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Cannabis networking in a time of social distancing

Cannabis networking in a time of social distancing

This past year has taught most of us a thing or two about adaptability — how to work from home, how to stay (basically) in shape by working out to YouTube videos, and how to homeschool (place in front of the TV) your kids as they navigate this thing called “remote education.” That last one maybe hasn’t worked out so well, but for countless cannabis professionals, this past year of social distancing required an overnight, agile reassessment of how to connect with clients and potential leads, and what it means to network when we have to stay apart — and wearing masks.

On December 1st at 12pm EST, The Cannigma will join together with the organizers behind some of this past year’s most successful virtual cannabis events for ‘’How to Host a Cannabis Event.’’ 

Cannabis Events Webinar

This free webinar will feature insights on what it takes to put together a successful online cannabis event during this era of social distancing, and why no matter the difficulties, you simply can’t afford to miss out on the opportunities presented by cannabis networking events.

Speakers on the expert panel to include:

  • Jack Rudd, Editorial Director, Analytical Cannabis.
  • Stephen Murphy, Managing Director, Prohibition Partners.
  • Carey Fried, VP Marketing, iCAN
  • John Sidline, CEO, thecompound.io 
  • Jake Kuczeruk, VP Business Development, The Arcview Group
  • Charles Warner, Editor-in-Chief, Innovation & Tech Today

The panel will be moderated by The Cannigma CEO, Elana Goldberg.

Some of the benefits of an online event may be obvious — they require no travel expenses, no hotel bookings, and it’s pretty difficult to be part of a super-spreader event when you’re alone in your home office or hiding from your kids in your closet on a video conference call. But what about the actual planning of these events, and how can you use a virtual event to provide exposure and new marketing opportunities for your brand?

Our panelists will use their own experience and expertise to answer those questions, as well as a wide range of topics including:

  • Networking in the cannabis community
  • How to put together an online event
  • Marketing and advertising your company through expos
  • Transition from stands to computers
  • Pros and cons of online conferences
  • COVID-19 and its impact in the cannabis economy
  • Budgets and regulations for online events

The cannabis world is changing – but even with everything this past year threw our way (or perhaps because of it?), the best days are ahead of us, and it’s time to make sure you’re on board!

Register here for the ’How to Host a Cannabis Event.”

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