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Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man is senior editor of The Cannigma. With over a decade of experience in journalism, he has a passion for storytelling, cannabis education, and amplifying voices and movements pursuing social betterment.

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    Israel to legalize marijuana in 9 months, justice minister says

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    How to grow marijuana in Missouri (legally)

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    Schumer: Democrats will decriminalize cannabis if they win

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    Can you get high from eating hemp-fed cows? The FDA wants to know

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    ‘Every cannabis patient has a different goal of care’

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    Cannabis and…human rights?

    With dozens of countries having legalized medical marijuana and full legalization gaining speed across the globe, it’s easy to forget...

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    New Zealand puts cannabis legalization on the ballot

    The referendum will be on the ballot in September 2020. (Rafael Ben-Air/123rf) New Zealanders will get to decide whether to...