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Mars Hydro All-In-One Grow Kit review: growing in small spaces

Mars Hydro All-In-One Grow Kit review: growing in small spaces

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Specs card 

  • Price: $599.99
  • Size: 2’x4’ (60 cm x 120 cm)
  • Material: 1680D fabric and steel poles
  • Who it’s good for: new growers or hobbyists with small spaces 
  • Main pro: high-quality lights and a quiet but powerful vent system 
  • Main con: small tent size doesn’t fit many plants 

If you’re a cannabis grower, you’ve likely heard of Mars Hydro. If you’re just starting out on your growing journey, this is a name you want to know. Mars Hydro was founded in 2009 and is best known for its industry-leading LED lights. But the accessories manufacturer doesn’t stop at grow lights, also making every part you need for growing weed – everything except the seeds themselves!

The best deals are on the grow tent combo kits, which come with everything you need for a successful home grow. The SP 3000 is perfect for cannabis lovers just starting out on their grow journey and for growing hobbyists with a small space, fitting between one and three plants. 

Main features

The SP 3000 is a small yet fully-contained grow tent that easily fits in any room. 

While the tent boasts the same great features as other tents from Mars Hydro, including 1608D canvas to prevent light leakage, a reflective interior to maximize light intensity, and lights with an enhanced red spectrum, the real differentiator in this tent is the ventilation system. The 4” fan, which sits in the ceiling of the tent, runs silently while providing powerful airflow to keep plants healthy. The fan also has a carbon filter to keep strong orders in, so your entire house doesn’t smell like weed. 

But it would do the tent a disservice to not mention the lights. Made with Samsung diodes, these lights are efficient and boast an enhanced red spectrum of light that encourages flowering. Grow lights from Mars Hydro are so good, they can be found in other grow tents from competitors as well. 

Mars Hydro SP 3000 Grow Kit
Mars Hydro SP 3000 Grow Kit

Features of the Mars Hydro SP 3000: 

  • SP3000 LED Grow Lights with Samsung lm301b chipped diodes 
  • 2’x4’ tent easily fits 4 5-gallon bags for your plants 
  • Reflective interior prevents light leaks and increases intensity 
  • Powerful ventilation system keeps plants healthy while carbon filter reduces odor
  • Comes with light timer and hygrometer 
  • Removable floor tray makes it easy to keep the tent clean


With cannabis, you get the quality of materials you pay for. Despite the nickname “weed,” cannabis plants can be rather finicky, requiring the right soil, water, and amount of light. 

Coming in at just under $600, the SP 3000 is admittedly not cheap. But cheap is not what you want a grow tent to be; you want it to be reliable and durable, and the SP 3000 certainly is.

The lights you use can make or break the grow, and the SP 3000 lights are powerful and long-lasting, with around 50,000 hours of output. The thick canvas and light-proof zippers keep the light where you need it – inside the tent. The enhanced red spectrum in the lights promotes a faster bloom and higher yield. And the size of this tent makes it perfect for new growers to learn the process without taking on too many plants or for hobbyist growers living in small spaces. 

Mars Hydro SP 3000 Grow Tent

Pros and cons


  • Mars Hydro LED lights with Samsung diodes and enhanced light spectrum
  • Easy-to-assemble tent with everything you need 
  • Affordable pricing for comparable grow kits 
  • Powerful- yet-quiet ventilation system to keep plants healthy
  • Activated carbon filter reduces weed odor
  • Heating mat for seedlings can keep tent up to 48 degrees warmer than surrounding air 
  • Discreet shipping packaging doesn’t advertise cannabis 
  • Mesh window to view plants through 
  • Timer for lights 
  • 5-year warranty on lights 


  • Small growing space only fits three plants 
  • Need seeds, soil, and plant food 

Comparison to competitor items 

How does the Mars Hydro SP 3000 stack up against the competition? Compare it to two known and trusted tent brands, Vivosun and BlackDog. 

Mars Hydro SP 3000 Grow Kit Vivosun Basic Grow Tent BlackDog PhytoMax-3 Grow Kit
Cost $599.99$339.99$2,499
Tent Size 2’X4’4’X2’2.5’X4’ 
Included in grow kit TentLED Grow Light Inline fan Carbon Filter Duct TubeTimer  Thermostat controller  Grow Bags MatKitsHygrometer Tent LED lightsGlasses Duct fan Carbon filterDucting Timer Tent Lights FansCarbon filter Timer Head lamp Plant tagsPlant pots Trimming scissors and drying rack Hygrometer/ thermometer Microscope 
Warranty 5 yearsNo warranty Lifetime 
# of plants 1 – 3 plants1 – 2 plants 1 – 3 plants 

Is it legitimate? 

With a 30-day return period and a 5-year maintenance warranty, Mars Hydro is available if anything goes wrong. Their customer care team will return all inquiries within 24 business hours to help you if you need to return, replace, or service any part of your grow tent. Mars Hydro also uses discreetly designed shipping packaging so nothing will advertise your cannabis grow when it arrives. 

How to care for your grow tent 

Mars Hydro SP 3000 Grow Kit

Caring for your grow tent is simple but essential. Clean the tent out between harvests to prevent dirt and debris from building up. Remove the floor tray, clear off, and wipe down with your preferred cleaner. Use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol on a cloth to clean the tent walls, and allow it to air out completely before putting in new plants.  

The SP3000 goes well with…

Any kind of cannabis seeds. Since this is a complete indoor grow kit, all you need to get started are seeds of your favorite cannabis strain. 

If you don’t know what to grow, feminized seeds and auto flowers are the easiest seeds for beginners

Final verdict

The SP 3000 has high-quality lights, a simple set-up, and an affordable price for comparable tents. While it’s not cheap, it’s certainly not the most expensive tent on the market and comes with everything you need to get growing in no time. 

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