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Mars Hydro Grow Kit review: is this all-in-one grow system worth it?

Mars Hydro Grow Kit review: is this all-in-one grow system worth it?

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Specs card 

  • price: $959.99
  • Size: 4’X4’
  • Material: 1680D fabric, steel poles 
  • who it’s good for: home growers who want up to 5 plants
  • main pro: high-quality, long-lasting lights 
  • main con: driver for the lights can get very warm 

Established in 2009, Mars Hydro is an industry-leading LED grow light and grow tent manufacturer. Best known for its continuous innovation of LED lights, as well as fans and other grow accessories, Mars Hydro makes it easy for any cannabis enthusiast to start growing. 

The grow tent combo kits are a one-stop shop for everything you need to successfully grow weed. The FC 4800 grow tent kit is a step up from a beginner grow tent, perfect for the at-home cannabis enthusiast who wants to grow between one and five plants. 

Main features

The FC 4800 grow tent kit is a self-contained grow tent that’s perfect for a low-key home grow when you don’t want to dedicate an entire room to it. 

The FC series is a relatively new series, first released in 2020. The FC 4800 grow tent kit is one of three grow tent kits released, and is the middle size between the FC 3000 and the FC 6500. The main highlight of the FC 4800 grow tent kit is the grow lights. Mars Hydro is best known for its grow lights, and other well-known grow tent brands sell kits with these LED lights.  

Features of the Mars Hydro FC 4800 grow tent kit: 

  • FC4800 LED Grow Lights with Samsung lm301b chipped diodes 
  • 4’x4’ tent easily fits 5 11-gallon bags for your plants 
  • Reflective interior keeps light contained and increases intensity 
  • Carbon filter and fans keep odor low 
  • Light structure has a dimmer and a daisy chain to easily attach more lights 
  • Removable floor tray makes cleaning in between grows easy
  • Observation window to keep an eye on your plants without going in and out


Buying a grow kit can be a more cost-effective option for a new grower rather than trying to piece together each part needed. But that still doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Coming in at just under four figures, the FC 4800 is an investment. 

Cannabis is a finicky plant, and you get what you pay for. The lights included in the FC 4800 grow kit are reliable and long-lasting, with around 50,000 hours of output and every cannabis lover knows, the lights make the grow. 

At 4’X4’, the tent size is also larger than many home grow kits on the market. It can fit up to five 11-gallon buckets whereas other LED grow kits, like the Budgrower Signature LED Kit only fits three (the Budgrower grow tent also uses Mars Hydro lights!). The FC 4800 grow tent kit also retails for far less than other comparable grow kits like the BlackDog PhytoMax 4’X4’, which sells for just over $3,000.

Pros and cons


  • Mars Hydro LED lights with Samsung diodes 
  • Fully contained grow kit is easy to assemble 
  • Affordable, mid-tier pricing for comparable grow kits 
  • Carbon filter keeps “weed odor” low 
  • Heating mat keeps tent up to 48 degrees warmer than surrounding air 
  • Discreet shipping 


  • The driver for the lights can get extremely hot and may need to be removed from the tent. 
  • Doesn’t come with soil 

Comparison to competitor items 

How does the Mars Hydro FC 4800 grow tent kit stack up against the competition? Compare it to two known and trusted tent brands, Budgrower and BlackDog. 

Mars Hydro FC 4800 Grow KitBudgrower Signature LED Grow KitBlackDog PhytoMax-3 Grow Kit
Cost $959$675$3,099
Tent Size 4’X4’2’X2’4’X4’ 
Included in grow kit TentLED Grow Light Fan Carbon Filter Duct Tube Thermostat controller  Grow Bags MatKitsTent with viewports Removable interior tray Mars Hydro grow lights FanCharcoal filtration system Soil and nutrients Grow pots Humidity monitor Timer Tent Lights Fan x3Removable interior tray Carbon filter Timer Head lamp Plant tagsPlant pots Trimming scissors and drying rack Hygrometer/ thermometer Microscope 
Warranty 5 years1 year Lifetime 
# of plants 4 – 5 plants1 – 3 plants 4 – 5 plants 

Is it legitimate? 

Mars Hydro offers customers a 30-day return period and a 5-year warranty so you can easily return or replace any part that has a problem. The customer care team responds to all inquiries within 24 business hours. Best of all, the shipping package is discreet so nothing shows up on your front step advertising that you’re growing cannabis. 

How to use/care for your grow tent 

To prolong the life of your grow tent, keep it clean in between harvests. The removable floor tray makes it easy to clean out and the lights can be wiped down with a small amount of alcohol and a cloth. Wipe down the walls and let the tent air out in between plantings. 

The FC4800 grow tent kit goes well with…

Cannabis seeds! With the combo grow kit, you don’t need anything else to get started except weed seeds. Everything you need for a successful grow is included so all you have to do is decide what strain you want to grow 

If you don’t know where to start, feminized and auto flowers are the easiest seeds for beginners. 

Final verdict

The FC 4800 grow tent kit comes in at a mid-tier price range with high-quality lights and a simple set-up so you can get growing in no time. The kit is an investment, but it’s certainly not the most expensive model on the market and it makes it easy to dig your fingers into the dirt and grow your own cannabis. 

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