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420 friendly hotels in Denver, Colorado

420 friendly hotels in Denver, Colorado

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Even in our era of coast-to-coast cannabis legalization, not every place you stay will turn a blind eye (or nose) to cannabis smoke, and a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door might not be enough to allow you to get high in peace. “420-friendly hotels” are a solution for the cannabis fan on the road, and the marijuana mecca that is Denver, Colorado has no shortage of options.

Cannabis in Colorado 

Colorado has long been a center of cannabis culture and production in the United States, and in 2012, it joined Washington as the first two states to legalize recreational marijuana. 

In the years since, Colorado cannabis brands have made a name for themselves and cannabis tourism has flourished for people who want to experience world-class dispensaries and beautiful high country views from Durango to Leadville to Fort Collins, and all points in between. But it’s among the bright lights of the Mile High City that marijuana tourists will find the most options for 420-friendly accommodations.

Colorado laws on cannabis tourism  

In 2012, Colorado passed Amendment 64, legalizing recreational cannabis in the state. Today, under Colorado law, anyone from any state who is over the age of 21 can legally purchase, possess, and consume cannabis. The law does not differentiate between state residents and tourists. 

You will need a valid photo ID and cash to purchase cannabis at a Colorado dispensary, and you can buy and be in possession of up to one ounce at a time. The law permits the sale of up to 8 grams of concentrates and edibles containing up to 800 milligrams of THC. 

But just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean that it’s a free-for-all. It is still illegal to consume in public, including in those gorgeous national parks and ski areas. In addition, private establishments can make their own rules regarding the use of cannabis on the premises. 

So if you can’t smoke in public, or anywhere in Estes Park or the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, you’re probably going to need a 420-friendly hotel for your stay in the Rocky Mountain state. 

What are 420 friendly hotels? 

As the name suggests, 420-friendly or cannabis-friendly hotels are places of accommodation that allow guests to consume cannabis in designated areas. This can include common areas where guests congregate, or just simply in their room with the door closed. 

Many of these establishments advertise their 420-friendly bonafides as a way to attract consumers who don’t want to miss out on the fun when in town, and don’t want to have to worry about the front desk calling the police on them.  

420-friendly hotels do not sell cannabis, which is only allowed by licensed dispensaries. Many do accommodate cannabis shopping, either by way of recommendations and coupons for local dispensaries or by allowing delivery to their premises. 

The best 420-friendly hotels in Denver

Bud and Breakfast 

One of the best and first options when looking up cannabis-friendly accommodation in Denver is to check out the offerings on Bud and Breakfast. The site is a sort of Airbnb for “cannabis-friendly accommodations worldwide,” and it features more than three dozen options in the Denver area. 

Most of the options are private cabins and mountain chalets outside the city, including a 3 bedroom cabin in Estes Park for $275 a night. That cabin defines “420-friendly” as “ok to smoke on the deck outside on the river” and “vaping is ok indoors.” 

In Denver, there are options like a studio in the Santa Fe Arts District that doesn’t allow cigarette smoking inside but for cannabis simply asks “that you keep indoor smoking to a minimum.” There is also a “Bed/Bath and Bong ” in the suburb of Lakewood, that allows smoking outside next to the outdoor cabana and fire pit. 

Denver’s Highest Bud and Breakfast

B and B 420 is a cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast just minutes from downtown Denver. The bed and breakfast has beautiful views from its hilltop location, but perhaps most importantly – every guest gets a free gram of flower as a gift for each night’s stay. 

And unlike some other options that only allow vaping inside rooms and restrict smoking cannabis to outside areas, inside the B and B 420’s “Kush Cottage” you can feel free to blow clouds. It also comes with complimentary smoking supplies. 

Adagio bed and breakfast

This six-room bed and breakfast is housed inside a beautiful Victorian home built in 1892, 120 years before Amendment 64. Located in a historic area of central Denver, the house’s six bedrooms are all uniquely-designed and include “wake n’ bake breakfast” and 420 happy hours, and access to the patio, garden, and a hot tub. 

The hotel also features “smoker-friendly 420 Garagio lounge areas” for toking up, which sounds perfect for the 420 happy hour. 

The Patterson Inn

A haunted, historic mansion that’s located at 420 E. 11th Avenue? The Patterson Inn sits on a quarter acre in the center of Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and includes 9 uniquely themed rooms. Two of the rooms include private balconies for smoking, and vaping is allowed inside the rooms. 

The owner of the hotel has big plans to make the hotel even more 420-friendly, and to even take the idea far beyond Denver. Until then, it’s hard to find a better cannabis accommodation option in the city.  

The Arrowhead Manor

Located outside of Denver in Morrison, Colorado, the Arrowhead Manor is a 420-friendly b and b located inside a luxurious and sprawling mansion. 

It can make for a convenient hopping-off spot for Red Rocks Amphitheater and includes rooms with private decks and other outdoor areas where you can smoke cannabis. 

It’s also a great place to go for a stroll and toke in the mountain views, or just stay put and lounge in the jacuzzi. 

A word of caution on 420-friendly hotels 

The internet is rife with lists of 420-friendly hotels in Denver that don’t really fit the bill. Many of these on their own website note that they do not allow any smoking of any kind on their premises – including outside areas. Many of the hotels advertised as “420-friendly” are technically just “vaporizer friendly,” and should only be an option for those who vape and still want to keep their cannabis discreet. 

In addition, many of the non-smoking establishments penalize guests for violating the non-smoking policy, so unless you have already spoken to the hotel in question, hold off on smoking until you’re sure it’s allowed.

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