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This Israeli machine is the Nespresso of weed

This Israeli machine is the Nespresso of weed

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The cannabis market is filled with infused products. And little wonder why; the Americans and Cannabis Consumption Survey found that 53% of respondents had increased their consumption of edibles. Cannabis oil is the easiest way to measure a precise dosage or mix in a boost of cannabinoid goodness to any drink or food. 

The transparency problem with cannabis oils

But despite their growing popularity, cannabis oils suffer from a transparency problem. Little information is included on most certificates of analysis outside of the cannabinoid percentages; you don’t know what type of flower was used in your oil, or whether it was a blend of different flowers. It’s also hard to find solventless oils, which are widely considered the purest form of extraction, as many brands looking to cut costs use alcohol or chemical extraction. 

What’s a cannabis lover to do? 

Sure, you can try making your own infusions at home – if you have several spare hours and the energy to stand over a stove or oven for that long. Or you could buy a machine that does the work of infusion for you – if you don’t mind waiting several hours and filling your entire living space with the aroma of cooking cannabis. Until now, those were your best options. 

But for plant lovers looking to personalize their oil experience with a custom blend tailored to their exact needs, without spending hours waiting, there aren’t many options. 

Infuse in 90 seconds with this revolutionary cannabis infusion machine 

What if you could make high-quality, solventless extract at home without spending hours? What if it was as easy to make cannabis oil as it is to brew a cup of coffee?

Extraction in just 90 seconds is the promise of PureDrop, a new type of at-home cannabis extraction machine that revolutionizes the process of making cannabis oils. PureDrop is the Nespresso of cannabis machines, a sleek, easy-to-use machine that makes luxuriously crafted oils available for every cannabis lover. 

With PureDrop, you don’t have to spend hours watching your cannabis decarb in the oven and infuse on the stove. In fact, the entire process of making oil with PureDrop takes 15 around minutes. With the touch of a button, PureDrop can activate, extract, and infuse your cannabis into oil. It’s that quick and easy. 

Be one of the first to get this revolutionary device. PureDrop is currently accepting presale orders. Click here for more info.

What is PureDrop?

PureDrop is an all-in-one machine that can decarboxylate your flower, extract and infuse it into oil at the touch of a button. 

Like Nespresso, PureDrop uses pods – but instead of coffee, it creates full-spectrum solventless cannabis oil. You simply pop one in the machine and press a button – the machine does the rest to quickly create high-end, solventless extractions. If you’ve used coffee pods before, you’ll quickly get the hang of the PureDrop. 

You can also use the oil in your favorite food or beverages to quickly whip up edibles. But you don’t have to stop at oil. PureDrop comes pre-loaded with settings to easily make concentrates, tinctures, and vape cartridges as well – no fiddling with settings or dials needed. 

PureDrop is the brainchild of GreenPoint, an Isreali-based company made up of entrepreneurs from across fields, including agriculture, botany, technology, and production. 

“We wanted to open a new door of possibilities for enjoying cannabis and making the purest extracts possible,” said Ben Leibusher, founder and CEO of GreenPoint. “With PureDrop, it’s now just as easy to create pure and natural oils as it is to make a cup of coffee.” 

The PureDrop system includes the Pod Maker, a secondary machine that allows you to create your own pods filled with your chosen custom flower blends. And for a limited time when you order the PureDrop in presale, you can get the Pod Maker completely free – at no additional cost. 

Easy cannabis infusions for every kitchen

Research confirms – edibles consumption is on the rise.

A machine with this much capability may conjure up images of industrial machines, appliances as large as your oven or more. But the PureDrop contains its power in an unassuming shell small enough to fit on your counter or store in your cabinet space. With PureDrop, you get the power of commercial appliances wrapped in a machine that fits (and looks sleek) in any kitchen.

PureDrop oils are full-spectrum so you get the benefits of the entire plant. Since there’s no alcohol used in the extraction, you can rest assured that you’re getting the purest form of your oil every time. 

Like other cannabis infusion machines, PureDrop is an investment upfront. But what you spend now, you save later. Not only can PureDrop do the work of multiple machines for you, in a matter of mere minutes, you can also make nearly as many cannabis products as you can buy in a dispensary. 

  • Infuse oils for daily personal use 
  • Quickly whip up an infused dish for company
  • Make your own cannabis mocktails
  • Create solventless concentrates for a clean dabbing experience
  • You can even make your own vape cartridges to use in your favorite dab pen

The options are limited only by your imagination. 

PureDrop makes it easy to find new ways to enjoy cannabis, without spending a fortune at the dispensary and endlessly searching COAs to find clean products. You know exactly what’s going into your infusions because you’re making them (in just 90 seconds!)

Save on the PureDrop presale

PureDrop’s design, power, and versatility of PureDrop make it unlike any other cannabis infusion machine on the market. The capability of decarboxylating, extracting, and infusing in just 15 minutes is revolutionary to the cannabis market.

But it’s not on the market just yet – which gives you an opportunity to save even more. The PureDrop is in presale now, which means you can save 45% off the retail price of the machine (savings that won’t last) and get the Pod Maker completely for free. 

The Pod Maker gives you the power to create your own botanical blends, creating infusions with THC, CBD flower, and smokable herbal blends. It comes with six pods that hold 0.35 oz of dried flower and six vials of MCT carrier oil. It retails for $149, but if you jump on this limited-time presale offer, you can get it for free. 

The bottom line 

Innovation abounds in the cannabis industry, but rarely does it give way to a truly game-changing product. PureDrop’s ability to infuse in 90 seconds and take you from raw flower to completed oil in just 15 minutes is unheard of in any other machine currently on the market. 

It’s time to stop fiddling with dials, settings and guesswork. Create your very own custom oils at the press of a button with PureDrop. And with the limited presale offer, all of this can be yours at the lowest price you’ll ever find. 

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