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Thomas Wrona is a cannabis consultant, former pro athlete, and lifelong health enthusiast. When he’s not working directly with the cannabis plant, he enjoys writing about it.

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    How to make Rick Simpson Oil

    Rick Simpson Oil is a type of cannabis concentrate with extremely high levels of THC, also known as THC concentrate....

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    Chronic pain & cannabis: A personal story

    Over 30 years ago, while in High School, Pamela Reed was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. As she relates today, "I...

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    Vaping vs smoking: What’s the difference?

    Vaporizers have become a popular way to consume medical cannabis in recent years. Many users prefer using vaporizers, commonly referred...

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    Ancient Egypt’s rich history of medical cannabis

    In Egypt, medical cannabis use goes back for millennia.  And while many different early cultures cultivated cannabis, the ancient Egyptians...

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    Cannabis extracts 101: What are they?

    With the ever-increasing diversity of the cannabis market has come a brand new glossary of terms. And with these many...

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    How to make the most of cannabis concentrates

    Cannabis concentrates come in all shapes and sizes. There's shatter, dabs and waxes, distillates and isolates, rosins and oils...and more!...

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    Linalool: Terpene profile

    Those with a passion for botanicals have probably already come to know and love lavender. And who could be blamed...

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    Cannabis tinctures: A proven delivery method

    Cannabis tinctures are one of the most versatile and effective ways to get medical marijuana into the human body. Until they...

  • Delivery

    Inhalation methods for consuming medical cannabis

    Of all the methods humans have created for taking cannabis, the most traditional and time-tested is inhalation. The reason perhaps...

  • Research

    Medical cannabis research in the 20th century

    Phytocannabinoids such as THC and CBD have been getting much attention in recent years—and rightly so. Yet the therapeutic benefits...