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Portable dabs: New electric nectar collector review

Portable dabs: New electric nectar collector review

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Table of contents

  • Price: $50
  • Size: 0.87 x 1.52 x 6.55 in 
  • Material: quartz coil 
  • Who it’s good for: dab and concentrate lovers

Once upon a time, concentrate lovers needed a dab nail, glass oil rig, and a blowtorch to enjoy their favorite cannabis extracts – but no longer. In the age of cannabis innovation, the Burj Electric Nectar Collector from King Palm makes it quick and easy to consume THC concentrates anytime, and yes, anywhere. This piece is affordable and portable, and has a few features you may not expect. 

Main features


The Burj Nectar Collector by King Palm is a rechargeable, travel-friendly way to dab concentrates. It uses a quartz coil and a lithium-polymer battery to rapidly heat up in just 20 seconds. Quickly recharge the piece with any USB-C plug and bring your concentrates wherever you go. 

This powerful little piece also has two unusual features – a bubbler and a 510-connection thread. The bubbler holds a small amount of water, just enough to cool and filter the vapor before it reaches your throat, creating a smooth and enjoyable dabbing experience. The 510-thread connection lets you easily switch between concentrates and oil. Whether you prefer sauce, shatter, live resin, bubble hash, or oil, the Burj turns your product into a delicious vapor. 

Choose from three temperature settings to customize your experience:

  • Low: 545 °F/ 285 °C
  • Medium: 608 °F/ 320 °C
  • High: 680 °F/360 °C

Pros of the Burj Nectar Collector 

  • Powerful quartz coil that heats up in 20 seconds 
  • Glass bubbler to filter and cool vapor
  • Draw activated heating element (just breathe in) 
  • 510 thread for vape cartridges 
  • Fast charging with any USB-C cord (45 minutes to fully charge from an empty battery)
  • Small and easily portable 
  • 6-month limited warranty

Cons of the Burj Nectar Collector 

  • Not the cheapest option 

Is it worth the price?

At $50, the Burj has a mid-tier price with high-end features. It’s not the cheapest electric nectar collector on the market – but if you’re looking for a quality product that lasts, you don’t want the cheapest option. 

While other, similar products on the market may also offer a bubbler piece or a 510 connection, they don’t provide both in one pen, putting the Burj a notch above the rest. 

King Palm ships pieces all over the world, but US residents get free shipping with orders over $50 (the price of the Burj!) 

Burj Nectar CollectorLookah Seahorse Ooze Pronto
Price $50$57.99$40
Use for dabbingYes Yes Yes
Includes bubblerYesNo No
Has 510 thread Yes Only Lookah tipsNo 
Uses type C USB portYes Yes Yes 

How to use the Burj Nectar Collector


Like many new cannabis devices, the Burj is designed for power and simplicity. You can control the power and temperature with the same button: click it three times to turn the device on or off and twice to cycle through the temperature settings. 

Before hitting the Burj, fill the bubbler section with a small amount of water. Place the bubbler back in the piece, and get your concentrates ready. If you’re using the 510-thread, simply screw in your cartridge. Once turned on, the Burj takes 10 – 20 seconds to heat up. You can draw through the straw for up to 10 seconds on each hit or switch it into on-demand mode and hit it for up to 20 seconds at a time. 

How to clean 

When you need to clean the Burj, detach the heating element and the bubbler from the battery. Soak them for up to three minutes or wipe them both down with a q-tip with isopropyl alcohol until clean, then rinse with warm, soapy water. Let the pieces dry completely before reassembling. Never use isopropyl alcohol or water on the battery, as this can cause it to stop working. 

Who is King Palm? 

King Palm has been a staple of the cannabis industry since 2016. The company was first inspired by traditional ways of smoking that used leaf wraps, and is still known today for its blunt wraps made from 100% Cordia palm leaves. Since 2016, King Palm has grown to include a variety of papers and accessories that make it simple for cannabis lovers to light up, such as the electric weed grinder

What are people saying about the Burj Nectar Collector 

Perfect. High quality, easy to use, heats up super fast. Love that it can also be used for standard 510 cartridges.


Best electronic nectar collector yet. After having a Lookah Seahorse for about a year I decided to venture into other products of similar design. In a month’s time I have purchased a Rokin stinger, the Ming vape dippo, and the ooze pronto. Then I came across the King Palm Burj. After using it for about a week it’s deff the best I have tried yet. I highly recommend this product. It takes type c charging and 510 lookha tips for easy replacement. Draw mode is great and it’s made out of aluminum. If you’re looking for a nectar collector for on-the-go look no further and get a king palm.


Final verdict

If you love the flavor and potency of concentrates, but you’re tired of firing up the blowtorch, the Burj Nectar Collector from King Palm is the perfect solution. Affordably priced and with features you won’t see combined on any other nectar collector, the Burj is a small yet reliable piece you’ll love. 

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