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Evri by Dip Devices: Is this 3-in-1 vape device worth it?

Evri by Dip Devices: Is this 3-in-1 vape device worth it?

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  • Price: $59.99
  • Size: 5.25 inches long 
  • Material: metal, plastic, ceramic tip 
  • Who it’s good for: concentrate lovers and beginners alike 
  • Main pro: consume concentrates anytime anywhere, no nail or blowtorch needed 
  • Main con: learning curve 

If you love concentrates, but dislike the intensity of a nail and blow torch, or don’t want to chase around separate bases for different style oil cartridges, the Evri by Dip Devices is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

This small pen-style device can be used in three ways; dabbing concentrates, vaping 510 oil cartridges, or smoking e-juice cartridges. With a detachable, rechargeable battery, the Evri easily breaks down to travel so you can consume concentrates anywhere, anytime. 

The Evri by Dip Devices 

Evri invites you to “toss the torch” and this pen is ideal for cannabis consumers who are ready to move on from the imprecision of the traditional dab rig with a superheated nail and powerful blowtorch. It has three temperature settings so you can personalize your experience and a dab straw that makes consuming concentrates approachable. 

This device is perfect for concentrate lovers and newbies alike. The cost is a small investment into the machine, making it the perfect entry point for people who are experimenting with concentrates for the first time. Experienced users will love the ease with which the device heats up (no blowtorch needed) while beginners will appreciate the sleek, discreet design. The three temperature levels and the easy-to-use dab straw mean even someone who’s never used concentrates before can have a good experience without overdoing it. 

While learning how to use the device can take a bit of trial and error (make sure the battery is connected the right way, or the light will just flash), your reward is a powerful, portable vape device that you can swap out cartridges for shatter, butter, or resin at any time. 

How it works 

So how exactly does the Evri work? First, charge the battery and ensure you have it positioned correctly. The magnet will attach from either angle, but the Evri logo should read from left to right with the charger port close to the tip. 

  1. Press the button five times to turn the device on. There are three heat settings, distinguishable by color. The default factory setting is blue, or low, followed by green for medium and red for high heat.
  2. To use the dab straw on concentrates, pick your heat level and press the button while gently pushing the tip into the concentrate while inhaling. Instruction from Dip Devices cautions you not to smash the tip into the concentrates, but you do need some force behind the device to get the heat close enough to dissolve the concentrates; otherwise, you’re inhaling air. 
  3. If the straw gets clogged, press and hold the button down to let it heat up and burn off any excess concentrate on the tip. 
  4. To clean your Evri, swab with a q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol. 

If you would rather use an oil cartridge, the Evri is compatible with any cart with a standard 510 thread as well as e-juice pods. 

Is the Evri a good price?

For $59.99, the Evri is a good deal, if not the most budget-friendly on the market. But you get the quality you pay for, and the ability to use the Evri three ways makes it a good investment. The Evri Starter Pack comes with the battery, base, and atomizer tip as well as a charging cord – cartridges and pods not included. 

Are there cheaper dab pens on the market? Sure. You can always find a cheaper product on Amazon, but those dab pens lack the ability to integrate with cartridges and likely have cheaper, less efficient batteries. 

Pros and cons of the Evri 

Multi-functional handheld concentrate vapeOnly one button for on/off, temperature changes, and inhaling
3-gauge temperature control with ceramic tip and coil heatBattery will attach in either angle; only one is correct
Powerful battery quickly heats up and uses standard micro-USB to rechargeDab straw can take practice to get strong hits
Easily portable
Use concentrates, oil cartridges, and e-juice cartridges on the same device
Dab straw is easy to use even for beginners
Easy to clean 
The auto-shutoff feature keeps you from draining the battery

Comparison to similar competitor items / special features

Evri by Dip Devices Puffco PlusDr. Dabber Switch 
Handheld and portable ✔ ✔ No 
Works with concentrates✔ ✔ ✔ 
Works with cartridges ✔  
Detachable battery✔ ✘ 
Works with flower ✘ ✘ ✔  
Multi-purpose ✔ ✔  
Price $59.99$89.99$266.99

What are people saying about the Evri 

Great pack for newbies. For [sixty] bucks, you get three devices, so you’re already off to a flying start with this thing. You get three voltage settings, plenty for a beginner to figure out whether he likes cool and flavourful or harsh and potent. Battery life is great, new accessory attachments are coming out. 

Killian G. 

I love it. Best travel kit ever!!! I like it better than my puffco.

Deshawn G. 

Great device! Was excited to see this device on sale and snagged two – one each for me and my husband. We both love them! The versatility of swapping from vape cartridge to solid extracts (with the honey straw) and with the new quartz attachment from dip devices, this is more versatile than any pocket device out there. Still on the lookout for refillable Juul pods compatible with it.

Eryck M. 

Final verdict

Is the Evri by Dip Devices worth the investment? If you’re interested in concentrates, absolutely. This device works well for experienced concentrate users and beginners alike, without the fanfare of torches, dab rigs, and nails. It’s discreet, portable, powerful, and multi-purpose, perfect for traveling or consuming cannabis on the go. 

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