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The best bongs under $100

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The best bongs under $100

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Bongs, also called water bongs, are a timeless tool in the smoker’s arsenal. These cannabis-smoking devices, used for thousands of years, remain one of the most popular ways to smoke cannabis well into the 21st century.

Although there is some variation in design, all bongs have three components: 

  • mouthpiece
  • chamber
  • bowl

Add-on features include percolators, ice pinches, and innovative shapes. 

How to use a bong

How to use a bong
  • The first step when using a bong is to loosely pack a bowl with bud. 
  • Once prepped, put your mouth on the mouthpiece, creating an airtight seal, then bring a lighter to the edge of the bowl. 
  • Slowly inhale, and the flame should start to burn the flower. The chamber will fill with smoke. 
  • If the bong has a choke (a small hole opposite the bowl), cover it with your finger. 
  • Release the choke, and continue to inhale. 
  • The smoke will clear the chamber and travel into your lungs. 

Congratulations, this is your first bong rip.

Best glass bong
  • Joint Size: 18.8 mm | 14.5 mm
  • Color: clear with black details
  • Price: $64.99
Best silicone bong
  • Joint Size: 18.8 mm
  • Color: green, black, glow in the dark
  • Price: $70.00
Best water bong
  • Joint Size: grommet Joint
  • Color: black
  • Price: $35.95
Best percolator bong
  • Joint Size: 18.8 mm | 14.5 mm
  • Color: blue, green, milky blue, teal
  • Price: $89.99
Best mini bong
  • Joint Size: 14.5 mm
  • Color: multi-color blend
  • Price: $36.95

Best Glass Bong: Glasscity Beaker Ice Bong

Size and Weight: 10″ (25.5 cm)
Joint Size: 18.8 mm | 14.5 mm
Material: borosilicate glass
Design: beaker 
Color: clear with black details
Price: $64.99

Special features:

  • the design features subtle notches to hold ice cubes
  • no carb hole is simple to use.
  • classic crystal clear bong with simple black trim

This is a classic glass beaker bong made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. It’s very compact, coming in just over 10 inches high, and has an 18.8 mm joint that’s inside cut to 18.8 mm, and slit into a 14.5 diffuser downstem. The joint has a handy tab for ease of use.

It has a long, easy-to-hold neck feeding into a large chamber beaker-style base. The comfortable mouthpiece has a thick rim made from black glass. Every inhale is a smooth one, thanks to the subtle ice pinch along the neck. Beyond a Glasscity decal, this glass beaker bong has a sleek, simple aesthetic. 

Best Silicone Bong: Habit Supply Silicone Water Pipe

Size and Weight: 14″ (35.6 cm)
Joint Size: 18.8 mm 
Material: silicone
Design: straight tube design
Color: green, black, glow in the dark
Price: $70.00

Special features:  

  • made from highly-durable and unbreakable silicone
  • easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • stable with a helpful suction cup base

Habit Supply has designed a virtually indestructible silicone bong, available in green, black, and glow in the dark (for an additional price). Like all silicone bongs, it means you’ll never break a bong again. Plus, it comes with a suction cup base, ensuring you’ll also never spill bong water again.

It sits at a robust 14″ high, and it’s possible to fold and bend, making it highly portable despite its size. It has an 18.8 mm female joint and a glass male herb bowl.

Best Water Bong: The Magic Potion Ceramic Water Pipe

Size and Weight: 7″ (18 cm)
Joint Size: grommet Joint
Material: ceramic
Design: flared bubble base
Color: black
Price: $35.95

Special features:

  • beautiful classic aesthetic.
  • fits comfortably in the palm of your hand
  • super-small and very portable

This Magic Potion Ceramic Water Pipe proves that you don’t have to be big to be mighty. This water bong has a flared bubble base chamber with a short neck sitting at a 45-degree angle. This setup is comfortable to use, as the base sits snugly into the palm of your hand while you rip.

It doesn’t come with a standard joint size. Instead, it comes with a simple grommet joint and fitted bowl. At only seven inches hight, it can slip effortlessly into a purse or bag. Time to clean? You can throw this Magic Potion water pipe into a dishwasher.

Best Percolator Bong: Hexagon Base Bong with Tree Perc

Size and Weight: 12″ (30 cm)
Joint Size: 18.8 mm | 14.5 mm
Material: borosilicate glass
Design: percolator
Color: blue, green, milky blue, teal
Price: $89.99

Special features:

  • full-size premium perc bong without the premium price tag
  • designed with a four-arm tree-style perc for smooth inhales.
  • sturdy glass hexagon base to avoid tipping

With a hexagon base and an impressively tall chamber, this is a full-size bong designed to make a statement. Made from thick borosilicate glass, it’s clear with subtle trim details. Trim options include blue, teal, green and milky blue.

Inside the 12-inch chamber is a cooling tree-style percolator in an accented color. This perc design, combined with the ice pinch, means memorably smooth hits. The bong comes with an 18.8 mm joint, slit into a 14.5 downstem. 

Best Mini Bong: Lil’ Dok Travel Bong

Size and Weight: 5″ (12.5 cm)
Joint Size: 14.5 mm
Material: BPA-free grade V1 platinum cured silicone
Design: beaker, travel
Color: multi-color blend
Price: $36.95

Special features:

  • bright psychedelic design in neon colors
  • virtually indestructible
  • one of the smallest beaker bongs on the market

If you travel, the Lil’ Donk Travel Bong is one of the best water bongs under 100. It’s only five inches high and made from BPA-free cured silicone, so it’s portable and indestructible. Plus, when it comes time to clean, you can throw the entire device into the dishwasher.

Every Lil’ Donk comes in a surprise mix of bright neon colors, blended into a psychedelic pattern. In addition, it comes with a 14.5 mm male herb bowl that feeds into a downstem situated at a 45-degree angle.

How to clean bongs properly

Before getting started, review the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning your bong. Certain materials may require special handling or are not compatible with some cleaning agents.

Step 1: do a warm water rinse

Wash your bong carefully in warm water to remove large particles and debris.

Step 2: disassemble into parts

Take each component of the bong apart, including bowl, stem, and other removable pieces. Place smaller parts inside a Ziploc bag.

Step 3: scrub smaller parts with isopropyl alcohol and salt

Add isopropyl alcohol and salt to the Ziploc bag with smaller bong parts. Let soak for 30 minutes, then gently agitate the mixture. Use a pipe or bottle cleaner to scrub resin off the inside.

Step 4: clean the chamber

Plug the holes in the chamber with tape. Fill with the same isopropyl alcohol and salt mixture used above. Soak for 30 minutes. Shake well, and use a pipe cleaner or bottle cleaner to scrub resin off the inside.

Step 5: rinse and repeat

Wash all parts with warm water and inspect for lingering residues. Repeat the process until clean.

The best best bongs under $100: pros and cons

If your budget won’t allow for spending over $100 dollars on your next bong, will you be impacting your smoke sessions? It turns out bongs under $100 are still high quality, durable, and may include the most popular features like ice pinches and percolators.

The pros: 

  • high-quality durable materials
  • functional designs
  • budget-friendly price

The cons: 

  • simpler designs
  • fewer features and add-on components
  • less artistic flare

While the luxury bong market has witnessed water bongs sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars in recent years, you don’t need to spend this kind of money to add a high-quality piece to your collection

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