm
  • three bags  available, in 190, 120, and 73 microns

Bubble Magic has designed a slightly different method for bubble hash creation: the Shaker Bag Kit. This method produces dry ice hash without bubble bags, although it follows the same principle as the traditional method.

The Shaker is a two-part system: the plastic bucket that holds the dry ice and plant material, then the neoprene bag covers it. Helpfully, the plastic and neoprene help shield hands from the sub-zero temperatures of the dry ice. Three different bag sizes are available (but purchased separately). 

Because bubble hash production is quite a lengthy and labor-intensive process, the Bubble Maker Shaker offers a faster alternative. This simple system is ideal for first-time home bubble hash makers, as it requires little technical knowledge and minimal plant material compared with more traditional systems.

Rosineer Ice Bubble Hash Extraction Bags

Size and weight of bag: 1- and 5-gallon bags. Micron sizes: 220, 160, 120, 73 & 25
Material: mesh
Design and color: white, with color trim
Price: $35.00 per bag


  • professional grade bags, color-coded by micron size
  • affordable build-your-own kit option
  •  includes an 8″x8″ pressing screen

Rosineer is a pioneer in the rosin extraction space, creating advanced rosin presses suitable for producers and the at-home connoisseur. As most rosin starts as hash, they have created a line of Rosineer-branded bubble hash bags to their roster.

Rosineer Bubble Hash Bags come in five different micron grades: 220, 160, 120, 73, and 25. Purchased separately, they are an affordable way to create your own system and replace individual bags as needed. 

These bags are ultra-durable, made for professional production, but priced for the medical or recreational consumer to use at home. They come in two bucket sizes, one gallon and five gallons. 

What bubble hash bags should you buy?

Bubble hash bags come in several grades (microns) and capacities (gallons). The microns indicate the density of the holes—the smaller the number, the smaller the hole. 

Look for a kit with at least three to five bags, although the more bags you use, the more variety in yield. Different layers collect varying grades, from low quality (160 microns) to premium quality (73 microns). According to Bubble Bag, most home hash makers will need a 220, 120, 73, and 25-micron bag set. 

How to make bubble hash with bubble bags

  1. How to make bubble hash with bags starts with layering each bag inside a bucket, matching bubble bag size to bucket size (one gallon, five gallons, etc.). 
  2. The first bag layer should be the smallest micron size, usually 25 microns. You will need at least three or more bags with increasing micron size. Layer bags, increasing in size as you go.  
  3. Add flower or trim into the top layer of the bubble bag. 
  4. Add enough cold water to cover the cannabis.
  5. Add one bag of standard ice.
  6. Using a large spoon or wooden stir stick, agitate the mixture. Mix for 15 to 20 minutes. Cannabis will break apart and could start to foam.
  7. Remove the first screen to pop out most of the finished plant material.
  8. Remove the next screen, carefully draining the water and scraping off the resin. Place resin on a pressing screen.
  9. Repeat step 8 for every bag, keeping each layer of resin separate as there are different grades of hash.
  10. Press out the remaining water with the pressing screen, and you have achieved your first batch of bubble hash.
  11. If desired, it’s possible to run each batch of flower three (or more) times.

Bottom line: the best bubble bags for hash

Whether your end goal is professional production or a DIY home project, bubble bags are a straightforward, non-technical way to make hash. With so many brands now available, there are quality options for any budget and skill level.

The best bubble bags for hash come in a comprehensive kit, with several sizes of bags and a pressing screen. Bubble bags for making hash should also come in premium-grade materials for long-lasting durability.

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