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The 5 best nectar collectors for 2024

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The 5 best nectar collectors for 2024

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A nectar collector (also called a drill or dab straw) is a novel twist on the traditional dab rig. Instead of a tabletop piece, a nectar collector is a long handheld device used for dabbing concentrates. But, just like the conventional dab rigs, a dab straw allows you to customize the experience, as there are dozens of different designs and component combinations possible.

Dabbing is a way to consume cannabis that vaporizes the cannabinoids instead of incinerating them, like in a joint or bong bowl. Dabbing with a nectar collector starts by heating up the heat-proof nail with a torch. Then, when it’s hot enough, you dab the hot nail directly into the concentrate while pulling the vapor through the other end. 

  • Material: quartz
  • Color: clear
  • Price: $49.95
  • Material: glass body, titanium nail, silicone-capped reclaim catcher
  • Color: clear with multicolor reclaim cap
  • Price: $25.99
  • Material: platinum cured silicone body, titanium nail
  • Color: various
  • Price: $46.99
  • Material: glass
  • Color: various
  • Price: $24.95
  • Material: various
  • Color: black, silver, purple, red, or blue
  • Price: $89.99

Pulsar Quartz Internal Twist Perc Nectar Collector

Size and weight: 21.5 cm 8.5″ 
Filtration system: internal Twist Percolator
Material: quartz
Color: clear
Price: $49.95

  • innovative twisted internal percolator
  • design makes it easy to clean between sessions
  • comfortable rimmed mouthpiece

The Pulsar Quartz Internal Twist Perc is a dab straw designed with professional dabbers in mind. Every inhale is a smooth and flavorful one thanks to the fixed internal cooling system that features a double helix quartz twist. The perc and long stem also ensure that no hot oil splatters up to your mouth.

The crystal clear quartz nectar collector is a simple aesthetic, without unnecessary bells and whistles. It is comfortable to hold, and with a rimmed mouthpiece, enjoyable to pull through. It’s portable and relatively durable, so it’s an excellent decision to bring it along on whatever journey you find yourself. With simple parts, the Pulsar is also incredibly easy to clean.

Glass Nectar Collector with Silicone Reclaim Catcher

Size and weight: n/a
Filtration system:  n/a
Material: glass body, titanium nail, silicone-capped reclaim catcher
Color: clear with multicolor reclaim cap
Price: $25.99


  • comes with a durable titanium nail
  • designed with an innovative silicone reclaim catcher to reduce waste
  • cheap nectar collector that doesn’t skimp on features

For anyone tired of wasting the precious wax between sessions, this Glass Nectar Collector comes with a built-in reclaim catcher. On every inhale, any lingering vapor condenses within the catchment area. Then, simply pop off the non-stick silicone cap to scrape the sticky concentrate for round two.

The body of this dab straw is made from clear glass, while the nail is made from highly durable titanium. Helpfully, this straw also comes with a keck clip to hold it all together. The multicolor removable catchment cap makes this piece a breeze to clean. 

EYCE Silicone Nectar Collector

Size and weight: n/a
Filtration system: n/a
Material: platinum cured silicone body, titanium nail
Color: Blue Marble, Camo, Creature Green, Flower Purple, Fuego, Jungle, Banging, and black and green
Price: $46.99


  • comfortable and heat-proof platinum grade silicone body
  • perfectly travel-sized dab straw
  • wide range of color options available

This is a highly durable dab straw made from cured silicone for anyone tired of breaking delicate glass pieces. The EYCE is a superb handheld design that doesn’t compromise the dab experience. Thanks to the titanium nail, comfortable grip, and open mouthpiece, this is a nectar collector that mitigates risks before they happen.

The EYCE design is available in a wide range of fun colors, including Jungle, Fuego, and Banging. Plus, the EYCE team has incorporated a few helpful features, like a large cooling chamber and a stick-proof stash compartment.

Pulsar Melting Bubble Dab Straw Collector

Size and weight:  21.60 cm / 8.5 inches
Filtration system: n/a
Material: glass
Color: various
Price: $24.95


  • spectacular colors available
  • elegantly simple design
  • features a honeycomb blown-glass pattern on a large main chamber 

The Pulsar Melting Bubble is a statement piece that combines bright colors with an uncomplicated design. That means a long, elegant stem, measuring 8.5″, with a beautiful worked glass bubble near the nail end. The bubble has a honeycomb pattern, which almost glows in the natural light.

The aesthetic is seamless, from the smooth and comfortable mouthpiece down to the integrated glass nail. As you travel along the frosted glass body, you’ll find the Pulsar logo tastefully placed. The sleek design also ensures it’s easier to clean after a long session than other more complicated nectar collectors. 

Yocan Falcon 6-in-1 Vaporizer Kit

Size and weight: 20 cm / 7.9 inches
Filtration system: water bubbler option
Material: various
Color: black, silver, purple, red, or blue 
Price: $89.99


  • convertible, electric handheld vaporizer to dab straw device
  • perfect for flower as well as waxes and concentrates
  • smart vibration notification system and temperature control

The Yocan Falcon is an electric dab straw that can do it all. With up to six variations possible, you can transfer a simple electric flower handheld vape into a bubbler, then swap to concentrate and add on the nectar collector.

The kit comes packed with everything you need, including a bubbler mouthpiece, a regular wide metal mouthpiece, a flower-compatible coil, a concentrate-compatible coil, and a dab straw. Plus, for added convenience, Yocan throws in a cleaning kit as well as a heavy-duty tabletop holder. 

As an electric nectar collector, it ensures you have precision control over temperature, and therefore the experience. Set the temperature, wait for the vibration notification, and get ready for a smooth and efficient inhale. The Falcon has a 1000mAh Battery with an easy USB-C charging cord. 

How to use nectar collector in 4 easy steps

  1. Using a torch, heat the nectar collector’s nail to the desired temperature, keeping in mind that hitting red hot is not required.
  2. With your concentrate of choice in a heat-proof glass or silicone container, dab the end of the hot nail into it. To curate your experience, you may choose to hold the nail down for a more significant hit or gently dab for smaller, more controlled doses.
  3. While physically dabbing the end into the concentrate, simultaneously inhale through the mouthpiece.
  4. Hold for a moment before exhaling. 

Do nectar collectors waste wax?

Truthfully, many dab straw converts find that their first few rounds of nectar collecting end up wasting wax in the dab dish, hence why dab straws have a bad reputation for wasting product. 

But, as with any new activities, practice makes perfect. Reduce waste by pulling dabs straight from the concentrate dish, where any leftover stays ready for your next dab. Because you avoid working with the sticky concentrate, it’s far less messy than a traditional dab rig.

Bottom line: nectar collectors create a highly portable dab 

If you love to dab but hate the tabletop setup, a nectar collector transforms the entire experience into a portable one. Handheld and often much more durable, they make it easy to take a dab while out of the house. 

Nectar collectors still offer just as much personal flair as a more conventional dab rig, with unlimited components and add-on features possible. So whether you prefer a nectar collector with a water bubbler, one made from quartz, or one with a battery, the new wave of dab straws make this all possible.

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