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Cannabis laws in Honduras

Cannabis laws in Honduras

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Medical: limited 
Recreational: illegal

Honduras is a Central American country with a complex relationship with cannabis. Cannabis is not legal in Honduras. It is classified as a prohibited substance under the country’s drug laws, and possession, sale, and cultivation of cannabis are all illegal. The penalties for violating these laws can range from fines to imprisonment, depending on the offense.

Despite its regulatory status, cannabis use is widespread in Honduras, particularly among the younger generations. The government has recognized that it needs to address drug abuse and addiction in the country, but so far its approach has been focused on law enforcement rather than prevention and/or treatment.

Medical cannabis in Honduras

Honduras does not currently have a legal medical cannabis program. However, there have been discussions about the potential benefits of medical cannabis and the need to establish a regulatory framework for its use.

In 2019, the Honduran Congress approved a bill to regulate the production, sale, and use of medical cannabis. The bill is currently awaiting the signature of the president to become law. The proposed legislation would allow patients with certain medical conditions to access medical cannabis products, but it would not legalize recreational use of cannabis.

What are the penalties for cannabis offenses in Honduras?

The penalties for cannabis offenses in Honduras can be severe. Possession, sale, and trafficking of cannabis can result in imprisonment for up to 15 years, depending on the offense. The severity of these penalties has been a subject of debate, with critics arguing that they are too harsh and that – as in many places around the world – they disproportionately affect marginalized communities.

The future of cannabis legislation in Honduras

The future of cannabis laws in Honduras is uncertain. While there have been discussions about the potential benefits of medical cannabis and the need to establish a regulatory framework for its use, there has been little progress on this front. 

Bottom line on weed in Honduras

Cannabis laws in Honduras are among the strictest in the region. Possession, sale, and cultivation of any amount of cannabis are illegal, and those found guilty can face severe criminal penalties, including imprisonment. Although some discussions have taken place regarding the potential benefits of medical cannabis, there is currently no legal framework for its use. The country has been grappling with drug-related issues for years, and the government’s approach to drug policy has often focused on punishment rather than prevention and treatment. However, some advocates have been calling for a shift towards a more public health-oriented approach to drug policy.

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